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Now These Peeps Earn Every Penny

Posted by tinselkitty on December 29, 2010

How I miss you Don Draper. If you are in need of a Mad Men fix as well, I highly recommend the Basket of Kisses site.


4 Responses to “Now These Peeps Earn Every Penny”

  1. Rosie said

    I just love this show!!

  2. Mikki12 said

    Me too! One thing I really enjoy is the attention to detail. I swear, sometimes I look at Joan and it reminds me of my mother back then. Right down to the red hair and the pointy bras. And the acting! The writing! Jon Hamm….be still my heart.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Ladies, there should be enough slices of Hamm to go around. One thing I know for sure, we won’t require any cranberries on the side.

    I know I’m MHJ, but I can still have my fantasies.

  4. Mikki12 said

    MHJ: What a fickle woman you are. For

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