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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Arrested Today.. Happy New Year!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 28, 2010


Amber who we have seen on-screen beat down her baby daddy Gary Shirley…. yep he is a Shirley you can’t be kiddin kind of guy is now being charged with battery. 

Ok..  I don’t promote battery of any kind.., but seriously??  This girl who is reported to be 5’3 138 pounds  via TMZ via a Shirely man who appears to be 350 pounds while he is tuckin his balls under his girly bits and shielding himself from her 138 pounds of onslaught is worthy of  Felony charges?? 

Look.. I don’t promote any kind of violence.. but seriously??  like this woman is so skeary that all da men have to run and hide from her actions??  She may be orange of the worst kind but PuhLEAZZE!!!    I have no idea what would happen to Shirley if the cops didn’t intervene..   Shirley we know that he has no balls and if he did.. he would be man enough to make a stand for men who are on an island who wants to stand up for men who are beatin down and wants recognition..  HAIL BEATIN DOWN 350 POUND MEN WHO GET NO RESPECT CAUSE U JUST A SILLY ASS!!!!

Hey ImaJustSaying!!!


21 Responses to “Teen Mom Amber Portwood Arrested Today.. Happy New Year!”

  1. CAgirl said

    I dunno–I think they take the stats from your driver’s license. I’m still listed at the same weight as when I got my license here at 22 (and I’m sticking with that, thank you!). Is she really 138#? Doesn’t that interfere with her declarations of being a size 1/dieter’s dream? I don’t know of even a supermodel at 6′ that weighs more than 130, so I call shenanigans. It could also be jealousy on my part though…

  2. So, CAgirl, what show are you going to write about for us? Which one’s your favorite? We’ll expect it on the blog by 9:00am the next morning or one Wall Street Banker will be killed for each minute you’re late.

  3. CAgirl said

    And I do agree with you–the thought that Geary would be in danger is fairly laughable, just watch a few episodes of Teen Mom, if you can stand it. They are clearly making an example out of her. Maybe she pissed off the local law, in addition to the rest of America. And let’s not forget, MTV and the camera/production crew didn’t thing Geary was in any danger, they did nothing to intervene. OMG, I can’t believe I just spent the last few minutes thinking about these two–perhaps an intervention is on the horizon for me!

  4. CAgirl said

    @TK, Oh goodie, I hate Wall Street Bankers, so I’ll be good and late!! I do watch so much crap tv, it’s sad. Sad that I even know Amber has been out proclaiming her size 1 status like it’s her visa into Hollywood. I do rope-a-dope the hubs into watching Teen Mom/16 & Preggers with me, so we can feel good about ourselves. I am so going to hell…

  5. CA Girl.. so glad u are posting here!! we need the shnark and I get all warmsy inside when i see it.. Mazel and welcome!!!

    Tinsel and I are looking for contributors.. who is game!?!??!

    We are welcoming all who is ready to hear their voices.. BRING IT!! AND SING IT!! WE NEED CONTRIBUTORS!!!

    Signupsheetsarenotneededsincewewelcomeallandwedontdiscrimate.. This has been a PSA warning and recruiting.. shhh

  6. Seriously if you want to write about it we’d love to have it. I watch those shows but get so sad and then so filled with righteous fury that this is the type of lives these kids get stuck with. So I don’t write because I know it’ll come out as some peace love and harmony now, goddammit bitches, love one another RIGHT NOW through gritted teeth and that’s just no fun for anyone. I can totally hook you up with good pictures for your writing, though.

  7. CAgirl said

    I think you both have set the bar on posting so high–I’m much more of a lurker (this is probably the most I have posted at any site ever!), I’d be so afraid to disappoint. You gals do such a fabulous job :). Perhaps when they start Teen Mom 2 (I know I’ll be watching, that trainwreck Janelle is going to be on!). I’ve always been super judgmental of these girls, perhaps because I chose a different road when I was 15/16/17, without a lot of guidance. Oh man, now I’m starting to think I’ve been too harsh!!!

  8. Ahhh Ms Cali Gal.. no judgement here.. I cant throw any stones.. like my ex’es stones on his forehead!! Mazel woman!! we dont judge here.. just shnark and glad u are posting.. bring it on and let it ensue!!

  9. CAgirl said

    I must say, it does feel like a leopard-print snuggy here :). Really loving all the recaps, and comments are hilarious! I’m re-watching the WWHL week of shows with Andy right now, Tyler’s lips are still too much, but Rocco and Andy seem to love ’em!

  10. CAgirl said

    And by leopard-printed snuggy, I mean that in a good way!!

  11. awe CalGirl woman.. so glad u found a snuglly leopard print in this house.. mazel and welcome… dont be shy!!

  12. CAgirl said

    Will try to break those old lurking habits!! And I seriously wish I would have come up with a better name than “CAgirl”, implies something quite different than what I am (I am from CA though)!! But I just didn’t think about it when I started posting, and now it feels like a hard habit to break (plus it’s my auto log-in). May have to spend some time coming up with a new moniker this week!

  13. Rosie said

    I’ve never seen this show, so there’s nothing I can add…

    CAgirl.. Lots of us changed our names when we started over here, for the same reason. Mine was Lck on the other site… Not too inspired, I must say. Just let us know if you change, so we know it’s you. 🙂

  14. Dy said

    I have seen the show Rosie, ehh, it’s ok.I’m not all caught up in it. Sometimes I’ll catch the marathons.
    I have to say I completely agree with IJS.

  15. Olive the other Reindeer said

    UM..Tinsel Kitty and Imajustsaying,,If u need a blog on hmm,maybe let’s say …Hugh Dancy,,I’m your girl!

    How many adjectives for gorgeous?????

  16. Rosie said

    Olive! How are you feeling?

  17. Olive the other Reindeer said

    I’m tired Rosie,,over did it for the holidays,,,called doctor,,,gotta’ go this afternoon..

    How r u,,How was your CHristmas??

  18. Olive the other Reindeer said

    well ROsie,,,leave me a mesage,,,telling me of your Christmas,,,I’m going for a blood infusion..

    Hugs sweetie!!!!

  19. Rosie said

    Uh oh Olive, go lay down! How’s the infection?

  20. Dy said

    Olive whats the matter?? Feel Better, Sweetheart xo

  21. Rosie said

    Get yourself to the Dr Olive, and then get some rest, sweetie!

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