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Who Wins This Round?

Posted by tinselkitty on January 11, 2011

Tinselkitty has gone bicoastal. Let it be decreed throughout all the land that, should Tinselkitty find herself on the west coast, partying shall be done with one Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire. When on the east coast, Tinselkitty shall commence getting the groove on with Sonja Morgan. So sayeth the pasta, so sayeth the sauce.

Sonja hosted the most fabulous party I’ve seen in Housewives history. Kelly should totally take notes! Radar Online has some of the details but the pictures are the best part and we’ve got those right here. They do note that the guest list was uber-fabulous, so we must give credit to Jill for managing to keep her drool hidden from the cameras. That must be why she wore a turtleneck to a burlesque party. Absorption factor. Interesting take on pinning her spit cup on her head.

The guest list at the exclusive bash read like a who’s who of New York’s social register, with names like Anna Rothschild, Dr. Brent Ridge, Robert Wynne Parry, Tina Hillstrom, Brian Farrell, Lady Lilliana Cavendish, Anthony Haden Guest, Mark Dean, Paola and Arnold Rosenshien, and Jane and Joseph Ponterelli.

So who do we like on this one, peeps? All the wives were there but an A game was not had by all. Mario looks like that guy in the old cartoons that was always tying women to the train tracks. Simon, well, I have to say, Simon, you let me down a bit. I was expecting all kinds of crazy from you. I suppose, though, when the party is this over the top you have to do something different than your everyday flair. I mean, it’s great and all, but on you it’s way too normal. Tell us the truth. You got all kinds of distracted by Alex getting dressed and couldn’t focus on your own outfit, didn’t you?
















12 Responses to “Who Wins This Round?”

  1. Dy said

    Top picture with Sonja is the best.

    D’LuLu and Smelly look like they always look,seems like they didn’t get the memeo that is was a costume party.

    The Yenta..Little top hat..hmm not cute.

    Mario should be twirling his mustache,sayin ahahaha. Ramona looks like she just threw on a boa,and called it a day,no effort in the costume.

    Cynthia Barshop..Looks likes she Bar-Hops (not a bad thing, but yikes that outfit

  2. Dy said

    Opps I almost forgot Simon and Alex..No,No No..This for sure not working,sorry they both look bad to me.

  3. G-sus said

    Glad to see that Sonja is living within her means since the bankruptcy, lol!

    I have to give it to ol’ crazy eyes Ramona. Second place to Alex for actually kneeling on the floor to pose for the 1st picture.

  4. Bryan said

    How much do you want me to go off on that picture of Simon and his Pony?

  5. BobLHead said

    Go Bryan…..GO!!!!!

  6. Dy said

    Oh Please Bryan..Go for it

    I think Simon looks like a circus ringmaster,a sloppy, geeky one at that

    Alex, sorry she does not look good at all,in my opinion. She has the oddest shape, and she looks like a circus ring master also.

  7. Bryan said

    In that get up……

    Alex needs to be latched up to a coach and used to pull the damn thing with Simon sitting in the driver’s seat cracking that bridle to get that mare to move faster. cant you see her trotting along central park pulling an open carriage?


  8. Dy said


    Lmao Bryan!

  9. Bryan said

    Mario looks like the old man from Monopoly

  10. Rosie said

    You nailed it! Lmao!

  11. Rosie said

    Lulu must be distracted… She put no effort into her outfit.
    Jill needs her bangs back, she looks older without them.
    Sonja’s costume is the best, she looks like she has lost some weight, too.
    Mario does look like Monopoly Man, Bryan.
    Alex and Simon look like a regular day, for them.

  12. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Hi DY ,Hi Rosie,,Hi BobL,,Hi Bryan,,,Hi Gsus XO

    The new HW looks like Stephen Tyler…Dude Looks Like A Lady

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