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Guest Blogger LynnNChicago – Whatch What Happens Live Bethenny Frankel

Posted by LynnNChicago on January 9, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin Watch What Happens Live January 8, 2010

Andy Cohen hosted Bethenny Frankel on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live, she looked great in her little black dress drinking her Skinnygirl Margarita along with Andy.

Andy’s usual three things he’s obsessed with started with Anderson Cooper’s declaration of love for Camille Grammer which had to make you giggle. Coop has an amazing sense of humor and declares his love for the most hated housewife, Camille made no comment on Anderson’s statement, not surprising since it was meant to be a joke.

Number two on Andy’s list was Ken Vanderpump and little Giggy the dog. Andy noted that rather than the pet and his owner looking alike, these two are dressing alike, which is a bit creepy and kind of stupid but as Andy flashed the pictures on the screen, there they were dressed in the same colors and similar clothing.

Finally, Andy played back in slow motion the kiss from his New Year’s show with Tamra Barney. The clearly intoxicated Orange County Housewife, didn’t just give her boss the typical respectful New Year’s kiss, she wanted to make out with Cohen just like she had done seconds before with her boyfriend. This wasn’t even a Camille kissing Nick kind of thing, Tamra slipped Andy the tongue and Andy went for it too!

Bethenny was appropriately shocked and Andy kept reminding her that she had just watched the kiss in super slow-motion making it look even worse, but seeing it live was bad enough.

Andy was scheduled to fly out to Las Vegas yesterday to join Tamra and Gretchen Rossi at The Consumer Electronics Show for Bravo, due to bad weather his flight was cancelled.

Tamra mentioned during that show something about Andy making all the money, then yesterday she tweeted this:

@TamraBarney: It won’t be the same without you, don’t you have a private jet yet?

Even a California blonde should know that if a commercial flight was grounded a private jet has no shot of getting out in bad weather. Tamra seems to be a bit miffed that Andy makes more money than she does, she certainly brings it up a lot.

Andy asked Bethenny what she thought of Cedric’s story on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it was obvious that Bethenny does watch the show, she simply noted that Cedric could probably benefit from some therapy.

Bethenny spent a little time plugging her products, they were drinking their Skinnygirl Margaritas, she talked about her new Cleanse that just came out and her upcoming speaking tour – details of the tour can be found at I hope she is taking Bryn and Jason with her on the tour, she really does seem lost without them.

Bethenny confirmed that she would like to have another baby, initially she seemed completely against it but she admitted to Andy that if she were younger, she would have a houseful but at 40, she did say she’d like to have at least one more. Hopefully she and Jason are working on that now.

A caller asked about Bethenny’s friendship with Jill Zarin. First she said that the status was, “no” and added that she hadn’t seen Jill since the filming of the reunion. That didn’t surprise those of us who have been following this story, and as Andy and Bethenny thanked the caller she added “I don’t like Jill anyway” I know how you feel, caller.

Obviously Jill was watching as she tweeted to Andy the following morning that she tried to call Bethenny 7-days after filming but never got a return call. I’m surprised she didn’t note the exact date and time of the call, I’m sure it’s in her notes somewhere.

Andy and Bethenny discussed her gig on Skating With The Stars and they both noted that Johnny Weir “Hated” Bethenny, there was no question about that. Andy even played the tape of Weir’s speech telling Bethenny that he didn’t want to watch her skate anymore. Andy reminded everyone that he was in the audience the night that Bethenny’s competitor, Sean Young fell on her ass twice yet still received higher scores from the judges than Bethenny.

I really wished that they had discussed the other two judges, it is clear that Johnny hates Bethenny and I think we all know why, but what the hell was with that Laurie Ann chick and Dick Button? Did Weir convince them to be extra critical of Bethenny before they even began filming?

Weir still had one or two fans after this fiasco, his unprofessional behavior and childlike antics were so evident, I doubt he’ll ever be offered another gig like this on a major network.

A first for Watch What Happens Live, Andy brought on a mystery guest and disguised their voice, allowed Bethenny to ask some questions and then guess who the mystery guest might be. I’m not sure if Bethenny was already drunk by that time but she didn’t seem to “get it” until 2 or 3 questions in and she wasn’t able to identify that the was the mystery guest from Bethenny’s past, Kyle Richards on the Skype until they revealed her face.

Bethenny and Andy filmed an after show, as always and both seemed to be quite tipsy by that point, you can watch the 2 part after show here:

Cohen seems to truly like Bethenny and he clearly enjoys having her on the show. They confirmed that her reality show, “Bethenny Getting Married?” will have a season two with a new title, “Bethenny Ever After” coming very soon to Bravo.

As much as I adore Bethenny, her love for Kim Zolciak is nauseating, Bethenny admitted that she hadn’t watched much of the Atlanta housewives this season. Perhaps Bethenny hasn’t seen just what a selfish horrible bitch Zolciak has become. Bethenny mentioned that she did see the scenes of Phaedra giving birth and calling her baby “gross” which made her angry.

One of the questions during the after show to Bethenny was if she’d agree to be Kyle’s wingman at a dinner party thrown by Camille Grammer. Now that, I’d like to see but Bethenny didn’t seem very open to the idea.

Until Next Time…


4 Responses to “Guest Blogger LynnNChicago – Whatch What Happens Live Bethenny Frankel”

  1. Olive the other reindeer said

    great job!

  2. Dy said

    Wasn’t Bethenny wearing pants? I’m pretty sure she was.

    I agree Bethenny was having a brain freeze or whatever,she didn’t seem to get the mystery caller game, I was yelling at the tv going snap out of it B.,Jesus, it’s not that hard.

    Bethenny,I think likes Kim because she see her as pure comic relief,she doesn’t take her seriously at all. I’m the same way.

  3. Dy.. I knew it was Kyle which made huge sense to me.. but.. when Andy told her she had a mystery caller and handed her a tissue? I knew her head was spinning with.. oh lord.. dont let it be my mother…

    Hence the brain freeze 😉 I think Andy duped her with the tissue..

  4. Dy said

    I knew it was Kyle too, because on a clip he said there would be a surprise from BH.

    I don’t know she still seemed confused to me. I think don’t think she got it, for a minute.

    I don’t know if Andy knows that Kyle and Bethenny have spoken( I don’t know either) but maybe when he handed the tisssue box to Bethenny he thought that once she found out it was Kyle she would get emotional. I don’t know, I’m just guessing.

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