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Oh, No, Where Did It Go???

Posted by tinselkitty on December 23, 2010

Awww, didums get their widdle feewings hurts? Are the peoples on the intertoobz being means to woo?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a runner. Seems Not Kelsey’s Wife posted a blog about last week’s show and it’s mysteriously disappeared! Whatever shall we do?

I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll find a cached version and post it all right here, bitches!

Wow! What an episode. Watching this week’s show was quite the experience. I recalled many, many emotions. The most prominent were surprise and disappointment.

When I first started planning this dinner for the ladies, I was truly cautiously optimistic. A little time and distance had passed since “New York” and it seemed like a good idea to try to settle things down, a reconciliation. I thought it would be great if I could patch things up with Kyle. If not, then maybe we could at least get to a point where we could all be together in the same room and be civil to each other. I wanted to extend an invitation, and hope for the best.

My plan was simple, to have a dinner party with all of the ladies and invite a couple of my friends as icebreakers. Dedra has been so dear to me over the years and gets along with almost everyone. Allison[Dubois] was a perfect choice in my mind because not only is she a good friend but also is witty, entertaining, and compelling. She had always gotten along well with my friends in the past. I knew she would be a welcome distraction for us. Her career is interesting and usually leads to a variety of conversations. This may be just what we needed to keep from rehashing our past disagreements, to forge into a whole new direction and the opportunity to have a night without negative exchanges. I thought once we had a friendly get-together under our belt our future interactions would precede more easily.

Oh, how wrong was I!?!

The night of the dinner party I was very nervous for obvious reasons. As a side note, it may not come as a surprise to the viewers, but I when I get nervous I smile and laugh. I know that there are other people that do this as well. It isn’t something that I try to do, it just happens. I don’t know if there is a medical name for this, but a friend of mine who also reacts similarly, says it is just a nervous reaction, nervous energy finding an outlet. She is probably right, but it does lead to some confusion with people who don’t know me well.

I worked hard at being a good hostess to the housewives, most of who had never been to my home before. The party was going fairly well until Kyle [Richards] walked in with her friend. I just felt something was off when I greeted her friend and welcomed her into my home. I’m not sure if it was because she wouldn’t look me in the eye or if it was just a change in the energy of the room. As the night progressed, it became obvious she wasn’t there for the food and sparkling dinner conversation. It appeared that she was stalking the perimeter of the conversation, just waiting for her chance to pounce. When she found her opportunity she kept antagonizing my guests and stirring the pot.

Finally Allison [Dubois] had justifiably had enough. She felt the need to defend me as well as herself. She is a fiercely loyal protective friend andno shrinking violet. For this I am grateful and I appreciate and love her dearly. Unfortunately we had reached the point of no return. The whole night started to resemble a freight train out of control.

I was deeply hurt, surprised and disappointed. I felt so ambushed in my own home. After the other ladies left I talked with my friends about the evening’s events. We were all shell-shocked and I said some things I wish I had not said.

At this time I want to apologize to Kyle [Richards] and her husband Mauricio. We have worked with Mauricio for several years, and I think he is a lovely person. I must apologize for my comments because I believe they really have a great marriage, and he does love his wife. It was the end of a very volatile day with emotions raging and tempers flaring. I reacted out of frustration, and made statements that should not have been said. I sincerely apologize to Kyle and Mauricio for my statements and truly don’t believe what was said.

Back to story, I wonder how many people have actually succeeded in establishing the goodwill I had hoped for under such trying circumstances. That night all just went so horribly wrong. All I had to show for my good intentions and efforts were some fresh bruises for me, and many ruffled feathers for the housewives.

I remember thinking to myself, why did I agree to do this show? Is this as bad as it gets? It has to be, right?

Again, how wrong was I?!!!

Until next time,


PS: I want to extend a special thank you to my good friends Allison and Dedra. I appreciate that we are still close friends even after I exposed you to such an explosive evening. I love that you stood by me and came to my defense. I only wish the evening had turned out differently. But, as you both know, no one is more disappointed at the outcome of that evening than I am.

Side note – you know who uses the phrase “cautiously optimistic” a lot? Executives whose companies are going bankrupt.

So what is the purpose of taking this particular entry down? Is she taking back her apology to Kyle and Mauricio? Or her special thanks to her super awesomest bestest friends 4ever and ever?

Hey, NKW, you wanted to know the medical name for nervous laughter? What you do is called tryingtogetguystopayattentiontoyouitis and it usually brings about comorbid symptoms of beingthebiggestbitchintheroomosis.

You’re welcome.



6 Responses to “Oh, No, Where Did It Go???”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by treenbaileyr. treenbaileyr said: RT @franticee: Oh, No, Where Did It Go???: < At Last! Camille's medical problem is named! […]

  2. LWoo said

    Camille is the ‘c’ word for doing that to Kyle’s husband. And, lookie, there’s Nick!!! AGAIN!! How does his wife feel about a woman riding on the back of his motorcyle?!?!!?

  3. Rosie said

    Hi LWoo. We’re on the BHs Tonight thread.

  4. LWoo said


  5. wykkyd said

    Tinselkitty…I absolutely adore you! You remind me of my sisters (I have 4), 3 of whom have a similar, sardonic wit that absolutely slays me. I’m the oldest, a little more serious & not quite so witty, but my funny-bone is very sensitive – I know a good laugh when I see one! As well, I really appreciate a person with the ability to see through the smoke and mirrors (translated, Camille) and cut to the chase.

    I found my way to your blog just a few days ago, and in short order, it has become my all-time favorite musings of the Real/Phony/Narcissistic Housewives of Crazytown, USA!

  6. Lemuria said

    Camille is gunning for Kyle’s husband she’s practically salivating. She is once again pulling her Dangerous Liaisons routine.
    The dinner last week, planned and executed!
    The book to Kyle with the circled passages, planned to weaken Kyle, make HER insecure and whinny to her husband thus making her unattractive to him. And above all to create tension and strife in their marriage. ( ‘Who lil ol’ me?)’
    The tennis match next week, knowing Mauricio’s is such a good player. invites the whole family. (What could be kinder and safer than that? So wholesome and outdoorsy. Ha!)
    This is after both Kyle and her husband out classed her at the Tyler’s party tonight. This was an opening for her, not to make up with Kyle, but to put on her sex show at the tennis courts for Mauricio to enrage and humiliate Kyle. Inviting only Adrienne and not the other gals, because Adrienne is classy, not catty, she will observe, not gossip, and let Camille flirt with everyone’s husbands, including hers.
    Camille has an endless dusty Lifetime movie reel playing in her head. You know the script of giving your alcoholic best friend drinks, driving her insane to turn her husband and family against her? So she can come in and steal your husband, your home, your kids and your life, They show one of these movies at least once a day. I believe this is how she thinks, because this is how she acts. You could substitute any actress in those movies with Camille.
    She’s a sick puppy Camille. Don’t kid yourself, she plans it all!! I have no doubt that these Dangerous Liaisons kind of parlor games were common place in the Grammar household. I think they liked to set up situations to mind fuck and humiliate their guests. You can bet, if any event is at Camille’s house, she has calculated her every move and her opponents as well… oops I mean her guests.
    She analyzes methodically everyone’s weakness, to her advantage to set the saboteur’s stage. In some ways, how she landed Kelsey; although he educated her to the finer things in life, including literature. I imagine he taught her the psychology of chess as well. I agree with someone who said the Eliza Doolittle scenario.
    Then after an evening of fun and games she regales a rapt audience of stylists and pay pals, hanging on their mistresses every syllable, stories about everyone, tearing them down. “How could they do this to me in my OWN HOME”… kind of crap.
    She is safe and in control on her terra firma, which leads me to believe these kinds of games, among other games, is what got her and Kelsey’s rocks off. As she’s descending the stairs to greet her tennis guests, you can see this is what she does. It’s written all over her face and body. In control- game- set- match.
    She is one nasty woman. Empty so empty.
    In one of Kelsey’s interviews, he said something like you can only hope to marry someone decent. Maybe he got so tired/bored of these games that had once bound them together. Maybe between acting gigs these games kept him interested, his skills sharpened. All her “Art of War”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Little Prince”, Machiavellian (Machiavlliac) bullshit, she got from him, along with all the other big words (big houses) she sprinkles about at all the wrong times.
    I think these parlor games gave her stage to act and act she will! But now that she’s national, what she could once do in the cocoon of her BH life, is on display for the world, and the masses are not falling for the facade! Kelsey mind fucked her, set her up and she fell for it. Please, these two were done before the show, he just played his hand the way he wanted- changed the game on her!
    I imagine an evening with them would be like Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf.”
    Poor Camille really had no self awareness for many years, didn’t need to. She’s lived a sheltered, wealthy, over indulgent, entitled, fantasy life, now she meets the real public and what the small people out there in the dark really see her as. Very sad.

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