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Guest Blogger LynnNChicago – A Look Back at 2010 on Bravo

Posted by LynnNChicago on January 2, 2011

I have decided to add interesting posts from other blogs that I avidly read.   Different points of views and perspectives on the Bravo Housewives are always welcome and entertaining.   LynnNChicago had written an interesting article on looking back at Bravo’s Orange County and New York Real Housewives and the ending of the article is not so surprising but hysterical.   Actually A gift from baby Jesus.  If you would like to read more from LynnNChicago, please select the link below.

You can also follow LynnNChicago on twitter Here

I Hate Jill Zarin A Look Back At 2010 on Bravo

by LynnNChicago

I Hate Jill Zarin 2010 Review / Jill Zarin Stops By Happy New Year!

Bravo packed 2010 with a whole lot of housewives, let’s take a look back at some of the drama.

Real Housewives of Orange County

The season ended in March of 2010 but before it did we had drama, travel, a health scare and juvenile delinquents among other things.
Gretchen Rossi was chastised for trying to help Lynne Curtain’s daughter, she held a garage sale and started a line of cosmetics. Spending the majority of her time with boyfriend-to-the-Housewives Slade Smiley, Gretchen did seem happy this season.

Lynne Curtain had to deal with her two teenage daughter’s horrible behavior, underage drinking, breaking curfew and horrendous disrespect for their parents. Lynne and Frank Curtain remained in the dark about how to deal with their rebellious teenagers and ultimately were evicted from their elaborate home. After news leaked that Lynne would no longer be a Bravo housewife, photos appeared on the internet of her daughters dancing half naked at a party. The eldest had just two Hello Kitty stickers over her nipples.

Alexis Bellino, Bravo’s newest Orange County housewife was immediately rejected on sight by veteran housewife Vicki, who decided she would attack Alexis seemingly for just being an attractive woman. Vicki decided before meeting Alexis that she was an attention-seeking bitch. Typical Vicki behavior for Orange County newbies, the two ladies butted heads several times during the season.

Tamra Barney had an eventful season being placed firmly in the middle of a battle between her husband Simon and her so-called friend Vicki. While Vicki doesn’t show a whole lot of loyalty to any of her friends, she expected Tamra to have her back at all times and even going against her husband to defend Vicki. Tamra’s marriage seemed solid in previous seasons but this dispute between Simon and Vicki coupled with the financial problems that plagued the Barney’s doomed them to divorce late in the season.

Vicki Gunvalson the final original Orange County Housewife seems to think that she runs the show and even told fans that she is hard on newbies because Bravo doesn’t give her any advanced warning that new housewives are coming on board. I don’t know who the hell this woman thinks she is but I doubt they’re contractually required to clear new cast members with Vicki. She has butted heads with every housewife who has joined the cast since season one.

Vicki’s daughter had a health scare this season as the doctors found lumps in her neck and required a biopsy to check for cancer. Upon hearing the news, Vicki’s initial selfish reaction was, “how can you do this to me” and when she learned the date of Briana’s biopsy her first thought that she blurted out was her work conflict. I am sure Briana was very comforted. (Yes, sarcasm)

Even the one nice thing that Vicki seemed to do this season was sullied. She took her husband on a tropical vacation to renew their wedding vows but completely ruined the entire gesture. Apparently Vicki feels that when she writes her wedding vows, it is perfectly acceptable to incorporate information on the ring that she purchased for the ceremony including where she bought it and how many carats the diamonds are. Very romantic!

Finally Jeana Keough who left the series due to a break down in contract negotiations made a few guest appearances during the season. I found it interesting that after Jeana was gone, Vicki suddenly acted as though she lost her best friend when in actuality when Jeana was on the show, Vicki did nothing but criticize her. The neighbors had a whole lot of ups and downs and Jeana, who is also going through a long divorce and financial problems also appeared on Jackie Warner’s weight loss program.

The Orange County Housewives will be back before you know it…
The rumors of a brawl at the season end annual party between Tamra and Jeana include drinks being thrown and people ending up in the pool and even a marriage proposal. I can’t wait to watch what happens…

The Real Housewives of New York

Bravo’s 2010 spring line-up included a full season in the Big Apple and more drama than ever!

What turned out to be Bethenny Frankel’s final season as a New York Housewife was the most emotional one for the Skinnygirl. Her frequent attempts to make peace with her cruel ex-friend, Jill Zarin proved to be unsuccessful and extremely emotional for Bethenny. While dealing with the illness and ultimate death of her father, meeting a new man and falling in love then learning she is pregnant with her first child, the childish antics of Jill Zarin was the last thing Bethenny needed.

Alex McCord and her husband Simon VanKempen really gained popularity this season. In the previous two seasons, the couple was portrayed as social climbers who would do anything to be included in the right social circles. This season Alex made a splash by finally standing up to the bully of the bunch, Jill Zarin. Alex’s new friendly relationships with Ramona, Bethenny and Sonja left viewers a bit shocked but delighted as Ramona in particular butted heads with Alex in the past. Alex was done taking crap from everyone and she stood up to the vile Jill Zarin and earned the respect of thousands of fans.

Newest New York Housewife socialite Sonja Morgan was an instant hit on the show. Her self-confidence and class oozed right through the screen. Admitting to not having watched much of the show before joining the cast, if she had pre-conceived notions about the other ladies, she certainly didn’t show it. Kind and considerate to all of the ladies, Sonja immediately had a slew of fans. A divorced mother of one daughter, Sonja keeps her daughter off screen earning even more fans affections.

Ramona Singer’s vow renewal ceremony was substantially more fun to watch than Vicki’s from Orange County. Ramona’s big day was as close to a real wedding as there is complete with flowers, guests and a reception. All the guests looked amazing and as per usual, Jill Zarin made a fool of herself by dismissing Alex and by her pathetic attempt at trying to recoup her friendship with Bethenny. Ramona’s daughter was beautiful and even their dog made an appearance at the nuptials. Ramona’s husband, Mario wrote very touching vows to his wife and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as this man read his words to his wife.

LuAnn De Lessups spent the season separated from her Count husband, and announced to Jill’s mother Gloria that her divorce was final. LuAnn jumped at the chance to be besties with Jill Zarin, always on the outside looking in during previous seasons, this season LuAnn got to hang with the cool kids. The only problem was, they weren’t the cool kids any longer and LuAnn was a poor replacement for Bethenny in Jill’s fabulous circle of friends.

LuAnn could resign herself to the fact that along with Jill, Kelly Bensimon came along as part of the deal and the three of these ladies made for one disappointing group. Attending events like Perez Hilton’s web site launch, how the mighty had fallen. This is a group that had absolutely no real affection for one another, they were simply the three left overs who were stuck with each other. Kelly made her feelings clear at the season end reunion, her question to Alex, “do you REALLY care how Ramona feels?” pretty much says it all. Kelly couldn’t care less how any of these housewives feel, she doesn’t view them as real friends and she wouldn’t have their back. At the reunion, Kelly rolled her eyes at LuAnn and defied her boss, Jill Zarin’s instructions whispered into her ear, she really isn’t a “girl’s girl” and it shows.

Kelly’s breakdown on St. John was a bit scary, not only for the other housewives but for producers who chose to remove her from the situation and take her back to New York City a day earlier than originally planned. I would hope that Kelly’s family and friends, if in fact she has any friends, would have been as concerned as the rest of the viewers, cast and production team and would have gotten Kelly some therapy.
Finally, Jill Zarin made a huge splash this past season by being called the most Hated housewife in the series history. With no public support and a book coming out, she was desperate and had too much time on her hands resulting in Amazongate. Jill was caught red-handed leaving a glowing review of her own book on If this wasn’t embarrassing enough, she also left one-star bad reviews for her cast mates Alex and Bethenny’s books.

Even after Jill’s string of fake apologies on the reunion show, Jill returned to Twitter and Facebook and told fans that she apologized too much and began to knock her cast mates all over again proving that while Jill had promised to change, it was never going to happen.
Jill and the gang minus Bethenny will return to Bravo in February. Here is a preview:

More final recaps of 2010 on Bravo coming soon. The Real Housewives of DC, New Jersey, Atlanta and Bethenny Getting Married? And more!


We received an odd post on the blog the other day, let me share it with those of you who may have missed it:

Karina Katzowski
Submitted on 2010/12/29 at 7:18 am
Lynn..I found this site and find it curious and interesting. What will you do if Alex and Jill and Simon make up? You seem to hate Jill because of them. If Simon asks you to end all the hate..will you? Just curious. K

For those of you who are regulars, you know we get posts like this one occasionally, people who seem to think that this is a “Hate” blog and people who think that I’m more than just a fan of Alex and Simon’s. I don’t stalk them, I don’t have them on speed dial, I simply enjoy their show and met them once at a book signing.

First to respond to Karina, I would be thrilled if Alex and Simon “make up” with Jill Zarin, because I can’t stand to see such a great couple constantly harassed and belittled by a woman as cruel as Jill Zarin. I would love to see all of Jill’s vile attempts at ruining their lives end.

Secondly, I doubt that Simon would ask me to do anything because he’s a cast member of a Bravo reality show and I’m just a blogger, not a “Hate Blogger” but not anyone who is on Simon’s radar, believe me.

I don’t hate Jill Zarin simply because of Alex and Simon, not at all! It mostly began with the way that Jill treated Bethenny but there is so much more. The snarky comments about Sonja, the way she used her husband’s cancer against Bethenny, the screaming at Ramona at Jen Gilbert’s house about Bobby Frankel’s passing, the list goes on. That is just on screen, off screen there is Amazongate, Tweeting about Bethenny’s baby being born, tweeting to Johnny Weir then deleting it. I could write a whole blog about it, oh wait, I do write blogs about it.

Finally, I don’t know what you mean by “end the hate” when there is no hate here. This is just a blog about some Bravo shows, just like the dozens of others out there who snark about housewives, Andy Cohen and others on Bravo. Shockingly enough, there are days when Jill’s not even mentioned in the blog.

The most interesting part of this post however is the origin of the post. The IP address was traced back to Aruba. I found that fascinating since I’ve never gotten a post from anyone in Aruba before. I was a bit shocked to see Aruba represented.

It is most interesting because Jill Zarin just happens to be vacationing in Aruba right now. What a coincidence! Now I rarely believe that the reality cast members actually post here on the blog but there is no doubt in my mind this time.

Hi Jill! Thanks for taking time during your vacation to stop by my little blog! Enjoy your trip!

Jill, maybe you haven’t heard, I have an internet podcast and you’re welcome any time to come on the show for an interview, it may be easier to communicate with my readers that way rather than posting with a fake name on my blog. Your assistant has my email address if you’re interested.

Until Next Time….


83 Responses to “Guest Blogger LynnNChicago – A Look Back at 2010 on Bravo”

  1. LMAOO CaGirl!! Does Jill want a cleansing of her aura or her budwah?? ewweee

  2. CAgirl said

    Too funny IJS!! I was just checking her website and apparently she was the one who did the reading for Jill last season. I must have blocked it out, but Madam Morgan also tweets NJ and ATL HW recently as well.

  3. Tinsle No.. ssshhhh Oprah doesnt know I am impersonating a housekeeper so I can stay in the “Servant Quarters”!!! sshh.. I am gonna get all the deets on the colonics and freshly changed pillow covers and all. ONLY OPRAH!!! Oh btw.. she has hourly security checks and I get a freshly done pat down that included a check to ensure I am wearing the right braw!!!! Have you seeeen that episode tooooo???? (elton john)

  4. CAgirl said

    Oops Madam Rogers, damn fat fingers and autocorrect!!

  5. CAgirl said

    I’m still waiting up to see the responses to IJS and TK tweets to JZ but I can’t fight the sleep (aided by a half an Ambien!) any more. Nite all, thanks for the laughs (as usual)!!!

  6. CA me too!! still waiting but I dont tink we would get a response??

    Mazel woman for your efforts and nighty!! Over and out!

  7. olive the other reindeer said

    damittttttt!!!!!! Being sick,,I miss all the fun,,,but TK,,,IJS,,CAGIRL and G-sus,,,u are a party!,,,Nice to wake up and read this and start the day off laughing,,,,*hangs heaqd I don’t know how to twat,,,

  8. olive the other reindeer said

    I don’t have a good eye,,so I thought maybe any of you had seen what I saw on the NY previews,,looks like Sonya is chasing ALex out of her house???? I dunno,,,,maybe she’s not the sweet Sonya we thought?

    OK,,,Im tremblin’ in my boots ( well my slippers),,,CAGirl is going to watch BBC on netflix,,,,have u or do u already know my beloved Hugh Dancy * crosses fingers and prays..please say no.

  9. CAgirl said

    Morning Olive–I have watched Hugh Dancy many times (damn that Claire Danes)!! I love all the British romances, I feel it counterbalances all the HW crap I watch :). My all time fave was the Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy–so good!!! Have a great day all, back to work…

  10. olive the other reindeer said

    I know,,damn that Claire Danes,,but (OK I’m gonna’ be mean here) ,,she did that commercial for Latisse ,,to make your eyelashes longer and her eyelids and under eyes have darkened,,,she looks like a one night stand the next morning when makeup is all smeared,,not that I would know about that,,,umm,,I read it,,yeah that’s my answer

    I love the BBC romances as well,,,Valmont,,COlin Firth was so young in that,,,I love anything about the monarchy,,,,

    Have a great day!

  11. Rosie said

    Hi CAgirl and Olive..
    I like Colin Firth too. I have that version of Pride And Prejudice on DVD. 🙂

  12. olive the other reindeer said

    Rosie,,I’m using reverse psycology…leading CaGirl to COlin Firth,,so I can have my gorgeous Hugh Dancy.think it will work???

  13. Rosie said

    I think it might Olive.. 🙂

  14. Rosie said

    They just showed Meg’s profile on The Bachelor (daughters roommate). She looks really good. Her profile was @8:15.

  15. Rosie said

    The background with the candles was my Daughter’s apartment.

  16. Crap, I missed the first hour. I’ll have to watch it online.

  17. Rosie said

    Lol. I TiVoed it. I’m watching it now. Meg looks great. Meeting Bachelor at 44 minutes. Pink shoes.

  18. Rosie said

    TK… It’s a two hour premier. Still on.

  19. Dudes!! Can you please leave a comment on the new post today for ‘the view watch’? I want to be sure that Stacee gets a warm welcome from us!! Dont be RH’s snobs 😉

  20. WHo wants to recap the bachelor? since u saps are watching it.. 😉

  21. Rosie said

    Hi IJS.
    I have to watch it.. My daughter’s roommate is on it!

  22. Rosie said

    @19. IJS…
    Ok. Will do.

  23. Rosie I totally forgot!! Ok you get a pass for watching that karappa…

  24. CAgirl said

    Totally looking forward to the recap–it’s a show I can only watch with copious amounts of liquor in a room by myself :). And BTW, I put Pride & PRejudice on my Netflix queue–some sort of subliminal message at work there…

  25. CAgirl said

    So…any word yet from Jill Zarin or her minions? Or are they too busy organizing the march on Chicago to take back Tinsel Kitty’s dignity, along with all the MILLIONS of JZ fans? No?? I shouldn’t stay up late tonight waiting??

  26. CAgirl!! No word yet on the minions!! I guess they hit and ran.. how tff is that?? I am going to post Lynn’s AC article of her portrait of HW and guess who?? Jill ZARIN!! man I read it and it made me mad all over again..what a POS!!!

    Someone MUST recap the bachela show.. I keep seeing the slap across the face but I refuse to watch that gahhhbij. 😉

  27. CAgirl – nothing, nada, not a single peep. Meanwhile, I still can’t get the granny panties yanked out of my butt. It’s like Jill Zarin doesn’t even care about my predicament.

  28. Tinsle girl.. u must get ova the panties twisted in a bunch in ur crack arse!!!! so what!! what happened.. a stain??

  29. That’s the point, IJS, I don’t know what happened. They’re still wedged up there. I can’t get them down. It was horrible, I tell ya.

  30. CAgirl said

    Tinsel Kitty, maybe it has to be a superfan of JZ that gets the atomic wedgie to get her ire up–are you a “follower” of hers on twatter? I must say, I’m perplexed–she has always seemed so nice and caring and protective of peep’s feelins on HWoNYC…

    I’m looking forward to Rosie’s recap of The Batch tomorrow–hubs is sitting with me tonight and we’ve compromised on watching FoodNetwork.

  31. Bryan said

    Jill isn’t evil, she’s just stupid. and as for Temple Beth Frankel, I for one am not counting the days till the new season of “Bethenny is a Famewhore” season poo. Simon and Alex, I have the pies ready, waiting to nail them both in the face.

  32. hihi, awesome content. I think you’re providing helpful knowledge here. I am going to bookmark it. just that can i republish your content in my blog?

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