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There’s a New Crush in Town

Posted by tinselkitty on December 30, 2010


Meow with me – rowr! This one snuck up on me but I’m totally okay with it.

That right there is Jeffrey Donovan. He’s on Burn Notice. It’s one of those “boy” shows about spies and whatnot so I wasn’t expecting to like it. I didn’t even think he was that hot at first. I was stupid. Now I’m less stupid. And tingly in the bad parts.

USA has put on some great little guilty pleasures lately. Burn Notice is on Thursday nights (yeah, I know) and is about a burned spy who finds himself dumped in Miami. Now he’s working freelance and rocking a suit way better than either Crockett or Tubbs.

Also, there are biceps. Tinselkitty is a big fan of biceps.

I won’t lie, it took a few episodes for me to get into it but I’m awfully glad I did. The biggest hurdle for me was getting over Gabrielle Anwar’s upper lip. Swear to ceiling cat, I can’t remember the first few shows I watched because I was staring so intently at her mouth. The way she speaks is just a teensy bit off (she’s English and affects an American accent for the show) but between the lips and the way her mouth moves, it was enough to fascinate me more than a pile of glitter under a strobe light.

Jeffrey plays Michael Westen, superspy trained in pretty much everything. Before he was burned he was a Big Deal in the spook shop. All the bad guys know who Michael Westen is and no one wants to get cross ways with him. This man gets shit done. That’s hot. No, that’s smokin’ hot.

The scenery is nothing to sneeze at, either. It’s not the usual spy show color scheme of gray and darker gray. It’s all kinds of Miami colorful and there are palm trees. Sigh. How I love palm trees. Oooh, how great would it be if I could get a picture of Michael Weston hugging a palm tree?

Now, you want to know a secret? Of course you do.


Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar

You know how Tinselkitty is all about the peace and love and harmony and glitter and soft, fuzzy kitties? Yeah, well, I love guns, too. I’m a great shot. No shooting at animals or humans,of course, but go with me to a target range and I’ll shoot the shit out of that target. I totally want to go shooting with Jeffrey Donovan. Whoops, I think I just kicked that crush up a notch.















13 Responses to “There’s a New Crush in Town”

  1. BobLHead said

    TK…..did you want me to wipe that little bit of drool off of your chin?

  2. Dani said

    TK are you collecting all the hot dudes? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Yep. The tchotchke collection wasn’t doing anything for me but collecting dust so I refocused my efforts on collecting something more…interactive.

    I just discovered this crush last night when an old episode of Burn Notice was on in the background. Kind of surprising. Then I did a bit of reading on the actual dude and he sounds just about perfect to join the closet. He’s super smart and speaks four languages. That’s hot. He did some lines in Russian on one of the shows and I’ll tell you what, I never knew Russian could be so sexy.

  4. Dy said

    Sorry,I do not think this guy is good looking at all.

  5. I didn’t either, Dy, until last night. It’s more personality than it is looks, but once I like someone’s personality I usually end up thinking they’re better looking. But biceps get me on pretty much anyone.

  6. Dy said

    Ok, I get ya Tinsel.Personality is very attractive, I agree..I like good “guns” too. 🙂

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    TK, I get it! Actually, I got it a while back. Yes, he carries his gun quite well and I can see the attraction. Personality for sure.

  8. Dani said

    I remember this guy from a fact based movie about a girls basketball team. That is when he first made my radar. I don’t know the name of the movie but if you can find it, it is well worth viewing. Very good movie. Dy, I get what you mean about this guy too. Physically you don’t look at him and go wow but there is something appealing about him when you watch him on screen.

  9. Dy said

    I get ya Dani and Tinsel. I have known people in my life that sre not physically attractive, but their personality/char. makes them very attractive/sexy.
    I have never watched the show,caust I’m not really interested, but now??? Hmm I might just change my mind.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    There have been actors, on tv and in movies, through the years that if I just saw them on the street I wouldn’t think much of them. Maybe a bit cute, but not super handsome. Some of these men, not even cute and in no way traditionally handsome, have some quality(ies) that make up for the looks. All of sudden they become sexy to me. It can be through their actions or just the way they smile. Very virile men who are smart, have a great sense of humor, and don’t take any sh*t. Main thing is, deep down they are good and have a heart. Yes, I like Donovan just fine.

    Trying to remember her name. Sharon Gless(sp)? Has been an actress for years, mainly in tv. Probably best remembered for “Cagney & Lacey”. She plays his mother, and I love her.

  11. wykkyd said

    …waaaay ahead of you on this one, TK. I’ve been following the series since it premiered.

    I think I like that he’s not too “too”: not over the top Rambo-ish; more like, sneaks up on you with a boyish smile, then kicks some a**. I also like the tension between he and Anwar.

  12. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @11 Wykkyd…..Hi! I agree, and I also like the tension/sexual chemistry. I’m showing my age, but in the 80’s there was a show “Moonlighting” with Bruce Willis (with hair) and Cybil Shepherd. Lots of tension there. Great show. Yes, there is something to his boyish smile that is appealing. That, and he can sick some a** alright.

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @12 Damn. Meant to type “kick some a** alright.”

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