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Camille Grammer On Howard Stern – Kelsey a Cross Dresser?

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 12, 2011


Ok!!  Camille Grammer was interviewed by none other than Howard Stern?  That girl has balls to go on his show when there is a media onslaught against her character and get this..  She somehow revealed.. or insinuated that Kelsey is a cross dresser with the poking and prodding of none other than HOWARD!!!   Howard goes on to say that well maybe it was a joke… if it happened one time.. um.. was it one time? 

 You can listen to some Audio here…    JUICY!!!!!!

HEY DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!!  All is fair in love and war.  Me myself I can care if he rocks the girly clothes or waxes the carrot in the privacy of his own home..   But methinks Camille is getting a little sweet revenge for her being blind sided like she was!  Don’t they say that revenge is best served cold on a pair of woman panties after your ex wore them?? 

You Better WORK!!!!!

Hey!!  I’m Just Saying!!!


21 Responses to “Camille Grammer On Howard Stern – Kelsey a Cross Dresser?”

  1. Dy said

    Bam!!! I think it’s funny.

  2. BobLHead said


  3. Dy.. to funny huh!! I guess Camille is tired of taking all the hits! revengeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Dy said

    LMAO @3 IJS

    Oh hell ya!

    BTW..What are you freakin thoughts about Jerseylicious? I left you a question on the I am not a Whore( bwaah that still freakin cracks me up) thread.

  5. This rumor has been going around for years. Remember when they had that little bit of Camille talking to the reporter outside the theater on opening night and she asked if it was the first time Kelsey’d cross-dressed? If you see it again, watch Camille’s pause before she answers. The question didn’t surprise me because of the rumors but her response to it did, and that was supposedly before she knew anything about her marriage falling apart.

  6. Oh TK your right!!! so she aint lying!! just telling the trufe is all. If the dress fits.. you must admit!!!

    Dy.. yep I do owe you my thoughts. I have 3 pages open on the puter that has info to support my thoughts.. I finally posted the other stuff last night to reduce tabs and the last is the JL one which will take a bit more time and was just procrastinating.. dont worry girl.. its coming today!

  7. Tinsel.. I cant locate that interview.. can you??

  8. I’m calling a masterful play by her PR guy, getting her back on Howard Stern. Looks like he’s making her face up to her past instead of trying to stuff it under a rock. Bravo, Bragman, bravo. [golf claps]

  9. Dy said

    @6 IJS, OMG..Thats freakin hysterical.. “If the dress fits, you must admit”

    Alright!!! I just wanna see if you think the same as I do..Freakin Gayle put down the freakin Johnny Walker!!

  10. No, I just checked Bravo’s site to see if they had it as one of the short videos and it’s not up there. We’re going to have to find it in the full episode. I think it’s #6.

  11. Wait, do they not have the full episodes on for this show? WTH??? It’s in The Art of War.

  12. Well we will just have to rely on memory.. yep.. she already insinuated the allegation when she thought her husband was still inlove with her.. SHMACK!!

  13. Thedesigndiva said

    Dont forget the roaring 20’s show…Camille made the comment about her and kelsey playing dress up !!!!
    remember when they were all gathered around her in her ALL PINK and they asked if it was from her wardrobe or a rental…then she said you know how Kelsey and I love to play dress up or something along those lines….hahahahahahaa
    and in the grand scheme of things..they BOTH deserve what ever happens……

    feeling a tad bit better today….went to work last night UGH…..the place was a wreck…OMG…it smelled and was FILTHY……you can tell I have been gone for 12 days…over did it trying to clean the place up…today am hurting……
    OH YEA….they FAILED all their secret shops while i was hard is it to keep a dining room and bathrooms clean….hahahahahahahaha…….
    of course the kids were tickled pink i was back….they said people came in asking for me while i was gone..that kinda made me feel good to know I was missed by the customers….gonna take it easy today for sure…..have to learn to have a BLIND EYE…….hard to do..
    hugs and peace

  14. Dy said

    Glad your feeling better Diva. 🙂

    But I have to disagree, in my opinion Camille did not deserve what Kelsey did to her. He’s an ASS

  15. Bryan said

    You know that coke head clown loves to dress up!

  16. LWoo said

    Even if he IS a crossdresser, why bring that out? Does she realize that she has children? If Kelsey doesn’t give a shit about what they find out, then she should!

  17. carrot said


    I kind of agree. If Kelsey doesn’t have a problem with his supposed fetishes, he should probably be the one talking about them. As it is, Camille is going pretty low, trying to destroy his image– granted, he was doing a great job of that himself. Just because Kelsey was a complete asshole about the divorce and affair, doesn’t mean she has to stoop to such a low level, and the way she does it too, calling into question his “manhood” and heterosexuality, hateful. I was giving Camille the benefit of the doubt that she might be decent and not so evil, but never mind.

    Also, “I think he’s straight. There were times when I didn’t throughout our marriage because I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t physically be with me.” Love how the only way he wouldn’t want to sleep with her is because he might be gay. I am reminded of the roaring 20s party when Camille’s first words to Kyle’s assistant were “Oh, I bet /you/ can dance.” He was Black. And pretty sure he was gay too. Showing your true colors much, bitch?

  18. G-sus said

    Psst, Camille, if you really want people to think you are a private, shy, sweet person you are really doing a crappy job at it. You don’t need to put out bad press about Kelsey, everyone already thinks he is a douche. Stick to keeping your yapper shut for your own sake and mostly for your kids’ sake and you will come out all the better for it.

  19. CAgirl said

    I heard about 15 min of the interview this am–very entertaining!! I will try to catch the re-run again, pretty much got in the car towards the end…

  20. Bryan said

    We have enough idiots that “family” please the breeders can keep Coke Head!

  21. carolo said

    Now I suppose Camille wants to trash him all the while she is trying to soak up 50 million from him? An adult in this story would be the one who shuts his mouth up, doesn’t make remarks about doesn’t try to blacken the name of the person they were married to.

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