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Snookie, JWOWW and Deana Are Not Whores!! Plus a surprising guest

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 9, 2011

I think I heard it loud and clear but the jury is still not out yet!!!  That is some surprising head poppin guest!!  I can’t imagine Sammy is happy at all..     FIRST OF ALL!!!!!!  and SECOND OF ALLLLL!!!!!!   Ronnie would not be hanging out with the “I am not a whore peeps” if Ronnie and Sammi are together… sooo… maybe the recent rumors that Ronnie cheated are true and they broke up???

I do love the beat of the song thou…  but I dont need to convince everyone that…

                                                  I…  AM NOT…   A WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FIST PUMPS ALL ROUND~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


34 Responses to “Snookie, JWOWW and Deana Are Not Whores!! Plus a surprising guest”

  1. Rosie said

    Lmao! 
    Hi IJS! I’ve had a busy weekend, so I just started my “catch up”.
    Wow.. Surprising group. Ron never hangs with the girls, so he and Sammie must be on the outs!
    She’s going to be pissed either way. Hilarious clip!

  2. Dy said

    I freakin love this IJS!!! Love,Love,Love My Jersey Shore Girls( minus Sammi Mean heart/Cold Heart)

    Good Ronnie left that whiny bitchy little girl,Geeze,That Chica gives me a freakin headache and agita!

  3. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!
    Without Ron, Sammi is going to be a very lonely girl. She’s burned all of her bridges!

  4. Dy said

    Hi Rosie

    Ronnie is a party boy,you can’t tell me that he was happy laying in that freakin bed all day everyday( after he and Sammi mean heart/cold heart got back together in Miami) listening to her whining and crying.
    I see that they break up during this season, I wonder how long into the season it is.

  5. Dy said

    Uh-Oh..My Jerseyicious is coming on in like 4 minutes..Gotta go, Love this show too!

  6. No doubt girls!!! Actually I think its a pretty good homemade video!! I loved the placement of all the peeps and JWOWW has some sick body!! She can move it too~!

    Also loved it when Dee and Snook did that peck kiss and both turned around in sync to stare at the camera..

    I guess they got some experience! Btw… I .. AM NOT…. A WHORE!!!

  7. Dy I am gonna watch the rerun of Jerseylic at 11. too many dvr conflicts!!

  8. CAgirl said

    That’s awesome IJS, lmao!!! We were saying that Ronnie just wants to go out and hang with rest of the crowd and have fun, but Sammi had him trapped in that sick bed. Glad to see he’s free–I’m sure I will like him much more without that wet noodle girlfriend!!! Love JS!

  9. Rosie said

    I agree! Ron has to be sick of laying in bed, with that depessing girl! JWow’s dancing was pretty good!

  10. Rosie said

    @7 IJS.. I know ! All the best shows are on Sunday!
    Californication starts up tonight too! Hubby and I love it. It’s hilarious.

  11. Rosie.. I have so many conflicts that I am going to have to wait until after midnight to get it on demand… showtime also has 2 new serious tonight as well!!

  12. CAgirl said

    Rosie, J-Wow looked great in that vid, damn! And Ronnie has shown me a reason to not give up on him just yet 🙂

  13. CAgirl said

    And BTW, every time I come to this site, I’m singing in my head “it’s TV Time” a la the boys singing “it’s T-shirt Time”.

  14. LWoo said

    I agree with you, CA: sometimes, I don’t feel like giving up on Ronnie. But yelling at Deena like he did was completely uncalled for.

    JWoww can dance her ass off! She was hilarious- holding the bottle and turning around!! LOL

  15. CAgirl said

    Totally agree LWoo–and even sadder that he was only “defending” his majesty’s honor. But they all seemed to be having a good time, and I laughed at his bed jump, so…

  16. Dy said

    I’m so mad at Gayle on Jerseyicious..Grrr!!! She works my last nerve anyway,but she really made me mad tonight. Her and that obnoxious Doria!!!(Jerseylicious)

    Ronnie had no business popping off on Deena,that was uncalled for period, it wasn’t his place to say shit,Sammi meanheart should have said something,but no the coward let her boyfriend do it,and let him look like a raging roid.

  17. Bryan said

    I heard all those Jerseylicious women were former prostitutes. its got to be the only reason which explains their look.

  18. Rosie said

    Hi Bryan!

    Sammi is a coward!! She would be afraid of her own shadow, if she didn’t have Ronnie right next to her, every minute!

  19. Dy said

    @17 Hi Bryan..LOL

    @18 Hi Rosie..Totally agree.

  20. LMaooo CAGIRL!!! Just as u are singing tvtime ala tshirt time.. now I have the friggin song for I’m… Not a… Whore in my head all night!!!

    Bryan.. unfortunately the look is what some peeps in the country think ‘in-style’ is.. sigh..

  21. CAgirl said

    Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

  22. Ok upon waking up this morning I had to replay this video to help convince myself… I.. Am Not… A HUUUAARE

  23. Rosie said


  24. Dy said

    Good Morning Ijs..Did you watch Jerseylicious yet?..Oh you gotta tell me what you think.

    Good Morning Rosie

  25. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!!
    This video is a riot. I listened to it again this morning. Lol.

  26. Morning Rosie!!

    Dy.. no I didnt get to watch Jerseylicious yet.. at 11:00 pm my Mr Man finally came home!! he has been gone since Xmas day and it really could not of been at a worse time. I truly cried in his arms and he spooned me to sleep! WOw.. I feel like I got a shot in the arm and ready to take on today with invigorance..

    I swear.. I think I am going to watch this video everyday.. I cant get enough of it!

  27. Dy said

    I love this video Rosie and IJS..i along with you guys watched it again too!

    Yea, IJS..Mr Man is home!!! That was along ass time for him to be away, especially when you needed him the most.I’m happy for you sweetheart, your rock is home

  28. Awe Tankies Dy!!

    I am just now watching WWHL on woooooooooeeeeeee!! That chickie is drunkie!!! she is slurring so bad and Andy cant wrangle these gals in!! Its sort of hysterical but christ on a cracka!! small doses of these ladies..small doses..

  29. Dy said

    I was crying laughing at WWHL..AC was all shock up,had no control..

    227 was cranked, tore up..lmao!!

  30. LWoo said

    IS that Deena on this video??

  31. Dy said

    Yep LWoo..lmao..I love this video and I can’t get that song out of my head.

  32. Dy just finished watching Jerseylicious and I am really PISSED OFF!! I got alot to say and gonna post a blog about it.. did some research too to back up my thoughts.. sometime today it will post.. I need to shower and run some errands.. man I can’t believe how pissed I am for Olivia. LATA TATA’S!!

  33. Dy said

    Ohhh I CAN’T WAIT @32IJS…

    I was so freakin mad last night at Gayle and that whole situation.

  34. Dy said

    Ok, IJS..

    Where are your thoughts about Jerseylicious ?( tapping foot 😉 )

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