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Whoops, Maybe You Want to Fact Check Before You Post Something

Posted by tinselkitty on December 30, 2010


First things first – our commenters here at TV Time are full of awesomesauce. Big shouts to wykkyd for this tasty delight.

Second, could you have found a more tired excuse? Methinks not. I wonder why Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire doesn’t run around shouting “editing, it was all editing!” Now that I think about it, it’s only a select few housewives that pick up that particular sword. I wonder…if I were to map out a grid of housewives on the axis of most to least liked and then cross referenced that with all the incidences of editing cries, where do you suppose you’d find highest concentration? Hmmm. Perhaps a project…

Third, I love the fact that this little blurb is featured so prominently on the front page, right next to the sign up area for the No Apologies newsletter. I take it to mean that excuses are still okay.

Fourth, you just proved you’re a big, fat liar, chickenshit Dubois. You sat right there at that table that seats 12 and said Not Kelsey’s Wife hadn’t told you anything about her issues with the other ladies. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Suck it, bitch!


That's not smoke - it's dead people running away from her.

This is fabulous! I don’t even have to do any work to discredit you as you just nailed yourself. Hand to FSM, if I was ever in this position I’d watch whatever footage of me was on tape before I opened my mouth again. It’s not that hard, people. For fux sake.


Damn, if only your Twitter account wasn’t disabled I’d spend the next 24 hours tweeting shit at you in celebration of the new year. I sure hope someone who knows you will make sure you see this. For ceiling cat’s sake, people, email, tweet, facebook the hell out of this post so we can make sure it gets back to chickenshit Dubois and Not Kelsey’s Wife.

Because, you see, Tinselkitty isn’t a’skeered. You’ve entered the No Delete Zone. I’ve got enough balls to stand by what I say, and I say Allison Dubois is a fake who makes her living off the despair of others and Not Kelsey’s Wife is every bit the snotty bitch she appears on this show.

Know that. Bitch.



50 Responses to “Whoops, Maybe You Want to Fact Check Before You Post Something”

  1. G-sus said

    OMG-you are a G-nius TK. I read the same link and didn’t catch that big whopper.

  2. Thanks, G-sus. I consider it a high compliment that you spelled it G-nius. I do what I can.

  3. Thanks, wykkyd, for that link. Awesomesauce.

  4. Tuzentswurth said

    I tweeted this to @BravoAndy, and posted it at RealCityHousewife’s blog. I’m with you, let’s keep this shit alive, it is too good to be true. Damn fake scammer.

    On Wednesday 29th December 2010, @tuzentswurth said:

    @BravoAndy Can you address this quote from Allison Dubois’ website at the BH reunion show?
    “I aired in an episode of HW of BH that was to say the least, in my opinion, recklessly edited and was not representative of what actually happened that night nor who I am. I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.”
    Was it reckless editing and why did she claim no knowledge of the fighting at dinner (which Faye R said at the dinner she didn’t believe) yet clearly claims here that she did know?

  5. Daniela said

    It seems like Faye Resnick was the REAL psychic in the room after all!!
    Go Faye!
    TK: LMAO with “know that!”

  6. Dy said

    Allison.You are a Freakin Liar, you Freakin Whack…Know That

  7. G-sus said

    TK-you need to put a before and after picture of Allison up. Pretty please? She looks like she has had some crazy face work done. That pic doesn’t even resemble the psycho troll that was at that dinner.

  8. wykkyd said

    TK, you are all kinds of awesome & just the person I wanna see take on this vile, loathsome creature. Do you think she’s feeling all smug and self-satisfied right about now? Humph, did her “scientifically sanctioned gift” forsake her when she and NKW needed it most? Tsk-tsk.

    I have been waiting, with bated breath, for any news of a backlash for that woman’s abominable behavior. As soon as I read it, I was like, ohhhh, so all of those obscene, hand gestures were the result of editing?!?!?!? Surely, you jest.

    And, please, no need to thank me – I’m just a happy, happy camper. Running across that link made my millennium! But I think I’ll give a proper thanks to “karma gods” and sacrifice some of my chocolate bar…okayyyy, the whole thing. If I do, maybe we’ll be hearing about poor ticket sales and cancelled shows soon. It really pains me to think that grieving souls are paying money to hang onto that charlatan’s every word.

    Well, to everyone here, things are really starting to look up for the New Year. Ho, ho, hoooo….Happy Merry one and all!

    P.S. – TK, have either you or anyone else here read about how Allison legally changed her family’s surname from Klupar to Dubois, also switching her husband’s first name to Joe, in the process, like the character on the show? Of course, she gives a bunch of b.s. reasons for the name changes. Very interesting read. Very suspicious behavior.

  9. G-sus said

    Wyykyd, I was just watching the wreck of a dinner rerun and was wondering if Dubois was her real name, you must be psychic!

    Also, just going on my own psychic disabilities, I have been thinking about Camille’s sudden departure from the bravo blog. I am starting to get the feeling that maybe she has told Bravo that she is not participating in the show anymore. That would explain the deletion of her last blog and closure of the comments section. She hasn’t been slated to appear on WWHL either, which is unusual given that she was the central figure in the last couple of episodes. Though there really isn’t a good PR move that she can make at this moment except to keep her big yapper shut.

  10. G-sus, someone asked Dedra on Twitter why NKW wasn’t blogging anymore. Dedra said she was tired of all the abusive comments so she stopped. Let’s hope she can figure out that what she needs to stop is the bitchiness, not just the blogging about the bitchiness. Not gonna hold my breath, though.

  11. Mikki12 said

    Wykkyd: Thanks for posting the link to that article on Allison. Really enjoyed reading it. So Klupar is an unusual name? Like Dubois isn’t? Who does she think she’s kiddng with that lame story. Who would want to be called Allison Klupar when they could have a more exotic and pretty-sounding name like Allison Dubois. Heck, I probably have more psychic ability than Allison and there are people who post here that will back me up on that claim…lol.

  12. G-sus said

    TK-very interesting. But why would Bravo take down her last blog and then close all of her comment sections? Maybe they are just trying to appease her, but it still is very strange. I have seen them temporarily close down the comment section on people like Michaele last season, but never for this long and I’ve never seen them delete an entire blog.

  13. Mikki12 said

    Just thought of something. How would Allison know about “reckless editing” when she was half loaded at that dinner party? Or has she all ready forgotten just how she was packing away those drinks? Face it woman! You screwed up big time and the camera caught it all. I luv it!!!!!

  14. I know, Mikki. Plus, the alcohol would have made the perfect excuse. She could just have easily have said she was too drunk, shouldn’t have talked like that, my bad. But I suppose if you’re sticking to the Religion of No Apology you can’t even do that.

  15. Kokuanani said

    Where’s the scene where Blanche, er, Allison, informs Camille about Kelsey’s imminent departure?

  16. Mikki12 said

    Tinselkitty: Or she could just say “the devil made me do it.” We really should not be surprised that Allison is such a shithead drunk, sober, or anywhere in between. After all, she’s friends with Camille. What’s that old saying about “birds of a feather…”

  17. Fleur said

    TinselKitty, YOU ROCK! LOVE, LOVE the recaps and the posters on here are FREAKING AWESOME as always. I’ve been crazy busy with the family, work and the holidays so I haven’t had time to comnment lately but I try to keep up with the site as much as possible because it’s hands down my favorite. I love it that TK tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back.

    LMBO @16, Mikki you got that right. It’s no surprise that they are friends because they are both vile, disgusting women. Camille reminds me so much of Dirty D. They both have that reptilian look about them. Horrid!

  18. Sheila said

    TK that was absolutely wonderful. I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Karma is such a biotch and I have been waiting for the opportunity to say the “Know This” quote since that nut job said it repeatedly at the “Dinner from Hell.” Thanks for the laugh and to whomever helped to brake it off in her backside.

  19. Dy said

    So this baccagalupe is a Freak, Liar, and Changed Her Name?..Sounds Like The Strega.

    She is a Moron, Who Cares?

  20. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Hi everyone,,,got out of the hospital last night,,I just wanted to jump on here to wish you all a Happy New Year…my hopes for all of you is health, happiness and prosperity and loads of snark for 2011.

    Tinsel Kitty,,what can I say…I bow to u..U rock,,Blanche DuBois needs something from NKW and NKW needs something from Blanche,,they feed off each other,,,and the is not healthy. I remember when I was younger,,,Montel Williams always had that psychic Sylvia Brown on,,and I was really into her,,then as I got older,,her predictions or readings,,I found to be so general,,that I thought,,she is just a sideshow,,,snake oil salesman…I really hope people keep debunking Blanche…when she used her friend in her book and her friend’s sister said it was all lies and the poor man who lost his daughter,,,Blanche is a vulture,,she preys on people’s grief…I saw that HBO special,,but do not remember her,,,but I do remember John Edward,,,so Blanche made no impression.

    The dinner from hell was just that and she said some GOd awful things,,but the worst was when their children are missing they will need my help,,or something like me that was in the worst taste,, I got a prediction for u Blanche,,u keep drinking like that and well…I won’t say it,,,I can’t be that mean,,,

    And another thing,,,why is there NO interaction with NKW and her children…I know it’s not because the kids can’t be shown on tv,,because we saw them for a few seconds,,,

    OK,,I’m tired,,got that all offmy chest,,,

    Hugs to u all and Happy New Year,,,You know that I’m not going out tonight so I’ll be watching my Gigster,,,I so love him,,,

    Tinsel Kitty,,,I know u visit the “Ican has cheezburgers” site,,cuz u say ceiling kitty and a few that sight,,now I must feed basement kitty nom and let goggie

    U ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

    Dy and Rosie,,I missed u,,and Of course u have psychic powers Mikki,,U R SAINT…luv u guys

  21. Dy said

    @ 20 Olive are you ok? What happened ,you said the other day you didn’t feel well and was going to get a B.I. I hope you are ok. xo

    I don’t know why we don’t see Crazy’s kids, maybe she/Kelsey don’t want them shown so much. I don’t blame them if that is the case, people are really rotten and say nasty things about kids, that has always bothered me. I have never ever “gone there” about kids on these Hw. Shows or any shows. Just can’t do it.

    Yes, Mikki “knows stuff”..She is good, damn good!

    Happy New, get some rest,and feel better sweetheart xo

  22. Mikki12 said

    Wowee! This is going to be a happy new year. So great to see Fleur back. We missed you. Hope you’ll be sticking around. And Sheila. New people are always welcome! Olive – hope you are doing well. Hubby said to me the other day that he preferred to stay home tonight. We had been invited to a friends’ house but he really didn’t want to go. He thinks I was diappointed but what he didn’t know is that I really wanted to stay home and watch Andy’s New Year’s Eve show. I also love Giggy but I’m figuring if the booze is flowing Andy and some of the housewives might give me more laughs than I’ll have anywhere else. Happy New Year to the Glitter Cult! Love you all!

  23. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I needed blood and had another infection,,so I was admitted to the hospital…

    I agree Dy,,u don’t go there with the kids,,that makes me so mad..but something tells selfish as NKW is,,the motherly instinct is not there,,Idunno,,,just a feeling,,hey I’m a psychic,,,lol…NOT

    Yes,,I am resting and watching movies,,,

    Happy New Year Dy,,,thank you for caring,,,,I mean that xo

  24. Dy said

    @22 Hi Mikki xo I’m watching Andy tonight too,I think it will be good. Jeff Lewis( OMG I love him) is going to be on among others so, how bad could it be? Happy New Year Sweetheart, xo.

    @23 Hi Olive.Oh No Sweetheart, I’m sorry :(..Feel better! You could right about Crazy, it is your feeling. Me, I don’t know. I don’t wanna to say anything about what kind of Mother she is.

  25. Rosie said

    Hi everyone and happy New Year! 

    Olive! So glad you were treated! I was afraid it was the infection, and I hope your Drs have it under control now. You sounded bad the other day. You are back to snarking, so that’s a good sign! 

    My hubby is taking me shopping later, then out for an early dinner, so I should be back in plenty of time to see Andy and some drunken housewives (and some glitter)!

  26. Dy said

    Happy New Year Rosie,My Love xo

    My husband and I are going to an early dinner also.

  27. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!
    Oh good! I’ll see you later!! Have a good dinner too! xoxo

  28. Rosie said

    PS.. I’ve had JS season 2 on all morning… Lmao

  29. Dy said

    Hi Rosie,
    Have a wondweful time shopping with your husband,and a good dinner to you also.
    Gotta Love JS. Freakin hysterical


  30. Rosie said

    It is hysterical Dy! TiVo will catch the episodes I miss later. I want to be ready for LWoo’s recaps!
    Have fun and I’ll see you later. xo

  31. Olive Hoping your New Year is a Healthy Happy one!! So glad you are out of the hospital and home for the New Year. Welcome home!!

  32. FLEUR’S BACK, FLEUR’S BACK! Too bad y’all can’t see what it looks like when a Tinselkitty dances. It’s quite amusing. YAY, FLEUR’S BACK!

    Where have you been, bitches? You’re not planning on leaving again, are you?

  33. SayWhat said

    If Allison was the great “medium” she claims to be, one needs to wonder why she couldn’t have foreseen the backlash that was going to happen as a result of her appearing on the show? I can people that her ticket sales are going to decrease and I LOVE THAT ABOUT ME!

  34. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    awww thank you Imajustsaying,,so glad to be home,,,this site is the snarkiest,,,bestest people and best articles and best posters,,oh what I’m trying to say,,,You all win the first annual Snark award! It’s a little trollish statue called the Snarky,,,lol

    I loves me some tv time 101,,,you all make my day…thank you all
    and thank you imajustsaying,,ur a doll xo

  35. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    @33 SayWhat,,,Allison (Blanche) got her wires crossed didn’t she,,if she was “headtapping”..then she woulda’ known it was Kelsey who did not fulfill Camille…. and she proceeds to say she had no idea about the Kyle feud when Cacamille would tell anyone who would listen…loved it when Adrienne wouldn’tfeed into her victim story at lunch,,,

    ANd then when she and Kyle made up at Taylor’s party Lisa Extrodinaire says we’ll see how long this lasts,,,
    I really think after Cacamille’s pecking order remark,,she is the one jealous of all the women ..but knew better to start a feud with Adrienne or Lisa,,and though ah huh! I have the thing that Kyle’s hubby works for us,,,and she started her mind games…she’s crazy,,,and in this economy I think Mariccio (sic) knew he should try to smooth things over as well as Kyle,,they know they are dealing with an unstable person,,,real estate business is really tough now,,so they did the rational thing and try to appease Crazy. That fake voice and all that fakeness of Crazy,,,and again I ask,,where is Nick’s wife?????? arghhhhhhhhhh,,ok…i better go rest,,,,lol
    getting carried away….

    Tinsel Kitty,,I pray to the ceiling cat that u keep rocking out the articles…love,,love,,love ur writing! Pulitzer ain’t got nuthin’ on u girl!

  36. SayWhat said

    @ Olive, well thank you. I stumbled across this little gem of a site and lovessss it. I actually was perusing Allison **puff ppppuuuufffffff”‘s $95-$190 PER TICKET to see this fool in person? ((Magic 8 ball $11.95 at Wal-Mart) says “Highly doubtful”!

  37. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    hahahhahhaaaaaaaaaa,,,I’ll take the magic ball,,lol,,too funny..I wouldn’t waste my money on that poor excuse for a person,,a person in grief would believe most anything,,,to prey upon people like that,,,scary how many sociopaths there are,,we see at least one a season on Housewives,,,Kelly is just nutty,,Camille knows exactly what she is doing,,calculating and manipulative.

    Also whomever mentioned the movie Valmont,,thank u,,I had forgotten what a great movie it was,,and umm it has Colin Firth in it,,,lol I love that time period,,they were so decadent.
    And ladies,,,Netflix has all the Madmen…lol…ok back to my movies

  38. Sheila said

    Thanks Mikki. Glad to be here. Happy New Year everyone. Please be safe tonight if you are out and about.

  39. Dy said

    Happy New Year Shelia.

  40. Sophie said

    Recklessly edited? Really? How about reckless behavior due to intoxication? They can’t film what you do not do. Don’t do it, and they can’t film it. Hello?

  41. Sheila, welcome to the fold! Throw on some glitter and jump in there!

  42. Mikki12 said

    Olive: I love the way you made the “Dubois” connection between Allison and Blanche. But Blanche was such a fragile and tragic figure in “Streetcar Named Desire” it pains me to see you using Blanche and Allison in the same breath. How about we refer to her as “Blanche’s younger sister?” Don’t know how well you know your old movie trivia but the actress Evelyn Keyes wrote a book that was titled “Scarlett O’Hara’s Younger Sister.” Anyone who has seen GWTW (which must be everyone in the entire world) knows that Scarlett had those two annoying sisters. And Evelyn played one of the sisters, hence, the book title. If you can think of anything more appropriate I’m all ears. This is just a suggestion. Love you and so happy to hear you are on the mend.

  43. Mikki12 said

    P.S. I see new names all over the place and all I can say is “Welcome, welcome.”

  44. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    how about we call her “STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAA”……..U have a great point Mikki

    Love u too St, Mikki Happy new year,,,,

    Hi all newbies..*throwing glitter your way!

  45. Mikki12 said

    Olive: ROTFLMAO. Happy New Year, sweetie!

  46. wykkyd said

    Hello again everyone, Happy New Year!

    I just have a couple of observations about the latest on NKW and Dubois. But first, I believe I saw somewhere that one of regular commenters, Olive The Other Reindeer, is convalescing right now. I’m new here, and I hope you don’t mind, I’d like to wish you a speedy recovery and good heath in this new year. They say laughter is very good for your health, so Tinselkitty, along with some of the other really amusing posters here, should have you better in no time. I wish you well, do take care…

    NKW and Allison Dubois: Isn’t it interesting how easily these two women crumbled? When they were feeling smug and all-powerful, there was no end to the hubris on display. To say the very least, they were snide, bitchy, coy, flippant, mean-spirited, belittling, vengeful, uncharitable and vainglorious; with seemingly no conscience, whatsoever, about playing with other people’s lives.

    But, wow…as soon as the chips started to fall, rather than put up their cajones and fight like real men, they tucked tail and ran. I call foul!! I mean, heck, I do know better – behind all of that
    facade lay a couple of very insecure, fragile egos. Nonetheless, I’m still disappointed that they aren’t standing their ground & fighting the good fight. Because, if you’re gonna come out swinging with that much chutzpah and treat the rest of the world like stooges, then don’t just teeter over like dominoes, as soon as the heat is turned up. Put up your dukes, dag gummit, we stooges have lots more to teach you!

    And, watch, here’s where NKW will suddenly remember she has children and start trotting them out to play the “poor l’il me” card. Oh, yeah, and the divorce. She’s suddenly all alone with 2 small kids…and 4 nannies…and 50+million dollars…and Nick…and the stash. The stash? Lemme explain: someone on another blog, an anonymous, close, personal frenemy, claims to have audiotape of Camille stating that she has been stealing and stashing away Kelsey’s money for years. Meh, some would argue that, as his wife, she was entitled to help herself, as much as she wanted…but, we are talking about Camille here. LOL…maybe that’s been Nick’s real job all along, to come and collect the suitcases full of moolah and haul-ass on his bike.

    Well, to One & All, I bid you glitter and a healthy, safe, happy and prosperous, New Year.

  47. Kaya said

    Happy New Year, TK and all you guys!

    Here is a link to another awesome site called ‘Old Broad Chronicles’, with loads of info, bullshit debunking, and lots of actual research to back up her theories:

    She has several current and on-point articles about NKW and Psycho. It’s almost like reading TK’s long-lost Granny’s posts 🙂

  48. Fleur said

    Fleur <~~~ Grins, hugs TK and Mikki. Spins TK around the dancefloor.. I've missed y'all too!! Thanks for the warm welcome back and extra hugs to everyone else I've missed.

    TK, I didn't leave you. Perish the thought! When we all ditched the crazies behind at that other site, which will forever be nameless; I pledged my loyalty, excellent taste in fashion, hot men and sparkles to YOU. I've been reading, just never having time to post because on top of everything else I have going on in my lfe, my sweet husband decided we needed to build a new house. Somebody tell me what the hell I was thinking in saying yes to that?? My current house is only five years old and is perfect. All these decisions are a pain in the @$$ but y'all will be happy to know that I don't get style tips from Tacky T and there's not going to be one marble staircase or cherub anywhere in the place. This is fun but it's seriously taking away from my TV Time just when the Housewives are really getting their crazy on. LOL Thank Goodness for TK's AWESOME recaps and my DVR!! Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

  49. Rosie said

    Fleur! Yay! So glad you’re back! 🙂

  50. mikki12 said

    Fleur: Good luck with the building of the new house!Speaking of those crazies on that site which will remain nameless I’ve got a little story for you. Around the Xmas holidays I finally gave in to my curiosity and went over there and lurked. Imagine my shock to see posters wishing everyone a Merry Xmas or a Happy Holiday and no one – not one person – responded. You would think people would normally post a reply like “Same to you. Merry Xmas.” No way. Nothing. All I could think was they are really taking this not posting off-topic way too seriously. Or else they are just the most unfriendliest bunch around. If that had been the Glitter cult there would have been dozens of holiday wishes and replies. Anyway, we are here and happy so what more could we ask for?

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