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Countess LuAnn De Lesseps Daughter Caught On Video – Ramona Retweets! UPDATE** LuAnn Speaks Out

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 10, 2011


Oh LORD HAVE MERCY!!!  We all know that Victoria De Lesseps, Countess LuAnn De Lessep daughter has been video taped trying to get her gangsta on by mercilessly tokin on a joint and using the ‘N’ word (in reference to her friend as a term of endearment?) and now mama is jacked up and is removing her earrings and taking off her shoe to whip her with!!

This is the deal, someone tweeted Ramona Singer a video of Victoria in that now infamous video.  It appeared that Ramona retweeted the video and within minutes of people alerting her of the video in bad taste had certainly been retweeted, Ramona deleted it.

                                             Countess LuAnn’s Daughter Appears to Roll Joint on YouTube, Ramona Singer Re-Tweets 

Now, there are a lot of Real Housewives fans questioning Ramona’s intent on posting the video and this is what Ramona had to say in her defense:

  • To set the record straight my RT was an accident that was set off from my phone as it is not working properly. I would never hurt a child in anyway. I have been sick over this. I apologized to LuAnn and her daughter. It was removed within in a minute. I called her daughter myself to tell her to remove the video and about my horrible error.


“I’m not very tech savvy, and [I’m] heartbroken that I accidentally retweeted this. I called Luann and Victoria immediately to apologize and tell them to remove the video. Regardless of our catfights on the show, our children are off-limits.”

Now someone posted on Ramona’s Facebook wall a newly edited version of the video and she is also getting flack from people who doesn’t realize that most people do not moderate postings on their Facebook wall and really when a celebrity has so many posting’s on their wall from fans, who is really monitoring the content unless your Jill Zarin?

UPDATE**  Ramona deleted the Facebook wall posting from a fan as well as the youtube video has been deleted.

This is a tweet from a concerned tweeter:

On Sunday 9th January 2011, @Intensity38 said:

@RamonaSinger Why is the video that you are apologizing for Retweeting, still on your facebook page? Can you answer this please? I have been waiting for an explanation before making up my mind about your actions but this is not making things easier for anyone to forgive you or think that it was a mistake to begin with.

I am not going to post the video for all to view.. but it is on Youtube.

UPDATE**  The Countess is speaking out.

“I am the parent of a teenager, and as any parent can attest, teenagers go through periods of doing things that are wrong and not appropriate and that are later regretted. My daughter Victoria knows that the behavior she exhibited was unacceptable. I have chosen to deal with this as a private family matter and an opportunity to discuss consequences of our actions.”

Ok, the only reason I felt the need to create a post about this situation is this.  It is very possible that Ramona’s phone did in fact retweet the incoming tweet and I will tell you why.

I travel and live in hotels during the week for my job.  I had a new phone from the ATT store and really loved it, or so I thought.  When I am on a project, the other consultants and I usually stay in the same hotel for reasons that the cost is approved by the client.

I was 2 weeks into this project and my phone started to misbehave and I thought it was me.  I did find out that one of my MALE coworkers asked my why did I call him in the middle of the night (Which we both were staying at the same hotel) and he gave me the side eye.  I said.. what??  I didn’t call you.  He showed me his phone and yes, my phone did dial him but he said it was dead air.

OMG!!!!  Can you imagine my embarrassment of this new coworker thinking I was dialing him up in the middle of the night looking for a booty call when I was actually sleeping?

So Yes Ramona.. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.   If that happened to me surrounded with the cloud that I was now a woman identified as a booty caller dialer..  then your phone probably did indeed retweet an infamous tweet.

I can’t believe I had to relive that all over again for the sake of Ramona..

To be truthful, Ramona is alot of things, but I do not think she would intentionally hurt someone’s child.  She does have compassion for children.  Hey.. I’m Just saying..


74 Responses to “Countess LuAnn De Lesseps Daughter Caught On Video – Ramona Retweets! UPDATE** LuAnn Speaks Out”

  1. G-sus said

    IMJ-I agree with CAGirl, the only reason I posted the links was because it looked like LuAnn in the second video.

  2. G-sus said

    LOL IMJ, I will take full blame if you get scooped. Though tell me, doesn’t it look like the Countess in the 2nd video just looking at the hair and face?

  3. CAgirl said

    Maybe you can tweet it to Ramona and her phone can do the rest of the work 🙂

  4. Rosie said

    I just saw the first video…wth??

  5. G-sus said

    Lol CAgirl.

  6. Yes!! it does look like a young LuLu!!! Girl if I get scooped I will hunt u down like the wild animal you are 😉

  7. G-sus said

    IMJ, I was looking at Luann’s profile bio from the first season which was also in 2008. She had that same short dark hairstyle. Honestly, I can’t believe with all the flack that her daughter’s video got that a) no one found these videos and b) that she didn’t remove them like she did Victoria’s.

  8. G-Sus.. we need a video specialitst!! slow mode and a image recognition dude. CALLIN ALL DUDES!! I truly believe LuLu leaves too much to housekeepers to raise the kids. This is not surprising.. hmm.. post still in draft..

  9. G-sus said

    IMJ, You’re right, housekeepers don’t take the place of parents. You can’t phone it in as a parent. You need to be physically there.

  10. That’s not Luann. I found the kid but I’m not going to post his name.

  11. G-sus said

    TK, you are quite the detective. Glad it’s not LuAnn, that would just be wrong on so many levels.

  12. Nah, just can’t ever make my brain stop. No special detectiving here. Just send me my gold tropy, no need to make a huge fuss.

  13. Dy said

    It’s not LuLu,it’s some other kid with Noel,you can tell.


    LuLu needs to get Rosie back raising her kids, stat.

  14. Rosie said

    Hi everyone!!
    You’re right Dy. If I were Lulu, I’d pay Rosie whatever she wants to come back!! Rosie and The Count left at the same time.. Not a good combo.

  15. Dy said

    Hi Rosie

    Rosie had handle on those children,she truly cared and probably still cares about those children. She wasn’t just a housekeeper,Nanny,or whatever eles ,she was basically their Mom,when Lulu wasn’t around. She knew what was what,she seemed to have a handle on everything.

    I believe D’LuLu and Count Cheater care about their children absolutley,but they seem more wrapped up in their own lives, at least that is what feeling I get from them. You can not back off children ever, you have got to have your finger on the pulse at all times.

  16. Rosie said

    Yep. I agree with that. Rosie seemed to know better than Lulu, about what was going on under the surface.

  17. Dy said

    She did Rosie, I agree.

  18. Bryan said

    I think LuAnn needs to take a stick to Ramona and chase that whack eye trick down the “Avenue of the America’s” and then beat her ass in front of a big fountain!

  19. Rosie said

    @18 Bryan
    Lmao… Right in front of Headquarters at 30 Rock!

  20. Bryan said

    Yes and then Simon can come riding up in his Alex drawn coach and whisk her away before the cops come.

  21. Um…I see kids playing the 21st century version of “shoot ’em up” on youtube. Cops n’ robbers? Of course, I’m white trash, so don’t go by me. I’d be in there playing with them. Showing them how to act more realistically, make it convincing! Ketchup for blood spit out. Maybe some dramatic dialogue. Yeah, it could be much worse. lol

  22. Rosie said

    @20 Bryan..
    I see you haven’t given up on the “horse theme” for Alex. Lmao!

    Hi WTG. 🙂

  23. Bryan said

    @22Rosie, get her a feed bag!

  24. Sophie said

    Maybe Victoria is seeking negative attention from her mother. Children who are ignored by their parents act out in order to get a reaction, any reaction from their parents. Or Luann simply isn’t teaching her daughter how to behave.

    Education begins in the home. She cannot expect the maid to do it, she cannot expect charm school to do it, she cannot expect boarding school to do it.

    Luann has the unique privilege of NOT having to work and can and SHOULD be involved in her children’s daily lives. And NOT on skype. Physically and emotionally present. They are only children for a few minutes, then they’re off in the world. Luann has the rest of their lives to party and shop and be ‘seen’.

    Shame on her.

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