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Beverly Hills Reunion Gossip

Posted by tinselkitty on January 12, 2011

Did Life & Style go full on embedded journalist for this season of the Housewives? Is Dedra Whitt really an triple-secret reporter, masquerading as a makeup artist? Well, how ever they do it, L&S is saying they have reunion sco0page.

Via Hollywood Life

The reality foes come head-to-head at the reunion for their popular show and sparks fly as Kyle goes after Camille for her rude comments!

Anyone who thought there was any chance that Kyle Richards and Camille Grammerwould be able to patch up their differences can think again! The two ladies were on hand for the much anticipated Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and according to Life & StyleKyle wasted no time before she started attacking Camille! “Kyle wasn’t going to sit there and not address what Camille had done,” a production source said. “She called Camille out on a lot.”

Among the issues Kyle brought up were Camille dissing her friend Faye Resnick and all the catty comments she made in her one-on-one interviews. “Once Kyle had viewed all theRHOBH episodes in their entirety — and saw for herself all the nasty things Camille had said about her behind her back — she was livid,” the mag says.

Camille came back at Kyle claiming she was bullied throughout the season. “Camille also brought up that Kyle calls her delusional. She’s not happy with that word being used about her. She says she’s viewed like that only because of Kyle,” says a source.

They weren’t the only women fighting either as Kyle and sis Kim Richards went at it as well as Kim and co-star Taylor Armstrong. In the end every member of the cast was in tears— except Camille.

Camille has still not said if she will be back for the second season and it is safe to say there will be a major lack of drama if she doesn’t return!

Now for some news closer to home – our very own G-sus has been publicly proclaiming her psychotic powers and it looks like she might have hit one on the head. Of course, Tinselkitty refuses to give her the official TV Time psychotic reader designation as she is refusing to put a bleach blonde stripe in her hair. Obviously, until she’s willing to commit to the title full time, we will not be able to formally recognize her claims.

We must admit that this comment is looking more accurate by the day.

G-sus, January 5, 2011

I also think that if Camille went to the reunion and said “Sorry, I acted like a horse’s ass and I apologize” I would be all for her. Something tells me from the media blitz before us that isn’t what happened at the reunion yesterday. I think she most likely is going to play the victim and claim she is being bullied and unfairly edited. I think we are going to see something along the lines of what Kelly did at the last NY reunion. Not own any of the behavior. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.









30 Responses to “Beverly Hills Reunion Gossip”

  1. Dy said

    I just wanna see the Reunion for myself and make up my own mind. I do not believe L&S at all, ever.

    Me,I happen to think Camille will take some responsibity, but of course not all,( they never do, any of the houswives)and really she shouldn’t, Kyle needs to own it also.

  2. Bryan said

    Why was Kim and Taylor fighting with each other again, I can’t remember what their deal was.

  3. G-sus said

    Ahhh TK, finally, I am getting some props. I do remember saying that I would prefer something prettier like a rainbow mohawk, but obviously nothing will suffice until I turn my hair skunk-like for your pleasure.

    I wonder who is leaking all this stuff to L&S? Seems like since Camille snagged herself a good PR man, L&S all of a sudden has a lot of incite of what is going on behind the scenes, hmmmmmm. And I know some will say that some of the things they say about Camille is unflattering, but you can’t play the victim unless you are unjustly hated.

    @ Bryan. Kim and Taylor’s beef was because Taylor told Camille that people were calling her insecure behind her back. She blamed it mostly on Kim. Kim was shown on camera asking Taylor if she thought Camille was insecure, not stating it as a fact. Kim called out Taylor for telling Camille these things behind her back and for stirring the pot. They keep rehashing it, and it is kind of a pathetic thing to be arguing about in the first place.

    Camille not crying does not shock me. She seems to be devoid of any real emotion.

  4. LWoo said

    I think Camille IS delusional.

  5. Bryan said

    It is kind of pathetic just like Taylor, yeah this should be a dead subject,how long has it been since this happened?? give it a rest

    Dy , its wishful thinking if you think she will take any responsibility because if the stern show says anything she is still playing “poor me.”

  6. Dy said

    I don’t know Bryan, just a feeling I have we will see when the Reunion comes on.

  7. BobLHead said

    Problem with CamilleToe….it’s hard to tell if she’s really sincere or not…she always has that glazed look about her. Or maybe that’s jus the botox.

  8. C. Moore Butts said

    I sure didn’t need Kyle to convince me that Camille is delusional, I could see for myself and hear her talk in her one-on-ones. She dug her own grave, as it were.

    All this revisionist history w/Camille. pfft. She’s hired big bucks PR, with Kelsey’s money I might add, to completely try to destroy his reputation. She wasn’t an innocent college girl that met KG on a blind date – unless she considers being an escort and every date is a blind one.

    You can put lipstick on a pig but Camille’s still a pig.

  9. Dy said

    She didn’t have to hire a PR to try and ruin Kelsey’s Rep. He did a pretty good job himself. He’s the Pig.

  10. C. Moore Butts said

    I don’t think Kelsey’s reputation is ruined but I do think that is what Camille is trying to do. Kelsey has fans since Cheers at least and much success since then. Also I don’t think Camille is factoring in how many people dislike her and sympathize with Kelsey and those people aren’t going to take her side regardless. I could care less if they played slap and tickle or anything else in the marital bedroom but it is the lowest of the low to spill those details.

    Camille loves the money and the lifestyle and she got a fair settlement. She needs to live her own life now, be out of Kelsey’s shadow (which she wanted desparately) and take the high road. Remember what Kelsey said on the show once? “At the end of the day you just hope you’re with someone who is kind.” Camille isn’t kind and no one else said the things she said nor did the things she did.

  11. Dy said

    Sorry the lowest of low in my opinion is cheating on your wife of 14 years, humilating her and your children, getting another woman pregnant,becoming engaed before you even divorced. That is the lowest of low. If he was SO freakin miserable and she was so freakin bad, just divorce her. Sorry I have no respect for a so called man to do such a thing,never any excuse for his behavior.
    The kindness thing..Please, Camille did not marry someone kind, a kind person would never do what he did.

  12. C. Moore Butts said

    @11 Dy I guess we’ll have to respectfully disagree on this point. I don’t usually make excuses for bad behavior but there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances to most every situation.

  13. Dy said

    @12 CMB,

    No worries. We don’t have to agree.

    Btw the way..I am not a Crazy Camille fan. I also am not a fan of Cheater Kelsey either.

  14. Leigh said

    Dy, I agree with you. I am not a Camille fan,nor am I a Kelsey fan. But the way camille has been vilified is crazy. Many of the other housewives in this franchise have been much worse. I honestly get a kick out of her. I don’t think Kyle Richards is as “pure of heart” as she is portrayed.Remember how Jill Zarin was so “wonderful” in the first season.

  15. Bryan said

    Right now on Chelsea Lately they are talking about Camille on Howard Stern and Loni Love said she doesn’t mind a freaky guy but she doesn’t want him to wear her panties because that means he is going to have a big fat ass and she doesn’t like that. She also said “Kelsey played a shrink for so long , NOW he needs a shrink.

    Chelsea made a comment about Camille IBS and said maybe she got some poop on one of his Negligee’s LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, one of the many problems in their marriage and how they didn’t have sex for over seven years.

  16. Daniela said

    Hi Everyone!
    Wow, I am not a fan of Camille’s but I do like Kelsey’s shows. I loved Cheers, even though he wasn’t my fav…Carla was! lol. Little fiesty Italian.

    C. Moore Butts: your name is freaking hysterical. Love it.

  17. Dy said

    Hi Everyone

    @Leigh..I seriously do not get the “hate” for a waman that has acted no worse that any other woman on the Houswives, in alot of cases she is alot better.

    @ 15 Bryan that is hysterical.

    @16 Daniela..I should have said, I’m not a fan of Cheater Kelsey the Man.

  18. LWoo said

    Good morning, peeps!

  19. Dy said

    Good Morning LWoo

    Jersey SHORE tonight..Woo freakin’ Hoo!!

  20. LWoo said

    Oh yeah, I can’t wait! I want to see what happens after Jen busted Sammi in the face!

  21. Daniela said

    I agree Dy, another woman’s husband should be off limits!
    That Kayte(sp) should know better, but so should Camille. I liked last week when Kyle said, “If she kissed my husband on the lips, she wouldn’t have lips left.” I would kick her teeth in if it were my husband. Nick is married, and should be hands off for Camille. As far as Kelsey goes, he should have done the right thing and waited until his divorce was final before knocking up his mistress. That was disgusting!
    I find it amazing the way Hollywood lives so differently than the rest of us do. They seem morally challenged.
    I can’t wait for Jersey Shore…hopefully JWow shut that Sammi the hell up!
    Maybe Sammi will lick her wounds in bed (big surprise there) lol.

  22. Dy said

    Hi Daniela,

    Kelsey is a Jackass and Kayte is just as bad if not worse. But oh, these 2 get some kind of pass because Camille is a Bitch, Please!
    I don’t think it’s right that Camille kisses Slick Nick on the lips, if it is a problem for his wife she should say something, I know I would, the first time it happened. Kyle just needs not to say anything in my opinion, it’s not her husband that Camille kissed so what does she care? If you notice Adrienne didn’t say a word.

  23. Bryan said

    Now I am wondering if Camille and Kelsey ever did anal, I mean with her IBS, YIKES!!!

  24. Bryan said

    Morning all!

  25. Dy said

    @23 Bryan


  26. LWoo said

    @ 22 Dy: Actually, Kayte is pretty damn horrible! She KNEW he was married and agreed to have a relationship with him. I’d see if she didn’t know, ya know? That’s different.

    All of that, then to have sex with him to the point of getting pregnant, is just horrible.

    No matter his relationship with his wife, Kayte could’ve said, “No, sweetie, you’re married!”

    It’s not hard. I’ve said it before. It just rolls off the tongue in a natural manner. lol “No…you’re married.”

    But maybe Kayte thinks this is all exciting. Realize that no one’s dogging on her.

  27. Dy said

    Totally agree LWoo.. Thats why I said,she is just as bad if not worse. She controlled that shit. He was wrong all wrong to step out, but she was wrong all wrong to step in. Both of them are pigs, in my opinion.

  28. LWoo said

    @ 23 Bryan: You can still have anal if you have IBS. (Not that I know from experience or anything….) LOL! (Anal eze, anyone?)

    It’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but there are certain things that she can take/ use to give herself some comfort. Many women have IBS. You just have to be careful of what you eat and include fiber, if needed. It’s not life-threatening and you CAN carry children with IBS.

  29. Sophie said

    What IS it with women and their seeming inability to let something so small go? I think it’s innate. My little one, at age two was playing with a little friend slightly older than her…and the little girl accidentally (or on purpose, I wasn’t looking at that second) stepped on my little one’s foot.

    For two YEARS I have heard my girl bring up the fact that this playmate ‘pounded’ her foot. She REFUSES to let it go. God help me if I have a little Camille on my hands. When she brings it up, I change the subject and ignore it.

    Is this truly just a girl thing? Guys would be done with it in one minute and be back to watching the football game together.

  30. Sophie said

    It’s possible that Kayte was led to believe that the marriage was OVER. My ex-husband was working overseas (Saudi Arabia) and living with a woman who was posing as his wife in order to get away with it. After he’d been there for a year, he asked me to pack up our things and get visa, passport, shots et al and come out to live in Saudi as he’d finally secured family housing.

    After I’d quit my job, vacated the home we were renting, gotten rid of all household items AND the car and purchased airline tickets, he let me know he wanted a divorce.

    No home, no job, no property…worthless airline tickets I couldn’t return and no access to any more money (yup, he cut me off there too). I had to borrow money to fly to my mother’s home two states away. Me and two little kids under five.

    He married his Swedish Bikini Team member and lived in Sweden for a couple of years, sent no child support, told ME to take care of the divorce.

    I really resented this woman, for knowingly breaking up a home. Turns out after all these years since, he lied to her as well! The shock of it. She thought our marriage was long over, and that I was holding things up for over a year just to be difficult..when in reality I thought I was moving to join him.

    I don’t know if Kelsey is as bad as Camille has painted him to be, but it’s certainly a story that rings a bell with me and I don’t blame Kayte. She’s not American, likely didn’t follow American celebrity gossip and probably had no idea what the Real Housewife series was.

    I think she may be as innocent at the children in all this.

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