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Wuv. Twue Wuv.

Posted by tinselkitty on December 29, 2010


That’s the reason Kelsey’s giving People for wanting to put a ring on it in lightning fast fashion.

Kelsey, I understand you’re happy and all, but really, this statement isn’t helping. It’s a pretty backhanded slap to Camille. Not to mention the fact that now you’re making Tinselkitty defend that woman.

Did you even consider how that was going to sound to Mason and Jude? For that matter, did you consider who was going to be the one explaining that statement to Mason and Jude? You’d better hope it’s one of the nannies because if Camille lays it out for the kiddos then it’s not going to be pretty. Fingers crossed that they don’t ask if their father is going to quit loving them if has kids with Kayte. The kids always get the shortest end of the stick.

From People:

Of course Kelsey Grammer is anxious to get married: That’s because he’s deeply in love with his fiancée Kayte Walsh.

The actor has confirmed an impending wedding while also responding to a barrage of reports about him and Walsh, including that he’s pushing for a quick divorce from his wife, Camille Grammer, 42, so that he can marry Walsh, 29, as soon as possible.

“Kayte and I are marrying because we are engaged, and we are engaged because we are in love and see no reason to postpone our happiness any longer,” the actor tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Grammer does not say when the nuptials will happen, but adds: “We are planning something we wish to be a private affair among several of our friends. Anything else is conjecture and false. Kayte and I are the only reliable source for this story. End of story.”


34 Responses to “Wuv. Twue Wuv.”

  1. Rosie said

    Thanks TK..
    Oh Kelsey…not helping! This guy is 18 in his head.

  2. Dy said

    Kelsey is a Selfish Disgusting JackAss,peroid.

  3. Mikki12 said

    I wish the media would make up their minds about Camille’s age. This story says 42 but last we heard she was 47. Anyway, I was channel surfing last night and watched some of the Kennedy Center Honors. Kelsey was part of the tribute to Jerry Herman. At one point in the show, the cameras panned the audience and there was Kelsey sitting next to Kayte with his arm around the back of her seat. I have to admit Kelsey looked positively giddy with happiness.

    I don’t care for the way he has behaved towards Camille and I’m no fan of Camille. The thought occurred to me that he must be really angry at her for something. Why else would you humiliate your wife so publicly? Of course, it could be that he’s simply a total jackass.

  4. Dy said

    @ Mikki

    I’m going with the simply total Jackass. Sorry no woman deserved what Kelsey has done to Crazy and their childern. Is he is disgusting.

  5. Rosie said

    Mikki & Dy..
    Yep, a Jackass/and an 18 year old Jackass, at that.

  6. Dy said

    @5 Rosie..lmao!

  7. Rosie said

    There’s got to be a sensitivity/ commonsense chip missing, if you allow yourself to be photographed on national TV looking like a lovesick schoolboy.. Before the divorce is final!!!

  8. Mikki12 said

    I have to agree with the “18 yrs in his head.” Kayte has that cutsey innocence that could have her passing for 19 instead of 29. “And they called it Puppy Love even though we’re 17..”

    Anyone remember that old Paul Anka song? We should send it to them as a wedding present.

  9. Dy said

    Yea real cutesy innocence.She may have the look, but she sure isn’t. Getting caught up with a married man, getting pregnant, losing the baby, getting engaged to a still married man,planning to get married to a still married man.All the while no freakin regard for his children. Whats the rush Kayte, are your pregnant again, need a green card?

  10. Rosie said

    Lol! Yep, I remember it! First was Frankie and then Donny Osmond! 

  11. Rosie said

    It looks like he went for a “type” that was the direct opposite of Camille.

  12. LWoo said

    We have to remember that there are 3 sides to every story: Kelsey’s side, Camille’s side, and the truth!

    We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors. The only people hurting in this whole fiasco are the children.

  13. Mikki12 said

    Wasn’t Kayte a flight attendant? I’m still wondering just when Kelsey met her. This seems to be the best kept secret since..I don’t know when.

    Catch you all in a little bit. Have some things to attend to.

  14. Dy said

    @13 Yes Mikki. I read she is English. I wonder if she is a Citizen ( hence my remark about a green card). I think they met a while ago, like when Kelsey was in nego. for the Play, and then when he was in rehearsals and the Play was full on, the affair was full on. I’m just guessing/speculating, I’m probably all wrong.

  15. Sophie said

    Well you know, if they’d have kept flying private charter, maybe none of this would’ve happened. Blame being green. At any rate, she pushed him out of the bedroom a year before this happened. They both knew they were getting a divorce. She’s sitting back and letting him take the hit for it…typical Camille. Whilst she plays the victim.

  16. Rosie said

    How do you know that C kicked him out? Just curious.

  17. BobLHead said

    Hey Rosie, I believe the article in L&S said they hadn’t had sex for a year. But of course, we all know how reliable L&S is!

  18. Dy said

    Yea, Bob and Rosie that BS about Crazy kicking Kelsey out of the bedroom was in L&S, So of course it must be true @@ (rolls eyes)..What the F ever

  19. Dy said

    @15 Crazy is not sitting back and letting Kelsy take the hit.The POS cheated plain and freakin simple, got another woman pregnant,got engaged while still married..Wtf?? He’s a Jackass. He deserves whatever hits he gets he did it to himself. How do you know they both knew they were getting a divorce? And if so why didn’t they? Why did he cheat? Why did he have to humilate his wife/ mother of his children?
    I call BS.

  20. Rosie said

    @BobL & Dy..
    Lol. Thanks! I thought 15 has some sort of “inside info”. Lol

  21. Mikki12 said

    Like we know how much truth was in the stories Life&Style printed about Teresa and All I can say is no matter how much we dislike Camille (and that’s alot!) Kelsey should have and could have handled this better. I get it. He’s in love with Kayte. Somehow I would expect a 55 year old man to act like an adult instead of a love-sick adolescent. Especially after 3 marriages and numerous relationships. The expression that “there’s no fool like an old fool” just keeps coming to mind.

  22. wykkyd said

    Well, TK, I was pretty well resigned to the notion that Kelsey was just a hapless, idiot savant, brilliant at his work, totally sucking at life. I s’pose now I have to relinquish that notion and concede that he and NKW totally deserved each other.

    It is one thing for him to be that insensitive toward her – what can I say, except that she is devoid of normal, human emotion, intellectually and psychologically stunted, as well. But, for him to TOTALLY discount his children in this, as well as public sensibilities, says everything about him: a narcissistic megalomaniac who resides on planet Kelsey.

    Gheez…can you imagine what their household was like, with these two egos? Those poor, poor children. Methinks this saga will be never ending.

  23. Rosie said

    Well Said!

    @22 Wykkyd..
    Lol. No wonder that 3500 sq ft apartment was too small.. The egos!

  24. Dy said

    L&S is a rag,their stories are ridicules. They even had a headline once that Kate Gosselin gives her kids expired food. I mean come on. I believe nothing from that rag just like The Star or The Enqu.
    I do not like the type of person Crazy is, but I still do not think she is as bad as Kelsey. Thats my opinion and I am sticking to it. 😉

  25. Daniela said

    I think Dy wrote this story yesterday. Today its breaking news.

  26. Mikki12 said

    Daniela: Thanks for the link to the NY Post article. My mother was talking to me the other day about Kelsey Grammer. She loves to keep up with gossip. My mom has lived many years and is nobody’s fool. This is what she had to say. Mom believes that sex may have dried up between Kelsey and Camille, as reported by one or two sources. She said the only time she has seen men behave so boorishly is when they are getting a new piece of azz. Mom figures that Kayte, at age 29, must be hot to trot and is great in bed. As we’ve read many times Kelsey was quite the sexual athlete in his heyday. This is not to say that Kayte doesn’t have other endearing qualities but I tend to agree with mom on this. Sex and youth are the big draws here. Interesting that the article also mentioned Kayte’s visa. They can deny it all they want but I think there is more than a kernel of truth in that one.

  27. Dy said

    Yep Mikki, Thats what I’m saying,there is more to it.
    Your Mom could be right, Sex and youth are a powerful draw,that and men will rarely leave, if they have no where to go, meaning if there were no Katye Bug wanting his old ass/money. He probably still be with Crazy. Afterall he had been with her for 14 years.He just found someone that wanted him, ewww.

  28. G-sus said

    I know it is all speculation on my part, but I still believe that things were over between Kelsey and Camille before filming started. I think his move to NY was the point of their separation. I think he went along with the filming just to appease Camille and not rock her crazy boat. And I think she had a storyline in mind for herself, it just backfired on her because she basically acted like herself.
    I don’t think there was ever an intention of her moving with the kids to NY. There was nothing in that apartment that screamed family, it looked like a bachelor pad with room for occasional visits from kids. That would somewhat explain why he started dating someone so quickly, but certainly doesn’t excuse him. I still think that he should have been more respectful to his children and waited until the divorce was final.

  29. Dy said

    @28 G-Sus I know thats all I do is speculate and give my opinion,who cares no one has to agree,it’s not like we are solving any major problems or cracking a huge case.
    Only thing I know for sure is that Kelsey cheated on Camille,they were not leagally separated when he moved to NYC. No annoucement of any marital problems, separation etc. Still none of that has come out,( from Kelsey or Camille)because it is not true.

  30. G-sus said

    @Dy, oh for sure, he is a dirt bag, he cheated and there is no excuse. That issue is not even debatable in my mind.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that I think that they tried to cover up their marital issues because of the show. I think she wanted to be portrayed as a hollywood power-player and him leaving her didn’t fit into the script.

  31. Dy said

    @30 G-Sus

    I know, you are speculating just like me when I go off about my theories on all this crap. It makes it fun trying to figure out the lives of these Jackass,so much better than trying to figure out mine 😉

  32. Kaya said

    @28 G-sus: I think your comment confirms my observation. The apartment was devoid of female touches, no warmth, certainly no family vibe. The point is, though, that it was Crazilla who decorated the whole apartment!!! She even flew an interior decorator to LA to tell him exactly what her ‘vision’ was for that place. I think that together they did a horrible job, and that fact makes me wonder if Crazilla ever thought she was going to live there. Because as much care as she showed furnishing and decorating it, it is pretty obvious she was doing a ‘piss off’ job.
    I think she knew when Kelsey left for NY that the marriage was over, but I’m sure she had to have had inkling beforehand. After all, she herself said to one of her friends that ‘Kelsey snored soooooooooo muuuuuuuuch she had to banish him to another room, and only now she finally can sleep’. Who says that??? Also, I think while visiting NY for Kelsey’s premiere, she made a comment again about them having separate bedrooms. So clearly the married life was over for a while in that union, and she knew what was coming.
    As you guys said, we don’t know what was happening inside their marriage. But it is possible that he wanted to announce separation and she begged him not to do it, just go on with the pretend sham, and he was OK with it until she met someone he wanted to be with.
    Whether or not that was the case, I agree that they both what they deserved – Kelsey lost lots of mull for marrying a gold digging skank without a prenup protection, and she got to show the nation her true and real self (thus sending the majority of the viewers into his corner).
    I also heard, regarding the children, that Kelsey wanted to have a full custody of them, and have them live in NY with him and Katey, and that Crazilla vowed she would make it impossible for him to achieve since keeping the kids meant a higher spousal support on top of the child support. With the insight into her she provided all of us, I actually tend to believe this story. What I’m trying to say is that we will never know the full truth, but maybe what we saw as nobody giving a dam about the kids, was actually them taking care to be very protective of the kids and that’s why there were no stories etc. That is most likely also why Kelsey abstained from fighting back after Crazilla started assassinating his image – for the kids sake one parent must show more restraint.
    After all we all know Crazilla does not give 2 damns about the kids. She did not carry them, she did not birth them (‘you crazy, and DAMAGE this body?’ in her own never dying words on RHoBH!!!). She needs 4 nannies to take care of 2 kids, to ensure she never has to spend more than a minute a day with them, she probably does not even know which one is which, if she knows their names at all. She does not take care of them- again, in her own undying words on RHoBH ‘Is my son better today?’ she asked the nanny after telling us that the kid was sick the day before. She clearly used to kids to some sort of advantage in that marriage, as a bargaining chip of some sort, or maybe an insurance policy for a rainy day (and boy, is it ever raining now).

  33. G-sus said

    @kaya, you also have to wonder why if they have 100 million, why they would not have gone out and rented or bought a bigger place or a townhouse. I know NYC real estate is expensive, but I would think they would have been able to afford something more family friendly. I think her meeting with the interior decorator was all for show. I do know that they stage certain things on the show for publicity for certain restaurants, clothing stores, and designers, etc.

  34. Daniela said

    Your mom sounds like one smart cookie. Hell this Kayte is ONLY 29….she still has milk on her breath, for God’s sake!!

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