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Can We Please Just Stop for a Minute?

Posted by tinselkitty on December 29, 2010


Just, I mean, can we take a breath or something? Couldn’t everyone go back to their respective corners for a month or so and just let this percolate awhile?

So Amber’s out of jail. You’d be shocked at how many exclusive stories there are just about that one fact, especially since we all knew she was on a 24 hour hold and thus knew when she would be released. Whatever.

Amber was released with a No Contact order against Gary. Not having achieved the title of lawyer myself, I can only assume this is standard operating procedure in cases of domestic violence. Now it’s being reported that Gary wants the judge to lift that order.

It was also reported that the judge had initially included both Gary and Leah in the No Contact order. I read the docs today but wasn’t able to find any amendments. These orders only specify there is to be no contact between Amber and Gary. Again, not a lawyer, but wouldn’t something like that need to be specifically noted on the paperwork? They can’t just swap out one page for a rewrite and not make a note of it, right? Who knows.


Leah Shirley

Now Radar Online is saying that CPS will be reuniting Leah with Amber today as Amber has primary custody. This, after she was charged with three felony counts of domestic battery and one misdemeanor account of neglect. After police officers have reviewed not only the show as aired but also footage that had been cut by MTV. After both Amber and Gary have made statements to the police that these were acts of real anger, not something they had staged for the show. After Amber claimed, while in the presence of an attorney, that she does not remember everything due to a medical condition for which she is currently under a doctor’s care.


Again, for the record, Tinselkitty is no attorney and claims no specialized legal abilities. But can’t we please, slow this train down and think about what’s happening? Because this is what I see: Leah is going back into an environment where her caretakers are okay with violence. Gary is professing his love for Amber to the mountaintops and doesn’t seem to care that she is abusive, even going so far as trying to get the judge to drop the charges. Neither one seem particularly bothered by the fact that Leah watches this happen. Amber was recently stopped under suspicion of drunk driving, although she passed the breathalyzer test and was only issued a citation for driving with a suspended license. Why was it suspended? And by passed the test, does that mean she blew 0.00 or that she blew under the legal limit? Because she’s only 20.

For FSM’s sake, pull the cameras off this family and get them into counseling. Or, if that is just too distasteful an idea, then leave the cameras on and get them into counseling. Go ahead and show every dirty detail about what life in a domestic violence situation is really like so at least someone else might see it and recognize that they need help, too.

Some education would be great. Surely there is a university out there somewhere that can spring for a full ride so Amber can better equip herself for a lifetime of being a parent.

Either way, it’s no longer just two people relating to each other in a dysfunctional way. That little girl deserves better.




















5 Responses to “Can We Please Just Stop for a Minute?”

  1. G-sus said

    TK, I agree. I never could bring myself to watch this show. I have a lot of trouble watching reality tv when the kids are in the forefront. Always makes me think I am contributing to the delinquency of a minor. You would think that as soon as this train derailed, the powers that be would decide enough was enough.
    Though I think it is always a bad idea to pay people thousands of dollars an episode just because they have a child under unusual circumstances (are you listening Kate?) The kids are always the ones that get eternally screwed.

  2. Rosie said

    Lol. Good post G.
    I have never seen this show either.

  3. LWoo said

    What you see is what I see as well, Tinselkitty. It’s very unfortunate that they’re both being too selfish to think about that beautiful little girl. She is adorable!!!

  4. Dy said

    Completely agree with you on this one Tinsel.
    I’m not a regular viewer of this show,but I have seen the Marathons and might catch a show here and there. I have seen the whole Gary/Amber thing,and it is awful. Leah is the victim. Amber needs a Good Psychologist(counseling) and Psychiatrist (meds).

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