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Bok Bok, Chicken

Posted by tinselkitty on December 30, 2010

Allison Dubois’ dad always said, “Live life large and make no apologies for who you are, so fuck them.”

And apparently he followed it up with, “If those jealous bitches are being mean to you then you go right ahead and suspend your Twitter account, honey. That’ll serve them right, not being able to tweet you anymore.”

Much like Michael Scott declared bankruptcy, Tinselkitty declares chickenshit. How do you people in Hollywood not get how this game is played? You’re the one that went on tv and made a huge jackass out of yourself. Now you’re running away from the backlash you created. For fux sake, if you can’t take the heat, hire someone to take it for you, because this just makes you look 1,000 times worse. You know you can do that, right? Hire someone just to do your social media? Just call Jill Zarin if you need help.


Wah, people are mean tweeting me, waah, waaaah, I know when you're gonna die, wah.

Good lord, you and Not Kelsey’s Wife are just stupid as hell, aren’t you? This is not how you handle PR. What are you going to do, Allison, when someone at a show starts ragging on you? Are you going to throw them out? What? You’ve got to realize that some of those all-of-a-sudden sold out shows are going to have Housewives fans in the audience, don’t you? I mean, you obviously understand that pretty much everyone hates you now or you wouldn’t have suspended your Twitter account. What next? Gonna cancel all those shows?


You know, I kind of hope you do. Tinselkitty does not approve of you making money off of others’ grief, although I’ll give you points for slickness with only working with “the dead”. Those poor people that desperately want to talk to their loved ones again will do and believe just about anything to get a little peace. I’m sure you only channel good things back, too, things the relatives left behind will want to hear. I bet not once have you ever brought back a message like “hey, I was stupping your wife for 14 years, asshole” or “sorry, mom, I killed myself because your boyfriend was touching me and you said I was lying when I told you.” Nope, I’m pretty sure your ghosts are only the happy ones that miss their families.

Allison Dubois is a fraud and a chickenshit (twitshit?) and preys upon others for her livelihood. Yeah, I said it. Prove me wrong, you parasitic bitch. And just so you’re clear, Allison, if anyone in my family ever disappears or dies, I most certainly will NOT come running to you for help, because I know that you are completely, utterly incapable of help and, at best, you are just a huge waste of time.

Know that.








36 Responses to “Bok Bok, Chicken”

  1. Dy said

    I don’t care that she suspended her twitter,I wouldn’t read her tweets/ follow her anyway, she creeps me out,Bad JuJu

  2. G-sus said

    I’ll say it again, what kind of psychic doesn’t see that she is going to make a horse’s ass of herself on national television.

  3. LWoo said

    Tell us how ya really feel! LOL! Awesome.

    LOL @ G-Sus!!!! Good point.

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 🙂 Hey, I think there’s still time for us to get tickets to Allison’s show. She’s appearing in practically every state. Maybe, if we can’t catch her here in the states, we can all fly to Australia or Ireland to see her. LMAO!

  5. Dy said

    Hell to the No MHJ..She scares the crap out of me. Lol

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hey Dy! XO LMAO! She scares the hell out of me, too! I LOL when I read that she was touring. I was wondering just how many people actually go to her shows/lectures. I read that she asked people who just had loved ones die recently not to come to her show since they wouldn’t be able to receive an accurate reading due to stress/grief. All I know is, that psycho gave me grief just from watching her at K’meal’s dinner party from hell. I’ve been to some dinner parties that have come close, but in no way anything like that crap.

  7. Dy said

    @6 MJH XO
    I don’t get/ nor believe in all that pyschic,”talking to dead people stuff”. It creeps me out. It must be the Italian/ Catholic in me. Lol

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @7 Dy, I’m not Italian/Catholic and I have always had a difficult time believing in psychics. I don’t care if they can speak to humans or animals, I have a hard time with it. Have you ever watched comedian Brian Reagan(sp)? My family and I think he’s hilarious. We’ve watched him on tv and have his dvds. He has one routine where he makes fun of psychics. Right on the money. LMAO! Also, have you ever watched (I think on A&E) “Paranormal State”. Something like that. I was curious. After watching one show in particular where there was to be a demon exorcised from a young woman, not to mention other scenes, I had to ask myself one question. Do I have common sense? For me personally, whatever I thought might be a possibility, went out the window. All I know for sure is, the only way my house becomes “haunted” or “possessed” is if my strega mil is in it. When a strega comes into the picture, common sense can go out the widow.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Off Topic. Did anyone watch the show about strange addictions?

    Like I said, surprised these people haven’t ended up in ER…esp tp lady. Sorry, but I can’t remember their names.

    TP lady has been addicted to eating tp for 23 years. Like her psychiatrist/psychologist told her, it’s like playing Russian Roulette. A matter of time before her intestines are damaged/explode, and she could die. No way of knowing exactly when. A ticking time bomb. TP lady had to face facts, and she cut down. Hopefully, she will give her addiction up totally. Very, very sad. Not to be flip at all, but I found myself yelling at the tv (the psychiatrist), “Please, hurry up. WTH. Hurry up and hide those tissues on your table. She will probably eat those up.”

    Sucking thumb & leftover blankie lady. It amazed me more that she could suck her thumb & multi-task. She is 24 and has been doing this since 12 I believe (due to parents’ divorce). Personally, I’m doing well to do things with two hands like push a grocery cart. Her thumb never seemed to leave her mouth. She even managed to play putt-putt with a friend the whole time sucking on her thumb. A psychiatrist said that not only is the blankie (about 4 or 5 leftover shreds) was filled with tons of bacteria, but her nail follicle, etc. could be seriously damaged.

    Blowdryer lady. At first I thought it was odd to sleep with a blowdryer left off. However, I thought it even more odd and scary to find she sleeps with it ON. She has cut down, through therapy & I believe medication to help with stress. It looked like she had some burn marks. I’m surprised she hasn’t had to call 911 due to any big fires. I hope she cuts down completely. I fear for the safety of her little girl.

    Olympia-Gym lady. Personally, I thought she was very unattractive. I know she has won all kinds of contests with her physique, but personally I don’t think she is attractive at all. I believe she is on some kind of hormone injections. She acknowledge that she had a very low speaking voice, but said that there are those that find it sexy. Again, I didn’t find her pretty or sexy-sounding. She works out six hours a day at the gym, and her neck is the size of a tree trunk. Once addicted to drugs & alcohol (think that’s correct) for 15 yrs. I believe she replaced one addiction with another. She told her therapist that she would try to cut down on workout time, but later said she wasn’t going to change for anyone. I think the workouts are her life. Very sad indeed.

  10. Dani said

    This chick has reaped what she sowed and revealed her true self which is not very nice. Isn’t it a shame when bad things happen to bad people. I got zero sympathy for her.

  11. G-sus said

    @MHJ I watched the show. Have to admit, it was kind of a letdown. Just made me feel sorry for them. Though the TP lady grossed me out. I have read stories of how you should keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible because of the stuff that gets airborn when you flush. So if she is eating the toilet paper from the bathroom, she might as well use the toilet brush to brush her teeth. Yuck-Yuck.

  12. Dy said

    @ 11 G-Sus

    OMG..Yuck is right, geeze!

  13. Need a Hobby said

    LOL. Great blog & screencap! 🙂

  14. wykkyd said

    Hellllll to the yeah…you tell ’em, TK!!!!!

    *P.S. – I’d like to copy & paste this everywhere!

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @11 G-sus….Hi! 🙂 You are SO right. That is so true and so gross. The amount of germs is mind-boggling. I felt very sorry for her. (I felt sorry for all the women.) It was hard to watch her eat the tp when she was in her own home. It was hard to see her eat it at the movie theater like it was cotton candy. Also, difficult when she was eating it with breakfast at restaurant with her sister. I’m just glad she got professional help. I am having a hard time watching “Hoarders”. I guess because the filth is very obvious.

    Off topic again. Has anyone watched the documentary “Scared Straight”. I saw it years ago. Well, I just saw on A&E a new series that apparently is the same thing. Juvenile delinquents, boys & girls, who think they are very tough find out just what tough is by having to be in prison with seasoned crimnals/prisoners. I think most of the prisoners are life-time, and they scare these kids alright. Most of the kids, after the “program” don’t repeat any crimes. Some do, but it’s rare. I know I’ll be watching. I think they need to have this program in every state. Maybe it would help cut down on youth crime.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Sorry for all the typos and errors. I do have a masters. Just not in English. Again, hope you can make out what I write. I need a “Scared Straight” for writing. I wonder if my super strict 1st grade teacher is still living? She never had to hit my hands with the ruler. SCARY!

  17. Rosie said

    If this woman was really just a tiny bit psychic, she would have known that getting drunk, swearing, insulting people, making crude gestures, smoking that ridicules cig, talking about peoples children & husbands and kissing Camille’s ass on TV wasn’t a good idea.
    Oh don’t have to be psychic to know that, just slightly intelligent.
    I’m glad she’s getting the heat she so richly deserves..and her show is canceled.

  18. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @17 Rosie….Hi! 🙂 AMEN!!!!!!!!!! Allison acts like she is by far the smartest one of the group, but far from it. What a stupid nut!

  19. Dy said

    Allison is a Stupid Head,and she Scares Me!

  20. Rosie said

    MHJ & Dy..
    She is a scary little freak, isn’t she?

  21. wykkyd said

    LOL Well, well, wellllll, ladies and gentlemen, it was the EDITING after all!!!

  22. Daniela said

    Excellent thread, Tinslekitty!
    Allison DuBois is a snakeoil salesman, not a psychic….wait a minute, maybe they meant psychotic instead of psychic.
    She is a fraud and I wouldn’t run to her for help either.

    Dy & MHJ: I’m with you, I wouldn’t believe any of that bunk. Though I will say I watched that show “Psychic Children” a few times and that was interesting. Kids are pure and innocent, adults aren’t.
    I totally agree Dy, she is freakin scary. The stuff nightmares are made of.

  23. Dy said

    @22 Hi Daniela ..I could care less about this freakin freak, she scares the shit out of me

  24. G-sus said

    @Wykkyd, good link. I actually was waiting for a Camille/Allison press tour to commence where they played the victim and blamed the editing. How typical. They act as though Bravo is the ventriloquist and they are just the hapless puppets. Sorry girls, but no one can edit disgusting words that come directly out of your ass, er, I mean mouth.

  25. Dy said

    They have All (all the Hw,’s) blamed editing at one time or another G-Sus,everyone of them. I’m not surprised at this, who cares we all hear what comes out of their mouths, we know what they said. They just don’t like to own it when they stick their big fat feet in their mouths..

  26. Dy said

    Opps I forgot Mama Manzo didn’t blame editing she said anyone who did was full of shit.( or words to that effect) lol.

  27. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Rosie, she is a scary freak for sure.

    Daniela, I so agree! A con for sure. I call her psycho psychic. However, I love “snakeoil salesman”. Apparently, there are people all over who will “buy” her snakeoil and any other crap she has to sell. I looked her up for the hell of it, and found out that she is touring all over the country and abroad. She’s scary. What may be more scary is to know that there are people who actually buy into what’s she’s selling.

    Wykkyd, thank you for that info.

    Dy, I get so sick & tired when any of these HW blame editing. Sure, there may be a few RARE instances, but the vast majority of the time I don’t think the camera(s) lie. Like you said, we hear what comes out of their mouths each & every time. What you see AND hear is what you get. I guess every nutjob on tv, out in the public eye, can blame editing. These people will never accept responsibility for their OWN actions.

  28. Daniela said

    Dy, Rosie, MHJ:
    Did you ever notice the ones who blame “editing” are always the ones nobody likes? Fuggedaboutit! Who the hell do they think they are fooling? Helllo, I was born at night, but not last night.

  29. Daniela said

    Hi G-Sus and Wykkyd

  30. Dy said

    @28Yep Daniela you are absolutley right. The ones that blame editing are the ones no one likes, or in some cases, people do like but, they got caught saying stupid/mean stuff and then will blame editing. They are idiots, just own what you said or did,and move on. Everyone at some time or another does or says stupid/mean things.I would have respect for any of them that have done this if they would just say, look I said stupid/mean stuff and acted like a fool. I own it, Shoot Me!

  31. Daniela said

    @30: Dy, that’s why I like Mama Manzo. I like knowing where I stand, and she tells it like is…my kind of lady. I’m with you…you say it, own it.

  32. Dy said

    @31 I agree, I like Mama Manzo, always have always will. She calls it as she sees it,and she owns everything she says,whether people like it or not.
    Yep, you say it, you own it. Apologize if “you” were having a moment,and didn’t mean what you said,and maybe got caught up in bs.,but at least own it and apologize.

  33. Daniela said

    That is the problem with a lot of these women. They do and say stupid shit and then blame editing. Give me a break. Do they really think we are all dumb? Look at how Strega said it was editing…and then Salami, and now Camille and her psychotic Allison. Puhleeze!

  34. It gets better, peeps. There’s a new post – hit it like it’s NKW, 1994!

  35. wykkyd said

    G-Sus, MHJ…and everyone: Greetings & Merry Happy to you all. It gave me no greater pleasure than to bring you all that link – in fact, it was my special gift from Santa!

    Daniela: A special hello to you, as well, and thank you for the shout-out!

  36. Dy said

    @33 Daniela totally agree

    @34 Tinsel wykkyd posted the link on this site, that is what we have bee talking about editing and lying. Happens every season on every HW.Franchise. Ho Humm, same bs. different franchise whaaaa Editing,Cry me a freakin river, we all know they are full of shit

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