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About as Blind as a Seeing Eye Dog

Posted by tinselkitty on January 5, 2011

There’s so much Camille Grammer today I can taste it. It does NOT taste like chicken. Whoops, did I just give out the blind item? Oopsies!

Of course I’m going to admonish you all to trot over there and check out the comments (spoiler alert – they are all ready for Team Tinselkitty over there), but before you do, I want you to see this bit of Wikipedia Woogle. Wait, should that be WikiWoogle? Or Wookipedia? Whatever, we’ll settle it later.

Anywho, I’m pretty sure I’ve told y’all this stuff before, but if not, I’ll do it now. Dancer, hooker, international prostitution whore. Yeah, let’s see Danielle try to go international!

Please note that the jaunts with Prince Jefri of Bruni are not included on her wiki page. It’s no wonder NKW didn’t want to move back to New York. Too many people knew what she was up to, or should I say down to, over there. What with the pecker order and all.


31 Responses to “About as Blind as a Seeing Eye Dog”

  1. Dy said

    Freakin Camille ..The gift that keeps giving..Jesus, every freakin day, a new freakin story

  2. BobLHead said

    Wait…she was a hooker? I’m shocked!

  3. G-sus said

    She did say at the dinner from hell that she met Kelsey through her posing for playboy, which I thought was a really odd statement. Like he just ordered her out of a catalog, which I guess is probably pretty accurate.

  4. carrot said

    She HAS to know the language she and Kelsey use for how they met is SUPER suspect. I know the wives play up their personalities for the show and interviews, but who wants to be the multimillionaire’s soon-to-be-ex villainous former dancer/playboy bunny prostitute wife?
    But you know, I love Beverly Hills, and probably wouldn’t as much if she were not on, creating all the drama.

  5. Dy said

    There always has to be one Carrot, and Crazy Camille is the one that is for sure for BH..I still do not think she deserves the Most Hated Houswive in the History of the Franchise Title..To me that is just ridicules.

  6. LWoo said

    You know, we can’t be upset with Camille. She just reminds us that looks fade, but stupid stays forever!

  7. Dy said

    @6 Lol.Ain’t that the truth Lwoo, Ain’t that the truth!

  8. Daniela said

    What’s funny is ….she says Faye Resnick is morally bankrupt! Puhleeze.

  9. Fleur said

    Do y’all know why men name their peni*es? So they don’t have perfect strangers making major decisons for them! There’s no way a man who wasn’t thinking with his pen*s would’ve married a woman that looks like Camille. Even $20.00 street corner hookers are prettier. That woman is just plain UGLY and her eyes are hooded and reptilian looking. Eeewww…

  10. Fleur said

    LOL @ TK’s comment about Danielle going international. That’s probably the only thing Dirty D hasn’t done yet. Even Eurotrash doesn’t want to sleep with that thing.

  11. Dy said

    Maybe the Strega has Fleur..We just don’t know about it yet..Lol

  12. Mikki12 said

    I think Camille is just too darn easy. The rumors about her being a hooker have been around for years. Let’s see: if we can rule out NY & NJ that still leaves us with D.C. and OC. Don’t think it’s anyone from the D.C. franchise but we’ve got a few contenders from OC. Gretchen? Tamra? Alexis? Decisions…decisions.

    @ #6 LWoo: Another Judge Judy fan, I see! Judy has used a similar line on her show many times. My mom thinks that Judge Judy is too “mean.” I think she’s one of the smartest women in America.

  13. Dy said

    @ 12..You are right Mikki, weren’t those rumors about Camille out when she first got together with Kelsey/ then when they first got married? Then seemed to go by the way side or were squashed, I really don’t remember which, anyway he married her,so whatever.

    I love Judge Judy!!

  14. Dy said

    Wow..RT is running an article about a rumor that Camille is quiting the Houswives( gotta wonder, they haven’t announced if there i will be a season 2 yet)..Ch,Ch,Check it out..Can’t say I blame her if it’s true.

  15. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I had wondered if she had stopped participating in the show when Bravo took her last blog down. Her BFF, the Psycho, said something about Camille having to do the reunion show, but I bet she is contractually obligated to do that. If I were her, and I had 50 or 80 million coming my way, I would tell Bravo to suck it and pay the price. Really, there is no way she is going to dig herself out of the canyon her big yapper dug for her. She is better off laying low and staying quiet and once BH’s season is over, everyone will just make their way to the next crazy daisy.

  16. wykkyd said

    …and, as a postscript, be careful what you wish for:

  17. wykkyd said

    Oops, should’ve clarified that: be careful what you wish for, Camille!

  18. Dy said

    I never thought about that G-Sus,but what you are saying makes sense. I do not like her, but I don’t think she was nearly as bad as people made her out to be. Seriously, what did she do that was so freakin terrible? Have4 nannies, be mean to Kyle? Have a Goofy Friend? I wouldn’t deal with the BS,if I were her, no way. I would just walk away. She will be fine.

  19. olive the other reindeer said

    ok,,,per Tinsel Kitty’s blog awhile back Cacamille was not a playboy bunny,,,she was in a cheap penny saver kinda’ playboy that they buy pics from photographers,,she can’t even get into the real magazine…hmmm maybe why she was so passive agrresive with Faye Resnick,,in her mind that coulda’ been me!

  20. Dy said

    Thanks for the link wykkyd..We were just talking about this..

  21. wykkyd said

    @20 Hi Dy, you’re welcome.

    To TK’s post I’d like to add, let the games begin!

  22. LWoo said

    I just saw the same thing about Cami not returning. I guess they just filmed the reunion show.

    We all know that Cami isn’t the type of gal who can handle the truth about herself. Everyone is jealous of her and they attack her…am I right?

  23. olive the other reindeer said

    u r right Lwoo,,,”she can’t handle the truth” my best Nicholson voice

  24. Bryan said

    Like I said on reality poo, Camille can now join Strega on “Wealth TV”

  25. Dy said

    Of course they are jealous of her and want to be her and blah blah,blah.
    I just hope that after she has seen the show,and heard what she said,and saw how she acted,that maybe just maybe she took it all in and realized her mistakes.

  26. olive the other reindeer said

    we need to send her a book,,”How to Play well with others,,,especially women”,,oh she wants to celebrate women,,along with Michalla,,,and Danielle..she just wants to get her claws in your…that Nick thing,,u can tell they are more than tennis mates…I just feel badly for his wife,, dunno,,my psychic abilities say she breaks up Nick’s marriage… *puffing on fake cigarette

  27. Dy said

    Olive I really do not think anything is going on with Slick Nick, someone would have ratted them out by now.I think Nick works for Her and Kelsey and so does his wife,she is an actress too. I think that is why he is on the show so much to get some type of exposure.

  28. G-sus said

    @ Dy and Olive. Thanks to TK we know that Nick and his wife are actors, and Nick’s wife and Camille are co-owners in a jewelry business. Pretty obvious that they are all just playing a role. Camille probably thought that would be the focus of her character on the show, but as we all know, no one really cares about her and Nick. Too much other craziness to focus on.

  29. Dy said

    I read about Slick Nick and his wife being actors(and working for the Grammers) when BH first started,it was all over RT and all the gossip sites. I just think she wanted him to get some exposure,any kind of exposure and that is why he is on so much,and she makes such a big deal about him being hot or whatever.

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