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“The View” Watch Recap

Posted by stacee1 on January 5, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth

So they are walking out and the first thing I notice is this weird Tony Tiger stripe shirt/cardigan set Sherri has on.
Oh. Em. Gee.
She looks like she is carrying two full size basketballs in her blouse. It’s not flattering. At all.

The first “hot” topic today was the notable quotes made in 2010. Topping the list was Christine O’Donnell saying, “I’m not a witch”. Joy joked that it should have been “I’m running for Senate”. Another one was BP’s Tony Heyworth saying, “I’d like my life back”. Hasselbeck said her personal favorite was Nancy Pelosi saying “We have to pass the Health Care Bill so you can find out what’s in it”.Sherri said hers was the Chilean chant from the miners when they were rescued from the well.

Next topic was France, where more couples are opting for civil unions. New York Time reports thee reasons vary from person to person. Whoopi said it looks good to the French to say we’ve done this like any other contract and you’re covered if you need something. She also said people put so much weight on the word “marriage” now and she said even she prefers civil unions. Sherri said it’s easier to get and end civil unions.

Next topic the newest research that claims you can resist the urge to “pig out” just by thinking about it. According to an article in New Science magazine, a study found more people imagine themselves wolfing down on candy or cheese, the less likely they are to actually do it. Whoopi held up her index finger, then said never mind. When Joy questioned it, Whoopi opened her mouth and motioned sticking it down her throat. Joy said this is a trick models have been using forever. Hasselbeck asked doesn’t this go against advertising because they put ideas and things in front of us all the time. Sherri said anytime she visualizes herself eating, she sees herself pigging out.

They then talked about how the iPad will be under a lot of Christmas trees this year but it’s causing a dilemma for men. Apparently due to the size of it, men are walking around carrying it in their “murse” (a man purse). They then had producer Bill Gedde do a photo shoot to show how big of a problem this really is. Various pictures were then shown of Bill carrying bags and posing with them. It was silly.

The next segment featured Sherri at the pool getting swim lessons. Sherri explained that she’s never been friends with the idea of swimming. She said she’s scared of water because she almost drowned when she was a little girl after being pushed by other kids. Since then, she always felt like she would drown but that is why she wanted to learn how to swim. This is actually her second lesson. In her first, she was taught balancing, breathing, kicking and how to come up for air. Today we saw her actually using those tools to swim the length of the pool.
Sherri talked about being worried whenever her son, Jeffrey, was in the pool and not being able to save him if something happened. She also said she needed to show him that you should do things you’re scared to do.

Actor Liam Neeson appeared first. Liam lends his voice in the newest movie “The Chronicles of Namia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, playing the lion, Aslan. Liam was not aware of the books the movies are based on, saying he’s ashamed he did not know about the books growing up. He said when his son was 9; Liam was packing to go to Iceland. His son asked him where he was going and Liam told him he was meeting a director to see about playing the part of a lion called Aslan. His son said, “Dad, Aslan is God!”
Liam thinks people like the movies because they are based on the classic books, which deal with children talking responsibility for themselves, resisting temptation and going on adventures where adults don’t interfere. He also said they are fantastic adventure stories.
In addition to movies, Liam is also active in theater. He said he’s been doing plays since the age of eleven and doing theater acting since he was 24. Liam said he needs to get back on stage and that it’s a muscle you have to flex. Though supplying the voice for the lion in The Chronicles of Namia was a difficult for him because he was not on set, he still found it rewarding to revisit his experience working for radio in the BBC.
Liam Neeson also starred in the movie “Taken”. He said he thought it would go straight to video and seemed surprised by it’s success. Liam said it touched a nerve with people, particularly ladies.
“The Chronicles of Namia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is in theaters right now.

In the next segment, Ronco CEO Larry Newsbum joined then to show “As Seen on TV” products and see if they are worth your money. They showed:

Grill Daddy $14.99 – brush that incorporates steam to clean your grill-Showtime Rotisserie and Barbeque Compact Oven $99.99– cooks chicken and other meats-CleanCut $139.99 – Motion-sensored towel dispenser-Pajama Jeans $39.95 – Comfortable jeans that stretch to your size (Sherri was wearing some)TV Helmet $29.95 – Entertainment hat-Rhythm Rocker $99.99 – Sherri demonstrated this exerciser and let’s just say it looked very suggestive with her sliding back and forth on that thing.

In the final segment, The View’s stylist Brian Renfroe joined them to talk about the best hair products for 2010. He showed:

Sojourn shampoo, which is phosphorous, sulfate and gluten-freeOribe conditioning masque – doesn’t require the use of a hair dryer or heatMorracan Oil – cuts down on frizz and static electricity

At this point, “hamburgler” Whoopi sneaks out on stage to steal products. Because apparently she thinks the same old stupid shtick never gets old, no matter how many times she does it.

Michael O’Rourke Hairspray – has different spray settings for fine, medium hair
Velcro Rollers
Taiff Hair Dryer – features a NINE feet cord and 1900 watts of power
Whoopi just came out again. Sigh.
Brazilian Heat Curling Iron – 3 different sizes, ceramic
Joico K-Pak ReconstRx Vapor Iron – has chamber that you can put hair conditioner in, steams flattens hair better
Everyone in the audience received one of each of the products.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!



2 Responses to ““The View” Watch Recap”

  1. Dy said

    Thanks for the recap..I love Liam Neeson.

  2. Rosie said

    Good recap Stacee, thanks!
    Some of those products looked pretty good. I look forward to the live shows starting up again. 🙂

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