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‘The View’ Watch Recap

Posted by stacee1 on January 11, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara
Joy was absent again – I believe because she is judging the Miss America pageant

I missed the first half hour of the show due to another press conference that focused on the progress of the hospitalized victims involved in the Tucson, AZ shooting. The show resumed at the point showing Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. Tim was thought to be a possible McCain running mate in 2008, but Sarah Palin was chosen. It is now rumored that he may be running for president in 2012. When asked who would be his running mate if he did run, Pawlenty answered “Whoopi”. He acknowledged he is seriously considering running for president and will announce in the next few months. When asked what about people thinking he is “too nice”, he answered that people should not confuse being nice or thoughtful or civil with being strong. Pawlenty then invoked Reagan, saying he had strong views and presented himself in a decent manner. Pawlenty addressed the recent shootings in Az, saying there is no evidence the shooter acted due to something a politician said. He thinks our country can benefit from a more civil and thoughtful debate. He also thinks Palin is a good leader who served her state well and is an important voice for the Republican Party. He does not think there is evidence that she was a cause for this shooting. Pawlenty also did a nice dance around the issue of American companies that ship jobs overseas saying we need to encourage and incentivize our companies to grow and do business here, however companies can’t make a future just selling to Minnesota or to the United States and that they have to market to the world. The odd example he cited was that China insistes that if a company wants to do business in China, they have to submit to China’s demands that they put a plant there. Pawlenty then joked that he coped with the decision of not being picked as John McCain’s Vice Presidential mate by taking his dog out. As he scooped up the droppings the dog left behind, he said “Well, that’s the only number two I’ll be getting this week”. Har. har. har. Pawlenty said McCain told him he chose Palin because he wanted to try something different.

Tim has a new book called “Courage to Stand“, which highlights Pawlenty’s background and family stories.

The next guest to appear was actor Paul Giamatti. Paul stars in the new movie “Barney’s Version”, playing the title character who is a grouchy two-bit television exec that’s blown through several marriages and who doesn’t seem to have much use for anyone. The movie is actually based on the Mordecai Richle novel, but Paul said he had not read the book prior to seeing the script. After loooking at the book, he noted that it was very different [from the script] and got very scared and decided not to read the book for fear he’d get caught up in what’s different. Paul has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, something he said he did not know.This is his fourh nom and he said it’s great and always nice and flattering.
Paul’s father is the professor or Reneissance history; something Paul said was a fantastic way to grow up. He describes his dad as being brilliant and down to earth. Paul said his dad did not mind him becoming an actor.
“Barney’s Version” opens in select theaters this Friday.

The final guest to appear was actress Elizabeth Mitchell. Elizabeth was in the series “Lost”, which ended it’s run a year ago. When asked about people not liking the finale, Elizabeth said she loved it. She thought the writers kept the magic and everything was unique and amazing as it should be, with no pat answer.
Elizabeth now plays FBI agent Erica Evans on “V”. She had told the producers of the show not to treat her like a woman, saying she thinks sometimes when you put on a gender restriction there is a difference. She does her own stunts on the show.
Elizabeth also acknowledge the show ratings drop when it went into hiatus but said it’s nice people did find them. She said she is having a fun time doing the show.
“V” airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

Whoopi Goldberg will in Florida at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts Friday, January 14, 2011. For more info, click here.
That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!



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