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Place Your Bets Now – Who Is the Thug In a Cocktail Dress?

Posted by tinselkitty on January 5, 2011

We’re down to five, peeps, so who’s it gonna be? Get your answers in early so you can have bragging rights when we finally find out. Now is the time to tap into your woo.

And if Chickenshit Allison is reading, you’re welcome to use your psychic powers to call it yourself. Go on, see if you can beat any of my snarktastic readers. Unless you’re a’skeered.

David Meister is said to have heaved a sigh of relief upon reading this tweet. He was really sweating the thought of one of his cocktail dresses being sported by a thug.


28 Responses to “Place Your Bets Now – Who Is the Thug In a Cocktail Dress?”

  1. Dy said

    Seriously right now I have no idea..I think it could be a Bravo Teaser, you know cause it looks like from the clip it’s Alex saying that to Sonja or about Sonja,can’t imagine Sonja being a Thug of any kind..Then it looks like Sonja is kicking Alex(?) maybe out of her house saying she has no manners and such, hmm..I just know I’m looking forward to Nyc.

  2. carrot said

    I thought it might be Sonja as well, considering how the promo was edited, even though I can’t see her as a “thug.” I also don’t consider Alex someone with bad manners, but who knows? Perhaps it’s someone not related to the cast that Sonja is yelling at? Or, maybe Sonja is going the Nene-route; fan favorite the first season she’s on, and then over the top itch the rest.

  3. Dy said

    That could be Carrot, it could be someone not related to the cast at all,ya know the freakin “Bravo Teaser” that they pull all the time. I know this has me waiting to find out, lol.I love NYC..Who am I kidding i love all the Housewives Shows!

  4. Thedesigndiva said

    my vote…Cindy barshop the new girl..
    sick in bed with FREAKING KNEE MOAN YAH…..HAPPY NEW YEAR MY ASS……been sick since last friday nite..
    thanks for all the reading material….mr ford has me contained ( LOCKED UP ) in the spare room…i havent been this sick in 10 plus years…just effing shoot me !!!!
    I must have killer lungs cause God knows I have hacked them up quite a few times…lol..think i left the right one at the office at work on sat….those little shits didnt belive i was sick so I DROVE my ass there and showed them……do i need to remind you I HATE TEENAGERS !!!!!!!!
    the only thing that scares me is when I get hacking i start to choke and cant breath…I PRAY real hard,,,God dont fail me today…….
    well back to the horizontal position….

    hugs and peace

  5. Dy said

    I’m sorry you are sick Diva :(..I Hope you feel better soon!

    BTW..Good Guess.

  6. G-sus said

    So sorry Diva! Have you ever tried putting Vick’s on the bottoms of your feet at night to help with the nighttime cough. I swear it works, use it all the time with myself and my kiddos.

    As for the thug, my bet it’s Sonja. She probably needed to step it up this year since she was kind of a bore last season. And I have no doubt that Jill we be somewhere behind there pulling the puppet strings.

  7. Dani said

    Hi all.
    My guess is Sonja by the clip but Bravo could be doing a bait and switch on us. Hard to say for sure but I am still gonna go w/Sonja.

    I love the NY show but not sure I can take Jill whining her way through the season.

    Diva -sorry you are down. Coughing jags are the worst when you are trying to rest. Get better. As Dy commented, good guess on the new gal. You may be spot on about her. Anxious to see what she is all about.

  8. Rosie said

    My guess is Sonja too! It looked like Alex vs Sonja.

    Diva.. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! I was wondering where you were. I had a nasty bug over the holidays too, but I’m starting to feel a little better. Get some rest, and feel better soon!! xo

  9. Mikki12 said

    @ #4 Diva: Hope you feel better real soon. Pneumonia is no picnic. Had it myself a few years ago and I literally sounded like a motorboat whenever I took a breath. Take care!

  10. olive the other reindeer said

    Diva I hope u feel better,,,Try G-sus’s Vicks’ fix,,Isear it works,,I can’t take any cold medicines..they make me so hyper and when I get pnemonia,,,orbronchitis I swear by Vicks,,,also antibiotics..but I practicallylive on them,,so I think they lost their ju ju…Hun u take care and u don’t have to prove u are sick to anyone especially teenagers…
    Big hug from Olive

    Ahem,,I asked a few blogs ago if that was Sonya kicking out Alex,,,but one paid any attention to me…I will just go in my corner now,,,

    If I don’t get a new HW episode it ain’t gonna’ bepretty,,I swear the 2 legged dog gets it,,no,,I can’t be mean to an animal..ok,,,
    the 2 legged bitch gets it ..guess who…see? I’m good at guessing games too,,,,,

  11. G-sus said

    I’m going to add to my guess that they are talking about Sonja. I remember a preview scene with Jill crying “I didn’t mean for this to happen” My guess is that Jill stirred the pot and caused a rift between Sonja and Alex. Seems to be consistent with her bag of tricks. Getting everyone to do her dirty work for her.

  12. Dy said

    @11 Ewww Could be G-Sus

  13. Rosie said

    Hi girls!
    No matter who it is.. It’s Jill’s fault. 🙂

  14. Dy said

    lol Rosie xo

  15. G-sus said

    Lol Rosie, your right that ginger troll always is always up to her neck in the mud slinging. I wouldn’t be surprised if this next season is full of Jill and her minions going after Alex and Ramona.

  16. Dy said

    Oh the Yenta has it out for Alex G-Sus, no doubt. She pretty much said it at the Reunion,there defaintly is no love loss there. No worries though,Alex will hold her own,and my money has always been on The Romonacoaster. She has never backed down from Jill,she is the only one that has known her the longest and would never ever take her crap.

  17. Rosie said

    Hi Dy & G!
    I agree! Jill may try to pretend to makeup with them..but don’t turn your back on her, Ramona and Alex!

  18. Rosie said

    I can’t wait for NY to start! 

  19. Dy said

    I agree Rosie..Alex and Romona have her number though.Especially Romona.

  20. Bryan said

    Ramona isn’t a thug she’s loon!

  21. Rosie said

    Bryan! Happy New Year! 🙂

  22. Bryan said

    Rosie, Happy New Year to you to!!!! and everyone else!!!

  23. Rachel said

    Im gonna go with kelly or jill. They for sure fit the whole thug in a cocktail dress thing. Bravo loves the “bait and switch” move. If you remember, they did that with promos of the infamous island trip where kelly lost her marbles (or was it gummie bears and lollipops?).

    My guess: Sonja is talking to a very blond woman with very straight hair and telling her to get out of her house in the promo. Alex has a strawberry blondish tint to to her hair. The hair does not look like it belongs to alex. Sonja could be talking to someone completely different who was just disorderly or rude at her party.

    After alex says her hilarious thug line, it cuts to a pic of kelly with sonja. that is where it seems confusing. alex, bethenny, and sometimes ramona have all had issues with kelly. Im going to guess that alex and kelly had a jill instigated blow out and alex is either talking about jill or most likely, kelly. if sonja had anything to do with it and alex is the blond, im going to say that she got angry that a fight occured at her party and she felt alex was out of line for arguing with kelly because sonja has said before “kelly is crazy and you cant engage with a person with mental problems. its not fair…as she was diffusing the fight with kelly on the ramona vacation…..

  24. Bryan said

    Sonja is the “thug” because she tossed brooklyn anwser to twiggy out on her bony conslopus, where it belong, or hitched to a central park coach

  25. Ashley said

    I’m going to say Luann just because no one else has named her. Ooohhh or maybe Jill because we all know she can say inappropriate things.

  26. Bryan said

    Gangster in a evening gown, Hooker in a Tuxedo, Squatter in a wedding dress, Hooligans in Mumu’s

  27. Ben said

    I think it is Jill, because if you listen Simon’s new song, he says the famous line, Thug in a cocktail dress. He then goes on and says something about trashing him behind his back. Which Jill did in season two… just saying.

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