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Who Sent a TV Time Link to the Beverly Hills Housewives?

Posted by tinselkitty on January 5, 2011

Is Tinselkitty on the verge of stardom? Did TV Time bust into the big time? Are we on the Housewives’ radar? Isn’t this the perfect photo to accompany a comment about busting into the big time? [snickersnacker]

Hollywood Life is running this story

Camille Grammer, 42, will not be returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if the show is renewed for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This news comes amidst reports of a new scandal, in which the other Housewives started a catty e-mail chain containing pictures from two erotic films and Playboy shoots starring Camille, along with snide commentary on the images.

No second season has officially been announced by Bravo, but sources say Camille is not interested in returning either way.

It sounds as though the scandals were too much for Camille to handle on top of the drama surrounding her divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

But what will we do without our favorite television villain?

If you follow that scandal link in there you find this story

After Camille’s countless outbursts, her wronged frenemies are getting the last laugh over Camille’s hypocritical erotica!

Camille Grammer, 42, has done all she can to alienate herself from her Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills castmates, including pursuing their husbands, bragging wildly and throwing around insults. But the other ladies are finally getting their revenge — by digging up old soft-core films and photo shoots featuring a nude Camille and e-mailing them all over town!

A source close to the ladies tells Life & Style the photos were sent to “everybody they know … they all thought it was hilarious.”

The mag obtained the e-mail chain from the castmates, titled “The Morally Corrupt Camille Donatacci Grammer.” The subject of the e-mail refers to the time Camille called the decision of Faye Resnick, the close friend of her Housewives foe Kyle Richards, to pose for Playboy“morally corrupt” — in spite of the fact that Grammer posed for Playboy herself. The e-mail chain contains stills from two erotic movies Camille shot in the mid-’90s, pictures from herPlayboy spread and the ladies’ own commentary on it all.

Camille shouldn’t expect much sympathy for this stunt, as another source told the magazine “Kyle wants nothing to do with Camille. She had felt sorry for her, but not anymore.”

Though the prank was mean-spirited, Camille should know that what goes around comes around!

Tinselkitty really wants to know if these ladies go into these reality shows expecting that no one is going to find out about their past lives. Do they not know about the internet? Even if the internet didn’t exist, both Danielle and Not Kelsey’s Wife had their past documented in printed media. For fux sake, what did they think was going to happen?

FYI – this is the book Camille’s photos were published in before being picked up by Playboy’s spank bank division. Sure looks like a plain brown wrapper to me.




57 Responses to “Who Sent a TV Time Link to the Beverly Hills Housewives?”

  1. LWoo said

    Hi, Rosie! 😀 I’ll be watching the Jersey Shore tonight, but I’m DVR’ing RHoBH.

    @ 44 Dy- I honestly don’t think the women are passing the information amongst one another. I believe it’s just a convenient story made up by the media because of the tension between Camille & Kyle.

    You have to admit that it was pretty fucked-up for Camille to ‘fire’ Mauricio because of her tiff with Camille. And through text-message…on national television.

  2. Dy said

    @50 Hi Bryan

    You are such a Freakin Smartass..You know I love ya xo 😉

  3. Bryan said

    Hi Dy, Kisses to you!!! !!!!!

    Check out Dlisted take on all this latest Camille stuff.

  4. Dy said

    @1 Idon’t know Lwoo, I hope the freakin story is not true, is all.

    As far as the text message, Why wasn’t it read,( I would have read it out loud and put Camille on BLAST in a heartbeat!) why did Kyle say it “basically said” your husband will not be working for us anymore. Why send it to Kyle in the first place,why not send it to Mauricio? And who sends a text to “basically” fire someone? Mauricio was not really happy with Kyle,when she told him,and in my opinion, did not have her back. He kissed up to Camille at Taylors get together as if nothing happened..Something about that whole thing,just doesn’t sit right. Anyhow, Mauricio is still their realator,nothing changed

  5. Dy said

    @3 Thanks for the link Bryan..I love Dlisted, they are freaking hysterical!

  6. Rosie said

    @3. Bryan..
    Omg! You are our favorite guy over here! Thanks for the link.

  7. Mikki12 said

    Thanks for the link, Bryan. Happy belated New Year to you! So good to see you posting over here. Have to agree with Rosie: you ARE our favorite guy. So stop being a stranger and come around more often.

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