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Flying S. Monster, Please Stop Letting the Housewives Sing

Posted by tinselkitty on January 13, 2011

Tinselkitty will be showing her ignorance tonight by asking a ton of questions. For example, when a PR machine is let loose, who is getting paid in these here BFF interview scenarios? Are the Stabiles getting paid by the PR firm to do this interview? Did the PR firm pay E! Online to do the interview? Does Camille Grammer pay for it directly or does it get added into her billings? Who pays for all these copies of Life & Style that every single reporter has on hand? Seriously, I’d love to see their numbers for that week’s issue. I bet there’s a big whacked out spike on the circulation spreadsheet.

The next question is for all our Italian readers. What does being Italian have to do with Camille kissing Nick that way? The reason I ask is because I sure as hell cannot see Teresa standing by quietly while some woman laid a smacker like that on Da Juice. How am I supposed to know which stereotype to use? It’s miscommunication like this that causes tables to get thrown.

Is the wig important? Maybe that’s the key. Am I okay to lip lock with Da Juice if he’s wearing a wig? I imagine that would work because Teresa probably wouldn’t recognize him for awhile, allowing me to smoosh and run.

Why have I not yet received more public recognition for calling the fake Nick storyline a way long time ago? I demand props! They did it on purpose! Told you so, told you so, told you so! Thanks, Nick, for admitting that in your interview.

Finally, why the hell would he even hint at Camille being a rock star? This is how horrible things start, dude. Someone said it out loud and now it exists. Has no one else learned that genies don’t go back in the bottle nicely?

Here’s the accompanying story for the Stabile fluffing

If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you’re probably wondering what the hell is going on between Camille Grammer and her handsome, hitched BFF Nick Stabile, who she kissed on the mouth in last week’s episode while his wife looked on.

Well, Nick sat down exclusively with E! to explain what exactly is and isn’t going between him and Camille. And he brought along someone we don’t often see on the hit Bravo show: his wife, Tricia!

So how does she feel about Camille being so hands on with her hubby? You’ll be shocked to know that…

She’s actually not bothered by Camille’s flirtatiousness!

“If it were edited differently, you’d see her kiss me before or after she kissed Nick because that’s what happens every time,” Tricia told me yesterday. “All three of us are Italian!”

“We’re all really close. Kelsey [Grammer] and I hug and kiss when we see each other,” Nick adds, denying any romance with Camille. “In the moment, I wasn’t thinking ‘How will this be perceived?’ I would never disrespect my wife. I would never disrespect Kelsey and their marriage.”

Tricia insists she’s not “not even remotely” threatened by Camille’s behavior, saying, “She’s one of my closest friends in Malibu, for sure.”

The women even have a business and jewelry line together, according to Nick, and that there are a lot of things that don’t make it on the episode.

So how about when Nick just so happened to show up in Vegas when Camille was dining with the other Housewives and their husbands?

Nick says he and Tricia were both in Vegas for a John Mayer concert that weekend, and he went to dinner to say hello to Camille while his wife finished getting ready.

And it was actually Kelsey who asked Nick to do the show with his soon to be ex-wife. “Kelsey, Camille and I have been friends for years,” Nick tells me. “He cast me in a pilot years ago. He and I went to London together and we talked on the plane for 13 hours and he said ‘Camille’s doing this show and I think it’d be really fun. It’ll be a blast and I think you should it while I’m in NY,'” adding, “I sort of look out for her [Camille] when he [Kelsey]’s away.”

Well, he’ll have a lot more looking out to do for her now that she and Kelsey are divorcing, huh?

“Since things have changed, they’ve been very cool not to put us in the middle and continuing to be our friends separately. But neither one has put us in the position to ask awkward questions,” Nick explains.

Neither would comment on whether they’ve met Kelsey’s new girlfriend, who he’s engaged to, but they’re already thinking of who Camille can date next.

“She has a huge passion for music…not a rock star, but maybe a producer who gets her vibe and likes to go see music. I think it’d be good for her get out,” Nick says.

“She’s not dating. She’s too busy,” Tricia adds.

And despite their divorce, cross-dressing allegations and a supposedly sexless marriage, Kelsey and Camille were once the perfect twosome, according to Nick.

“They were a fantastic couple…I’ve been there for a decade,” Nick says. “They were a lovely couple but things change with people and you can’t judge them for that.”


8 Responses to “Flying S. Monster, Please Stop Letting the Housewives Sing”

  1. BobLHead said

    All Hail TinselKitty!

  2. G-sus said

    Hopefully their PR team is not paying by the minute, because Eonline also has a 17 minute video interview of Camille. I could only stomach a minute or so of it, but it actually seems like it is her publicist who is asking questions. Maybe her PR team films the interview and they give it to E! with a big fat check.
    Funniest part of the interview is when Tricia says, “If it were edited differently, you’d see her kiss me before or after she kissed Nick because that’s what happens every time,” Tricia told me yesterday. “All three of us are Italian!”

    I guess if Camille wants to screw Nick she knows who she needs to screw first;)

  3. G-sus said

    BTW TK, you nailed the Nick thing a long time ago, definite props. Do I see a trip to the stylist for some blonde streaks in your near future?

  4. Dy said

    WT…. Slick Nick’s wife is fine with Camille kissing her husband on the lips..Who gives a ….? So maybe that is how they greet each other and the way they were raised who the …. knows? Who freakin cares?

  5. Dy said

    He didn’t hint at her being a rock star..He was thinking of who she should date next “she has a huge passion for music not a rock star,but maybe a producer who gets her vibe…”

    When I said maybe that is how they were raised@4..Some people( Italians) kiss on the lips all the time. Obviously that is what they( Nick, Tricia&Camille) do. Not all Italians do. I think they were just saying that they are Italian and are affectionate and that is how “they” greet each other. Not “ALL” Italians, so no need to “know what stereo type to use”.

  6. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Hey Tinsel Kitty,,,that’s their story and their stickin’ to it…hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Heavens to ceiling cats,,,,yep…even last nite in her depression she asked for a lip lock,,hmmmm

  7. Daniela said

    I’m Italian TK and we do the double cheek kiss! I have seen some kiss on the lips.
    When my brother got married 30 yrs ago, his wife’s brother who was my partner in the bridal party, stuck his tongue down my throat. Ewwwww, he was married btw. Whenever I see him at family functions, I still want to throw up…no kidding.

  8. […] it was all portrayed, she was getting upset. Interesting, given the brave face she put on for the Camille’s the Best rally from a few weeks […]

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