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TLC – My Strange Addiction

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 22, 2010

Ok.. The network that brought us Jon and Kate Plus A Whole Chitload of Kids.. as well as the Caraboo hunting, skinnin and eating perp who wants to cancel Christmas by putting Rudolph out of a job “Sarah Palin Alaska” which gives us plenty to fodder on the wackiest Reality Shows on TV, is now giving us a new tv program to talk about.  “”My Strange Addiction” really tops ‘Intervention’ or ‘Hoarders’

We now get to witness the crazies eat chalk, toilet paper and laundry detergent as well as sleep with a beloved hair dryer.


Who doesn’t know that eating crazy stuff would make them look crazier then the Jeffrey Dahmer and now ensures that I will get the double locks and bars on the windows.. PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!!!


 Please all send a donation to 123 Cupcake Lane, Anytown USA made out to IMAJUSTSAYING to help save the Caraboo.  Santa relies on transportation method and I wont know what to tell my grandchildren if Santa can’t deliver..



37 Responses to “TLC – My Strange Addiction”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Why isn’t the detergent-eating-lady in the ER? I wonder what her favorite flavor is. Don’t even get me started on tp-eating-lady. Roughage?! I use to complain that bran flakes tasted bad. No more.

  2. Dy said

    Holy Freakin’Cannoli, With this crazy stuff!!! My God!!

  3. TrueLifeDiva said

    I’m setting my DVR now! I love freakshows. 🙂

  4. G-sus said

    OMG, I too am setting the DVR for that one. Anything but Caribou Barbie and Kate Plus No Soul. Even though I have already diagnosed the toilet paper and laundry soap eater, it looks like some good TV.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    All I have to say is, it’s a damn good thing there isn’t a chocolate laundry detergent. You’d never see me out of the laundry room. Second on my list would have to be caramel. Wait, make that chocolate hazelnut.

    I will be watching this show. I hope (impressionable) kids don’t watch this. ER will probably see more patients.

    “Intervention” is SO sad. Sad and interesting. Did anyone see the episode where a girl got high off some kind of computer cleaner? I think that’s what it was, and she was buying it by the case at a store like Staples. I said something to my kids about that, and my 2 eldest who are engineers/computer whizzes said that it’s dirt cheap and that’s why addicts use it to get high. I never knew. I’m still getting use to the idea of alcoholics drinking nail polish remover. I can barely stand the odor without passing out.

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @4 G-sus…..”Caribou Barbie” and “Kate Plus No Soul”. LMAO!!!! (Hubby and I are Republicans…most of the time…and we don’t care for Sarah. I will have to share this nickname. He’ll get a kick out of it.)

  7. G-sus said

    MHJ, HI! My husband is also a Republican and Sarah is one of the few politicians we agree that we despise. But I won’t even get started on her, I could go on forever.

    I can’t watch Intervention anymore. It’s always so sad. Though I do love me some Hoarders! I love it when they can’t even bring themselves to through out things like moldy food. Always makes me shake my head.

  8. G-sus said

    @7 I do believe I meant throw, not through.

    I am obviously not smarter than a 5th grader.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @8 G-sus…..I said I was going to bed. Right. LMAO!! Hubby got a kick out of Caribou Barbie. My hubby is more of a (conservative)Republican than I am, but she gets on his nerves. My sister is a Democrat through & through, and of course we agree about Sarah. In fact, my sister about fell over dead when my hubby first questioned Sarah & her abilities. One thing I’m glad about here is I can post w/o feeling like I’ll be attacked. When I use to post over at RPee there was this one Republican gal who use to rip a person’s head off if you disagreed with Sarah. Hey, to each his/her own. Agree to disagree kind of thing. I said that not all Republicans (speaking as one for the most part) are going to be in love with Sarah. Just in my case & my hubby’s case, we rather vote for a Democrat.

    Kate is another who gets on my last nerve.

    That hoarder’s show is something else isn’t it. I can’t get over how some people live. I had no idea until I watched that show. How people can be surrounded by so much filth is beyond my comprehension. Very sad. Yes, “Intervention” is very, very sad. I want to watch until the end where HOPEFULLY the addict will seek treatment. I find all of it fascinating for lack of a better word. However, what has been the saddest part for me is not only how it affects the addict but the children. To see a child that wants his/her parent/sibling back to “normal” is gut-wrenching. The hell these addicts not only put themselves through, but their loved ones. Sad to see the co-dependents at work supporting the habit(s). I was really upset when one dad refused help. It breaks my heart to see the youngest victims in such pain. In undergrad I minored in sociology so I guess that’s why I find all of this extremely interesting.

  10. G-sus said

    @MHJ. Yeah, I agree. I don’t try to fight about or question anyone’s politics. There are usually valid reasons why people support who they support. And, since I am a Dem married to a Rep, we agree to disagree, and just focus on our common ground. Though it really bugs me when people are ignorant about their politics. Like some of Sarah’s supporters who only like her because “she says it like it is” or “she’s a REAL person”. You just want to smack them upside the head.
    Talking about smacking people upside of the head, some of these parents on Hoarders could use some of that. I could not ever imagine raising my kids in any of those situations.

  11. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Hi everyone,,I just got home from the hospital yesterday,,so I’m still kind of out of it,,,It was so sweet that post TK did about the martini’s being nekkid without Olive…*blushes

    Everyone, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Festivus ( Sienfeld )….I’ll be strong soon and back to snarking with all of u..

    On side note,,I saw a few of those shows,,the one girl eating the chalk…the strange thing,,she looked “normal”..scary,,as far as Sarah,,well u know what I think of Caribou Barbie…..and it ain’t

    Love you guys,,mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Rosie said

    Olive!!!! You’re ok? I’m so glad! We’ve been thinking of you!

  13. Dy said

    Hi Olive

    I’m so glad you are out of the hospital before Christmas..I hope all is well with you and you get stronger everyday!

    Love,Love Love..and Merry Freakin’Chritmas Sweetheart! xo

  14. Rosie said

    Yay! To Olive!.. And Merry Christmas to you! 🙂
    Does this mean we can have normal martinis again??
    Rest and be well Olive, and thanks for letting us know you’re ok!

    Dy.. Did your baby get in ok??

  15. Rosie said

    Dy.. There you are!

  16. Dy said

    Hi Rosie

    Yes, she got in ok,no delays/issues..The airport/ traffic wasn’t even that busy, but then it was yesterday afternoon 3days before Christmas. She has come home Christmas Eve in the past, Aw Marrone the traffic and such, My God! Thanks for asking, sweetheart.

    Can you believe TLC having a show about Strange Addictions? Holy Cannoli! I’ll check it out though..I’m nosey, I mean curious ;)..xo

  17. Rosie said

    Hi Dy! So glad she made it ok! You must be having a blast with her there.
    Did you finish your wrapping?
    Yes, I can believe TLC is doing this show..they love freaky stuff on TLC. Lol
    To me, their biggest freaks will always be Palin & Kate G though.

  18. Dy said

    Hi Rosie, Thanks.. I just love her company,I miss her so much.

    Hell No, I didn’t finish wrapping,but it’s control-able now.Lol.Did you?
    Yes, you are right about TLC, what the hell was I thinking.

    BTW @IJS.. A hefty donation is in the mail. 😉 XO

  19. Rosie said

    Dy.. I’m so happy for you! You will have a lovely Christmas with her by your side!

    No! I have one more day of shopping to do! I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and my ears feel like they’re underwater. What timing I have. I fell over yesterday and got nothing done. My husband is coming home early this afternoon, to help me with the final push….

  20. Dy said

    @ Thanks Rosie, Yes I will, and I know you will too!
    I’m so happy Olive is out of the hospital for the Holiday, I was worried.

    I’m sorry you were sick yesterday, are you better today,or just coping with it? It’s the season for everyone and anyone to get sick.You know running around like nuts, and running yourseleves down,not to mention being around all the people that are sick. Feel Better!
    I’m glad your husband will be home to help,thats nice. You all will get it done and all will be good, you’ll see. 🙂 xo

  21. Rosie said

    Dy… Nope. Just coping. Would you believe this?? It just came out of the blue. My hubby is my knight in shining armor though. I will just “med up” for the final push! Lol.

  22. Dy said

    Rosie.. Yes, I can believe it. Med. Up Baby Doll and have a hot toddy( or 2) sometime today, and feel better My Love!

    Your husband appreciates you,and all that you do, you are his Queen. I think it’s great that he is going to help, you 2 will probably have fun with this.

  23. Rosie said

    Dy.. You’re so sweet! He actually does. He finds me highly amusing… And yes, we will have fun, as long as the meds hold out. Lol.
    Hot Toddies sound pretty good.. Do you think that would be inappropriate for breakfast?

  24. Rosie said

    Ps.. My voice sounds like Lucille Ball… The later years

  25. Dy said

    Rosie..You have had a ton on your plate for what the last month and a half/ 2 months? You just got a little behind, but it’s not the end of the world,what sucks is that you got sick 😦 The meds will hold out..And of course a Hot Toddy would be appropriate for breakfast :0.. It’s the breakfast of Champions 😉

    Alcohol is good anytime of day, I don’t care what anyone says..Lol

  26. Dy said

    @24 ..WOW..Sexy!!!

  27. Rosie said

    @25.. Dy, now I know what a good mommy you must be. You’re even making me feel better about being behind. Lol. Xo

  28. Rosie said

    Ok… The push is on! Hopefully I’ll be back and wrapping presents during HWs! Have a great day everyone!!! 🙂

  29. Rosie said

    If I’m not back for HWs.. Send a search party out to Bloomingdales @Lex & 60th!

  30. Dy said

    @27..Rosie, we are all good Mommys! We do the best we can,,Haredest freakin job in the world,but it’s the best!

    You will be fine,as you said med. up( it will probably make the last minute shopping easier lol) You have done a great job with everything that has been thrown your way, don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy the time with your husband,you guys will have fun. Love ya Rosie xo

  31. Dani said

    I just want to wish all a very Merry Xmas. Enjoy your families. Olive so glad you are home and on the mend. You guys rock. Merry Christmas.

  32. BobLHead said

    Woohooooo! Olive is back! Get better sweetie!!

    My best, happiest, most sparkly Christmas wishes to all my my loveys!!!!

    I’ve had the best time this last year getting to know you all and I have to say, you are the greatest group of ladies (&Bryan)! You’re warm, caring, thoughtful wonderful broads!

    Here’s to the Glitter Cult and a wonderful 2011!!

    PS, I have the kids making sparkly rubber duckies for everyone for the next Rubber Duckie Regatta in my back yard lake.

  33. Mikki12 said

    @ 11 Olive – So glad to see you back. Take care and get well soon. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  34. Thedesigndiva said

    Merry Christmas to you all !!
    Olive..glad to see and read that all is well !! STAY WELL…

    We are going to celebrate a quiet Christmas together..I am making Mr Ford cornish game hens marinated on the grill , scalloped pots.and green beans with LOADS of BUTTER !!!
    No gifts this year…just cards… We feel that we have Christmas every day we wake up and we dont see our names in the obit pages !!!!! No fuss no muss and no getting crazy trying to get things done…..We will cozy up together and spend the day watching WHATEVER on the TV….He says the remote is mine for the day !!!! WHOOHOOO>>>>>>.

    I also want to THANK a “secret” santa…..She has given us a renewed HOPE in people….Like she says…Good things should happen more often for good people….She has a heart of gold and I wish to extend to her THANKS THANKS THANKS for making our Christmas here a whole lot more MERRIER !!!!!
    wink wink……..

    I cooked chicken and vegs alfredo for the ” chitty kids” at work last nite..also made double chocolate chip candy cane ( crushed ) cookie bars for them..They love when Mommy Diva cooks for them…..It’s my subliminal way of telling them I LOVE THEM !!!!!

    We do have to work tomorrow…We were told weeks before Thanksgiving that we would be closing at FIVE…Now they have changed that to closing at EIGHT P.M……SUCKS……
    So in at 2 out by 9 or 930….It is what it is !!!!!! I know i know…I should be happy to have a job…But I think in the spirit of Christmas they would have put the FAMILIES first and the BENJAMINS second…..

    So in closing..
    Love the one you’re with and extend LOVE to those who are no longer with us…..
    may all our ILLS go away next year and we all are healthy to stay around to enjoy TV TIME 101…..YAHOO

    Hugs and PEACE to All

    PSSSSS…. I truly do LOVE YOU ALL….You all have made my life so much fuller each and every day… The ‘lifeline’ that was extended to me has truly been a blessing and I cant thank you all enough for how you have helped me in my many HOURS of need….
    God Love ya all…..:>)

  35. Olive the other Reindeer said

    yes,,regular martinis!!!!

    I will be up and about in a few weeks..the surgery was more invasive than they thought and with my immune system,,I got an infection,,so I was pretty sick…thank all of u,,I so missed all of u,,,TK and IJS ty for this wonderful place,,and ditto BOBL…I really adore these ladies ( and Bryan )…you are the best.

    Merry Christmas ….may all your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white…..


  36. Rosie said

    @34 Diva…
    What a lovely post, Diva!
    Your dinner sounds so good!
    Im sorry you have to work so late tomorrow.
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr Ford!

  37. Rosie said

    @35 Olive..
    An infection? Oh no, you poor thing. It’s under control now, I hope. You must be happy to be home before Christmas! Get plenty of rest and take good care!
    Merry Christmas Olive!
    Hugs back to you!

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