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‘The View’ Watch Recap

Posted by stacee1 on January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

On Today’s Show: The View returns live; Guest Father Alberto Cutie, Sherri’s engagement

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara
Joy was absent

The show here was preempted to cover the press conference given by the University Medical Center regarding Representative Gabrielle Gifford’s condition. The doctor reported she is progressing steadily and also mentioned the wonderful outpouring of the community.

The show resumed here at the point where they had the map put up by Sarah Palin showing crosshair targets in various state locations, one being Rep. Giffords’ seat. Giffords and several other people were shot in Arizona this past weekend. Giffords was shot in the head and is in critical condition. Six people have died, several others are still recovering. Barbara was explaining that whether this happened because of violent commentary or if the suspect Jared Loughlin is a sick person, they don’t know. She hopes all the vitriol calms down and does not think Palin should be blamed because she posted the picture. Whoopi pointed out that Palin was one of several people who put people’s names on crosshairs. Hasselbeck showed a New York Post paper that was titled “Stop Him” and showed a picture of Peyton Manning with a target over his face. She wonders if they are to be blamed if someone shot Manning. Sherri said if something did happen to him, they would be holding it up questioning why NYP would foolishly do that. Sherri continued, saying your words are powerful and just because you have free speecjh does not mean we should. Hasselbeck quickly defended Palin, saying Palin took the map down out of respect for the family. Barbara wonders if this latest shooting will change how people speak to and about one another. Whoopi thinks so, saying more and more people are saying we can disagree without getting personal. Hasselbeck disagreed, saying people are using this incident to go after poor widdle innocent Sarah (ok, those were my words but you get the gist). Whoopi thinks people seeing the death of a nine year old girl will change things.

Next topic was the removal of the “N” word from Mark Twain’s “The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. The man behind the act is a Twain scholar and said he did so because the word was keeping the book off of library shelves. Whoopi disagrees with the decision, saying the story is a classic and said he does not have the right to change it. She compared it to the movie “Roots”, saying bleeping the “N” word from it was ridiculous thing in the world and if we don’t say this is where we came from, how can we train people where we need to go. She then said the word, but the sound was cut out. Barbara said she wondered how Sherri and Whoopi would feel about it. Sherri said she talked to a bunch of people and it was very divided. Part of her wonders where you draw the line between changing history but then thinks what about when her son, Jeffrey reads this and she has to explain about someone using this word. Whoopi pointed out that Sherri should have to explain because the history of America is part of it as well. Barara noted that the House recently read the Contitution and left out the issue of slavery.

The hosts acknowledge the recent loss of singer Tina Marie by showing a montage of her and her appearance on the show. Tina was only 54 years old.

18 year old Marci Levine, her mom Sandy and trainer Justin Bradshaw appeared next. Marci was featured on Mtv’s documentary series “I Used To Be Fat” , which follows people fighting to free themselves from the physical and emotional effects of obesity. Marci lost 90 pounds in 90 days through a rigorous training routine. Her mother, Sandy, acknowledged she took Marci for fast food, saying Marci would not eat anything she prepared. Justine said Marci wamonitored by doctors and thinks the 90lb/90 days weight loss was fine. He said she was severely overweight and faced many health problems later in life if it was not fixed now. He siad people in that oposition need to get off the couch, into the gym for an hours and get on a healthy living diet. In Marci’s case, Justin said they worked out about four hours a day and that it was a big adjustment for Marci. Later, Marci said along the way, “something clicked”. She started to cook things like spaghetti and spinach, realizing by cooking, she knows what she’s putting in front of her so it was time for a change. Marci is starting college but is not scared about gaining the weight back. Sandi said things are totally differnet now and will not enable her daughter like she used to. Marci said she’s learned to bring her own food, eating things like then “Luna” protein bars and though she’s tepted by food, she knows what it did to her and does not want to go back.
“I Used To Be Fat” airs Wednesdays nights on Mtv.

Father Alberto Cutie appeared next. Father Cutie is a Catholic priest who made headlines when it was discovered that he was having a relationship with a woman,8599,1896581,00.html. Father Cutie was then defrocked because of the scandal. He has since become a member of the Episopalian church and is now married with a child. Cutie wrote the book “Dilemma: A Priest’s Struggle With Faith and Love” and in it discusses what happened and how breaking his vows brought him closer to God. He explains he had been celibate since he became a priest and his (now) wife was the only person he had felt a strong attraction to when they first met. He said they were caught while on the beach, relaxing and someone took pictures of him and his wife kissing. Cutie also said it is horrible living a double life and never wanted to puclicly betray his promise of celibacy. He said this is a dilemma for hundreds of thousands of priests who have left to marry. He also noted that he replaced priests accused of pedophelia, one that fathered a child with a prostitute and stripper, and saw how one was caught with a male prostitute. He said he never heard a statement as harsh as the one made about him in this case. Cutie pointed ouit that a celebacy violation can be masterbation, watching porn on the internet, eating and drinking excessively.
He thinks God created us to love and be loved and feels finding both (love of God and love with another person) makes you a better human being.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


9 Responses to “‘The View’ Watch Recap”

  1. I for one found this particular shows interview of Father Alberto ‘Cutie’ (which last name is killin me) very interesting. Just displays the hypocrisy in organized religion on how some things are overlooked which shouldnt be and how things that are just human are railed against.

    Thanks Stace for the recap!

  2. Bryan said

    When I heard Sherri and her 65 year old lady boobs, were engaged, my first reaction was, “What was she dating”? half the time on the show, and the guest is some good looking man she is grunting and Oooing and Ogling them, a few of them have looked a bit uncomfortable at it too, except Russell Brand who turned the tables on her and got that pig at her own game.

    Also I love how from time to time she says, “I’m a single mom I can’t afford that”, Bitch, you work on fucking TV show, who are you trying to kid??? I wonder how long this marriage will last.

  3. Dy said

    good recap stacie

    i agree IJS

  4. Bryan said

    Oh one more thing, I DO blame Sarah Palin and I hope others do too and this keeps her from even entertaining thoughts of running for office ANYWHERE!!!!

  5. Rosie said

    Good recap Stacee!
    I saw the show, and thought the same thing! This priest was thrown out, but so many others are pushed under the rug. It was a good segment.

  6. Rosie said

    @2 Bryan…
    We love ya! Lol.

  7. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Sadly the rhetoric is NOT changing,,,Limpballs ( Rush ) is one ignorant S.O.B. There is a special place for him in hell. Fox told their people to tone it down,,but of course u can’t tell O’Reilly what to do…..and I do too blame Palin..the bitch is emailing thru Glenn Beck instead of coming out and talking,,Jesus,,she is the first one talking when she sees a fking camera…now silence,,,feeling guilty bitch? This language that has come out of TV,,,Radio and our own Congress,,for the last 2 years,,spewing hatred,,bigotry.. When in your life time have u seen a person with a gun in a holster at a presidential rally? Palin,,,u r to blame along with the rest of your buddies,,,,Michelle Bachman said she wants everyone to be armed and dangerous,,,Sharon Angle said she will take out Harry Reid…tell me this doesn’t incite people..and who are they talking to? Al the fking nut jobs in the country…and for this a child was killed aong with others and a good American servant is fighting for her life,,,they should all eat shit and die,,ok I’m done.

  8. Olive the other Reindeer said

    and take Eliazbeth Haselbitch with you! fking Palin lover,,,she is a airhead,,

  9. Olive the other Reindeer said

    I don’t know if anyone read my comment,but I own it and apologize,,that was no better than the hate that has been spewed for 2 years…after watching that moving speech of the president,,we must all come together and let Sarah do what Sarah does best,,play the victim,,the statement of blood libel and Rep. Giffords is the first Jewish Congresswoman elected in Arizona,,,,that speaks volumes of the ignorance of Palin,,,,Karma is a b@tch and she will get hers,,,,I apologize for my offensive comments.

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