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I Hope I’m All Kinds of Wrong

Posted by tinselkitty on December 30, 2010


There’s an item over at Blind Gossip today that worries me. Granted, I’m not the best at figuring these out so I’m going to withhold my guess until we get a few comments in. I want to know what y’all think. They hide clues to the identity in the item. Sometimes they are really obvious, sometimes not. So, what say you?

Which hugely popular reality star is desperately trying to get onto the pages of Playboy? The barely legal gal – who’s had a very rough and tumble year – is so desperate to get naked for the cameras that she is trying to recruit her younger co-stars to join her in posing in the buff.

Yeah, I picked a sparkly Playboy bunny. Whatcha gonna do about it?


16 Responses to “I Hope I’m All Kinds of Wrong”

  1. BobLHead said

    Miley Virus, errrr, Cyrus?

  2. Dy said

    1. Amber from Teen Mom

    2. Farah from Teen Mom

    3. Snookie Jersey Shore

  3. Dy said

    4. Angelina from Jersey Shore

    Sammi from Jersey Shore

  4. Daniela said

    Sammi from the Shore!

  5. BobLHead said

    Forgot that Miley wasn’t a reality “star”….duh!

  6. Kaya said

    Must be Mylie, no doubt – with the year she’s had, plus the ‘hugely popular’ and now ‘reality star’ there can’t be no other…

  7. G-sus said

    Please oh please, don’t let it be Snooki. I have had enough trouble trying to erase Danielle’s porn-stills from my nightmares, I don’t need Tinselkitty ruining my breakfast with any nekkid oompa loompa pics.

  8. BobLHead said

    Hey all….it’s going to be another crazy weekend at BobL’s sweatshop….lots of requests for sparkly mumus for the new year’s celebrations! If I get a chance to check in, I will, but if not…


    Love from BobL!

  9. Daniela said

    Mylie didn’t have a reality show. She had a Disney show…unless I missed something.
    It has to be one of the Jersey Shore girls. Angelina is a faccia brutta, it can’t be her, but Sammi (I’m done) is a beautiful young lady…it has to be her.

    Happy New Years, BobLHead! Muah

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Happy New Year BobL (XO) and everyone! (I’ve started celebrating early.)

    I can’t remember her name, but the one who’s better looking (imo) than Snooki that lost weight.

    I’m with you BobL. I’m waiting for Miley AND her mom to pose.

    What about the youngest, one that is modeling anyway, of the Jenner (Kardashian) family. Knowing Kris, she’ll want those girls posing AS SOON as they are legal.

    Off topic, but are Miley’s parents getting a divorce, if they haven’t already?

  11. Daniela said

    MHJ: Happy New Year! Wow, good one, I didn’t think of the Kardashian’s! Your most likely right. Kris would have her daughters pose with diapers on if it meant publicity.

  12. Dy said

    Thats what I thought Daniela,Mylie doesn’t nor ever have a Reality Show.. I said Angelina and then Sammi@3 because they are both popular for being stupid, and both had a rough year. Snooki because she is popular and had a rough year,being arrested, and Amber because she had a rough year. I said Farah from Teen Mom because she has modled in the past and always needs money, remember she got swindled with her car,

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @11 Daniela, Hi and Happy New Years sweetie! You got me laughing so hard that I choked. It’s so true about Kris Jenner. Sick, and true. If she thought she could get away with it, she’d sign her own mother up for Playboy. Surprised she hasn’t asked Hugh to start a senior citizens Playboy. Hell, the age would probably start at 45 or 50. Kris would pose if she could. I can’t believe I have watched one episode, but did you see the one where Kris had the flag draped over her (nude) body? I was in shock (don’t know why) when I saw the 2 youngest dancing on the stripper pole in mommy’s & daddy’s bedroom. I was glad when Bruce told them to get off. Of course, I was surprised he could even see them because after (bad) plastic surgery his eyes look merely more than slits.

    Hugh just got engaged right? I know it wasn’t Holly. I can’t remember her name, but she hasn’t been out of diapers too long.

    God forgive me. Is Hugh about ready for diapers? Like I said, God forgive me.

  14. Daniela said

    @MHJ: ROTFLMAO!!!! Can Bruce see at all? I wonder, hmmmmm, slits is being generous. Maybe he “sensed” Kylie and Kendall on the stripper pole. lol

  15. Mikki12 said

    I didn’t think I’d be able to join you all tonight because I was working. But – I forgot that I was getting off early tonight. Yay!

    I don’t think it can be any of the Kardashians because the 2 youngest, Kylie and Kendall are not old enough. The item said “barely legal” so we have to assume that someone just turned 18. Speaking of the Kardashians I just read that Khloe and Lamar will be getting their own show. It will be similar to the one Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey did. Well, at least Jessica and Nick were nice to look at. Khloe has always reminded me of an Amazon and Lamar..what can I say? I won’t be watching this show.

  16. Mikki12 said

    BobL: If you’re not able to check in with us have a wonderful New Year. And thanks for my lovely sarong. Can I have another for 2011..Please…pretty please. Oh, and try to be a wee bit kinder to the kids. Make it a New Year’s resolution. Maybe a little extra food on their plates? Happy New Year!

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