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Cryptic Giggy Tweets – The Plot Thickens

Posted by tinselkitty on January 5, 2011


13 Responses to “Cryptic Giggy Tweets – The Plot Thickens”

  1. Daniela said

    lol. I love Lisa and Giggy!!

  2. Mikki12 said

    I think we should listen to Giggy. I’ve heard that he has become the “confidante to the stars” and why not? He’s a dog who knows how to keep his mouth shut. Word has it that your secrets are always safe with him. I hope Camille decides to stay on the show. This is the perfect opportunity for her to play the jilted wife and garner some positive reactions from the public. But will her pride let her do it? In her delusional world she sees herself as an A-lister because of her marriage to Kelsey. I never quite understood this because although Kelsey is famous and has lots of money would anyone put him on the same list as Clooney, Pitt, Depp, Oprah, etc? At best, I saw Kelsey and Camille as B-listers. So here’s Camille’s real chance to step out of Kelsey’s shadow and shine on her own. In season 2, if Camille can portray the hurt ex-wife trying hard to get on with her life and spending more time being a better and involved mother to her kids she might be able to change her image. Just don’t know if Camille can eat some humble pie and do it.

    I remember the first season or two of RHoNY. Alex and Simon were not well-liked. The two of them were practically joined at the hip which caused a lot of tension. Can anyone forget that dinner party for the girls when Alex brought Simon? I can tell you the exact moment that my attitude towards Alex and Simon changed. Alex was doing one of her talking-head interviews and she said something about when she married Simon and she gave him her heart. Can’t recall her exact words but she got teary-eyed and my heart melted. My entire attitude towards them changed from that night on. My point is that images can be changed. So my unsolicited advice to Camille is: go for it! The worst that can happen is everyone will still hate her so she’s got nothing to lose. But if she can turn this around it will be a better FU to Kelsey than all the financial settlements in the world. I’ve said this before. I don’t like Camille but I also don’t like the way Kelsey handled this.

  3. Dy said

    @2 Hi Mikki

    Wow, good post. Call,Email ,Text, Twitter, whatever, Camille your advice.:)

    Me I think she should get out of Dodge people hate her for reasons as I said I’m not sure of.At this point, no one in my opinion will give her a chance.Lord they don’t even want to give her the benefit of the doubt,and think that she deserves that Kelsey cheated on her. They call her everything but her own name, for what, what the hell did she do that was so freakin terrible? Did she star in her own sex tapes in her childrens home just recently? Did she stalk her castmates? Did she try to have one of her castmates daughters taken away from her? Did she bring an entourage of Hells Angels and Wanna Be’s to a charity event,and ruin it do for a child with cancer. Did she stand by and say nothing when her friend called her castmates son a gay slur. Did she bring armed body guards to a sit down with a castmate? Was she terribly mean to a pregnant castmate,and was having a difficult pregnancy?.

  4. Rosie said

    Mikki & Dy..
    Oooooo. Good posts.. Both of you!

  5. Mikki12 said

    Hi Dy & Rosie: I think Camille’s biggest “crime” was showing off. The public wants you to be rich but humble. Look at Adrienne. What does she say at the beginning of each show, “Money is what I have..not who I am.” If only Camille had displayed this attitude her entire image might be different. I’d also like to say something about her 4 nannies. I got the impression that she had 2 full-time nannies and 2 part-time. So when one nanny had time off there was another one to replace her. Now I could be wrong about this. Maybe she has nannies working around the clock in 12 hour shifts. Whatever the set-up, at least, the kids are in the home. How many famous people ship their kids off to Swiss boarding schools or the like? Years ago, I recall Elizabeth Taylor’s kids living with her brother Howard and his family. Of course, with the life she led it was probably the best place for them. My point is that many rich and/or famous people raise their children differently than we do. Yes, we’d all like to see Camille more involved with her children. But the children are cared for and that’s important, too. No one has ever said that Camille is another Joan Crawford ala “Mommie Dearest.” One last thing. At some point on the show I recall it was said that Taylor s a wonderful mother. How come no one criticizes her for having a nanny for one small child? Plus on the most recent episode of BH we saw that Kyle has an assistant. What does Kyle do that she needs an “assistant?” Whomever said that “image is everything” hit the nail right on the head. It’s time for Camille to clean up her image.(if she can.)

  6. Dy said

    @5 Hi Mikki

    You are on a roll today! I agree the public wants people to be rich but humble,and you are right Camille is not. She is arrogant and that is not cool,no one likes a snob.
    Camille did say she the nannies rotate and are on a partime basis,or whatever. I personally do not care how many she has, or who eles has them, it is their lifestyle that is what they do. They do not show how involved Camille is with her children, maybe that was hers and Kelsey’s choice. None of the children are on that much really, not compared to some of the other HW Shows.
    I don’t know what kind of mother she is, people have made the comments that she is no mother because she had a sur. Come on thats no fair. I just assume she is a good mother, I have no reason to think otherwise.

  7. G-sus said

    @ Mikki, I agree with you and Dy on the nanny issue. I think in certain situations you have to thank god for the nannies, because they may be the only constant in these kids lives. I think one of the things that sets Camille apart from the others is that she has 4 nannies for 2 older children who are in school all day. So I would think that there is a nanny there all the time when the kids are home. Not a big deal except she went on and on how busy her life was raising 2 children with Kelsey gone. From what I have seen on the show, and that isn’t to say that they show everything, is that everything she talks about being busy doing by herself, someone else is doing for her.

  8. Mikki @5 – Taylor has two nannies for Kennedy. I thought I had put that in one of the recaps but probably I just thought it and now I’m blanking on if I actually put it in writing or not. Anyway, I remember when I heard that I wondered why NKW was catching so much more flack about her nannies than Taylor was. Four nannies for two kids is the same ratio as two nannies for one kid.

    I can only assume the NKW backlash was the way she went about saying it, with the little girl giggling and the oh I’m not flauting anything, I’m just telling you what all I have even though it may sound obnoxious, combined with the looking down and away from the camera trying to be all coy.

  9. G-sus said

    @TK You’re right, it’s how she says it. Reminded me of Alexis from OC talking about what a busy mom she was yet had about the same nanny to kid ratio. My lord she even took one of her nannies to church with her. I guess that is what sets most people off. Don’t talk about how busy you are raising your kids when you have someone constantly there doing it for you.

  10. Dy said

    I still do not care how many Nannies Camille,Taylor or any of them have,or why they have them,(or how they said they have them) it is their LifeStyle.They do not have to justify it to me,and shouldn’t have to to anyone eles.

  11. Bryan said

    Speaking of Jesus Barbie, you know, YOU KNOW she watches the BH Housewives and wishes she could be ONE of them!!!

  12. Mikki12 said

    @ 11 Bryan: Too bad Jesus Barbie didn’t go after Kelsey Grammer. She’s the physical type that he likes. Who knows. If she had played her cards right she might have been Kelsey’s latest wife instead of being married to that broke-ass husband of hers. Well, there’s still hope. There’s always Russell. That marriage seems more than shaky.

  13. Dy said

    @ Bryan and Mikki..LOL

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