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The RedicuList Anderson Cooper’s Plea to Camille Grammer

Posted by ImaJustSaying on January 6, 2011


(Update)  You tube wants you to view in YOUTUBE.  In order to do that.. select the word “YOUTUBE” at the bottom right of the video box!  It will open a new page)

I love me some Anderson…   Actually I don’t know anyone personally who does not love them some Anderson and now he is giving back in a BIG WAY!!  We already knew that Anderson loves Real Housewives of Atlanta and a total love for our NeNe but I had no clue that he was also a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and he totally appreciates Camille Grammer’s presense on the show!

Anderson sends an imploring message to keep Camille on the show for his viewing pleasure.

What we do know today, is that Camille has obtained some pricey reps which had a sit down with Bravo reps to negotiate Camille’s contract where by contract she does not have the right to leave her contract for 2 season but Bravo has the right to drop her from the show after 1 season. 

Camille’s rep did obtain the permission for Camille to leave the show at this time and she will not be held legally bound via her contract.  BUT!!!  and I said But……..  Camille will not exercise the right to do so yet UNTIL after the reunion show airs.  Its being speculated that Camille is giving Bravo a chance to edit her to not look like the villain she is supposedly edited for this season..  Sounds like Camille hasn’t made her decision yet but she certainly will after the airing of reunion.. man this reunion can’t come soon enough for me!


20 Responses to “The RedicuList Anderson Cooper’s Plea to Camille Grammer”

  1. G-sus said

    I think Anderson has been reading your posts TK. Notice how he pointed out her use of the words pernicious and machiavellic. Just the psychic in me talking.

    Anywhoo, I will be glad when the episode airs tonight and we can finally talk about the show. Camille’s media blitz is wearing thin on me.

  2. Dy said

    I love Anderson Cooper,I love that he watches and loves all the Housewives Shows.I also like that he can make fun and not be nasty, he is a class act.

  3. What the hell, You Tube? Why can’t this be embedded all of a sudden?

  4. BobLHead said

    I freakin’ love Anderson!!!!
    Hey TK, yea, I had to go to youtube to watch it.

  5. BobLHead said

    Hey TK, they ran a little commercial before the video, maybe that’s why?

  6. KRIKE!@!!!!!! Well I will add the other style of video some of you peeps cant watch damn it!

  7. Dy said

    I always have to go to utube to watcha video when one is posted on here.

  8. Thats weird Dy.. I dont have to do that. A youtube account can make it where you cant embed their video’s which I dont know why… but they can but not the majority of them..

  9. Bryan said

    First off that this queen is a big Neigh Neigh fan is a mark against him, now that he is doing this, that bitch needs a good hard smacking ( and not on the ass!). He’s been hanging around Kathy Griffin way way too long!

  10. Olive the other reindeer said

    The Bravo gods have heard my threat,,there better be a new HW episode or the bitch gets it,,,ok..ok…it’s not my threat,,but let me live in the same fantasy world like certain people yelling editing,,yeah I was edited badly…

    Anderson is a class act,,u r right Dy,I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS REUNION!!!!! But a couple weeks ago on Andy..she called Kyle and apologized,,so why the stress for her at the reunion??? I guess apologies r a dime a dozen on these shows…

    ok,,,Olive ,,OUT

  11. Dy said

    @8 IJS..Everytime you guys post a video,(Johnny meatballs, johnny mathis, nacy wilson etc) i have to go to utube, it’s no big deal to me IJS, really i don’t care.


    @10 Olive..I saw that too,she sounded sincere to me. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt,everyone deserves that,at least until they f’up like 50 others time to me. lol

  12. Bryan said

    Going off topic here but check out this nut-bag and her love of those Twatlight Movies….

  13. G-sus said

    OMG Bryan. At first I thought it was a teenage boy, but then I saw her face in the mirror. She is 49! WTH!

  14. Mikki12 said

    Of course, Anderson Cooper is a class act. Wasn’t his mom Gloria Venderbilt the classiest rich woman when she put her name on young women’s behinds back in the 70’s? I’m dating myself again, but for the younger posters, Anderson’s mom had a line of designer jeans back then with her name right on the back pocket. Oh, how I wanted a pair of her jeans. Alas, they never fit me right and those were the days when I was thin, thin, thin. Guess I was always meant to be a Levi’s gal.

    Bryan: Omigod! Glad you posted that link. I must say, it is a beautiful tattoo but….well…to each his own.

  15. Mikki12 said

    Sorry about the typo. That should read: Gloria Vanderbilt.

  16. Dy said

    @12 Bryan

    Holy Cannoli, Geeze, thats some love, that tattoo had to take forever and hurt like a ……

  17. Bryan said

    Wait till this nut is 79, that tat is going to look like hell!

  18. dreemz said

    What i really like best is the picture of Camille up there^. It looks like her assistants may have gotten a little behind with the botox & filler appointments. The nanny’s must have had some “rotating” time off throughout the holidays, the combination of these factoring in the stress of the divorce, well, Camille is looking a little haggard. Maybe having an identity crisis and worried about money, too.

  19. LWoo said

    @ 12 Bryan: OY! Okay, I like the Twilight Saga and read all of the books, but that’s TOO MUCH! Damn, I felt weird- being over 30 and interested in the movies & books– let alone getting tattoos of 2 REAL people in their fictional roles!! CREEPY!

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