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“I Liked Your Spread”

Posted by tinselkitty on December 18, 2010

WARNING – This link contains photos that are NSFW. This is not suitable for work. I’m not kidding and I’m not going to listen to anyone bitch if you click this from somewhere that may get you in trouble.

Put on some smooth tunes, grab a glass of scotch and settle on in with this assortment of riches.




20 Responses to ““I Liked Your Spread””

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone!!!! XO I have missed all of you. This may sound awful, but I can’t wait for Christmas, make that New Years, to get here so I can take a big break. I’m exhausted. My sister has been so stressed with in-law health issues, etc. that I told her I would take my nieces (16 and 13yrs.) for a while. They are great, and now I’m taking some time to have some fun. Haven’t been able to watch the shows, and trying to catch up. Did get to watch this past Thurs. BH. I don’t mind having company, but it’s tiring. It’s not even night-time, and I need a hot buttered rum. Make that the whole punch bowl.

    Yes K’meal, and I liked that I knew from the get-go just what a LOSER you were. If anyone is jealous of anyone (especially Kyle), it’s Y-O-U. You have done nothing but lied and lied. You play the innocent, but you are one catty b*tch. Lazy as hell, too. You wouldn’t even know the truth if it stared you in the face. Please start practicing some new facial expressions. At least try to practice some that go with the emotion that you are suppose to be feeling. You seem to spend most of your time looking in a mirror. You sure don’t spend any time with your poor children. Since you spend so much time looking in the mirror, you have no excuse not to come up with some better facial expressions.

    WTH with K’meal’s psychic friend. More like PSYCHO. She looked familiar, and I thought I had seen her in some tv shows where her name is at the bottom of the credits in fine print.

    What exactly did Kim say to Taylor to make her so upset? Kim is a character. No joke. I did hear something where Kim told Taylor, in the heat of the moment, to go get her lips filled again. Something to that effect. WTH?! Hey, I may think the same thing, however, WHY would anyone say such a hateful thing? I guess the same person who is “alone”, and wonders why she is alone without a man. I agree with Lisa. Kim should have called her blind date and thanked him for the drive home. Just common courtesy, and definitely if she was interested in him. Great reason to have a conversation, and end up with a 2nd, 3rd, and 10th date.

    I cried when I heard Taylor talk about the domestic violence she experienced as a little girl. Taylor seems like a nice and independent woman. Doesn’t she have her own business and is “successful” on her own? WTFH is she doing with Cowboy Rusty. I can’t stand that man. He is emotionally abusive. CAN’T STAND HIM. At first, I thought he was a total jerk. Then, I thought I should give him a break. THEN, I regained my senses. With the crapola that he say/does, I can’t believe she is still with him. They aren’t even friends at a low level on the friend’s chart. No. Nothing. He wanted that puppy for himself. All about control. He has to be in control all the time. He really didn’t want it for Kennedy. If he did, then he would have cared more to find out she is allergic to the dog. Poor Taylor and Kennedy. Poor puppy.

    Computer acting up again. Blast this thing. If I don’t get back, have a great Christmas everyone!!!!

    Love ya! 🙂

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I’ll see if this works. I hate my computer. No joke.

    K’meal, K’meal. You poor thing. They made you open the hood of a red Mazda and not a red Porsche? Oh, the inhumanity!

    While I try to lose weight (the 3rd plastic surgeon scared me with the details about a tummy tuck), I need to get one of those special machines that Kim Z. has. Yes, the one where I can eat pizza in my bikini and it burns off the fat. Kim may want to have those “red lights” work on her thighs some more.

    Enjoyed watching NeNe with Anderson Cooper on WWHL. She’s back in form. I take it she’s still with Gregg, but in name only? Guess he sleeps in the basement. What kind of marriage is that?

    Can’t wait to watch Atlanta tonight. I really can’t wait to watch the show-down between Kim and Fakedra. Lawdy that will be good stuff!

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Now I know why K’meal looks like her butt is always protruding. She doesn’t have a large butt. No. She must be so use to sticking her butt out, among other body parts, for photos in Playboy that she just has an awkward stance. Yes, that explains it. Mystery solved.

  4. Dani said

    Hi MJH – Wondered what happened to you. Have missed your input. Glad you are ok.

    I agree with you about Taylor. I too felt bad for her with the domestic abuse issue. It just goes to show how difficult it is to move beyond those issues as it wounds deeply. I don’t think Russell appreciates her and I think her difficulty leaving her marriage is tied to her experience w/domestic abuse. I don’t dislike her as much as many people do. Not crazy about the lips but I can look past that.

    Was that not a crazy episode of BH with the medium? That lady is mean and I don’t buy her schtick for one minutes.

  5. Dani said

    Oops, sorry, I meant MHJ. By the way, did you see where he was injured recently on Oprah show? Don’t need that face marred even though I know you appreciate him for the beauty within.

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Dani!! 🙂 How are you? Getting ready to go out with daughters and nieces. Checked back in. I’m still alive. I am beyond exhausted with all the company we have had stay with us (more coming), and ready to find a deserted isle for 2011.

    I understand Taylor better. I never really had a problem with her. I know I have called her “Lips” because of all the work she has done on them. However, I can look past all of that. When it comes right down to it, they’re her lips and she can do with them what she wants to. It’s the inside that matters. I understand better why she wanted the over-the-top B-day for Kennedy. I definitely understand why she didn’t want a puppy. She knew that she would end up taking care of it. She was also the one who took Kennedy to the doctor, and found out what was wrong with her. Russell acts like he could care less. So what if Kennedy is breaking out all over. So what if Taylor has to house train the puppy. Yes, I think Taylor grew up in a violent home. I guess her mother escaped with her in tow. I am also guessing that Taylor ended up marrying a man (even though someone like her ended up in BH living a great life as she led the battered people to believe in her speech) who was/is emotionally abusive. Unfortunately, Taylor didn’t break the cycle. Russell may not be physically abusive, but he sure is emotionally abusive. The only person he seems to really care about is himself. He only has one expression it seems. I watched him while Taylor gave her speech, and strangers were more moved than he was. I thought I might see a tear from him. Something. No, not one damn thing.

    I have been so out of it lately. Non-stop company & not able to keep up with important stuff like Hugh. I have been a bit sick as well. Think stress has been getting to me. I didn’t know Hugh was injured. What happened?

  7. Pixie said

    MHJ: so glad you are ok. Hey, if you try that Zerona machine, could u let us know? I have saddlebags that no amount of exercise will get rid of.
    Hope you find some relaxation time.
    I agree with u that Kim is quite a character. I was shocked that someone so seemingly timid could say something like that to Taylor. But I thought it was hilarious. I mean, it’s hard not to look at those lips!
    I felt like Kim was ostracized by the other women for that comment by being sent home alone.
    It also cracked me up how Kim nearly tripped over a table on the way out as she was thanking Camille for the party.

    Hey, Dani!

  8. Dani said

    I think Hugh was injured when he was suspended in mid air and something smacked him in the eye. Not a serious injury but his face is part of his money maker.

    Sounds like you have been super busy. I am sure your sis appreciates the help you are giving her. Since I know you and I are around the same age, I can understand how tired kids make you when you have already pretty much raised your own. You forget how active the teen yrs. are so I get where you are coming from. You find yourself thinking, how did I do this even though it really wasn’t that long ago. I just had my oldest son married and that has been a whirlwind but so much fun.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hey Pixie!! 🙂 I am so worn out from the holidays, that I told my daughters to take my nieces out. I plan on napping here soon. How pathetic am I? I thought I could face the shopping, etc., but the crazy crowds have gotten to me. Lawdy, I miss coming here. I miss talking with you and the rest of the gang. Yes, I should have asked for that machine instead of a new exercise bike. I think my new bike will take up much more room, too. Looks like it would be easier to eat a slice of pizza, or chocolate/toffee cookie, with that Zerona machine.

    Thanks Dani for the info. about Hugh. I had no idea. I caught a little of Oprah the other day. Normally don’t watch her, and
    I missed Hugh for sure. If I knew he had been on, I would have tried hard to watch. No kidding. I hope he didn’t injure his
    eye too badly.

    Dani, I feel run down. Guess stress will do that. That, and lack of sleep. My sister’s fil has been in not the best of health for a while. Her mil is in her eighties also so she can’t do much. My sister’s fil was suppose to stay at the hospital longer to get more help. Well, I guess the hospital decided that he was well enough to go home. Not as much therapy rec’d as thought. He still has nurses that come into the house, however, he relies a lot on my sister and bil. If it wasn’t for my sister and bil, I don’t know what they’d do. My bil’s sister and her husband don’t help like they could. In fact, it is a shame because they actually live a lot closer. I told my sister that I would take the girls to help her out so she wouldn’t have a nervous breakdown. That, and my sister has been having problems with some nutty neighbors who happen to be friends, but looks like will go through a (messy) divorce. The neighbor has been spending a ton of time hanging out at my sister’s house to talk, etc. It’s a mess. She shows up at their door at all hours. On top of that, the neighbor’s husband is over at their house constantly wanting to talk with my bil. They need to find a marriage counselor, or some kind of counselor.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Dani, congrats about your son getting married. I know that was super exciting, but waring at the same time. Again, congrats!

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Pixie, I agree. I don’t think Kim is the timid one as she makes out. I thought that was hilarious, considering what preceded with the blowouts, to see Kim trip. After everything that ensued, that is the last place I would want to trip. Ungraceful & tacky exit just like her ungraceful & tacky exchange/words to Taylor. Very low class. That whole dinner party was tacky. I like how Adrienne seems to always be the one to maintain her cool and want to remain civil. I was ready to see a food fight with Psyhco Psychic throwing in that mechanical cigarette of hers. You know she wasn’t about to throw in her 6th martini.

    I also agree about the lonely limo ride home for Kim. Kim is a nutjob, but they could have probably managed to have her ride in their limo. Even if she had to sit at the opposite end, or tie her to the rooftop.

    Faye doesn’t look like she’s aged since the OJ trial years ago. I’d love to know who her ps is.

  12. Rosie said

    Mrs Hugh Jackman!!!!!! There you are. We were wondering about you, so glad you’re ok! 🙂

  13. Pixie said

    MHJ, sure sounds like you got a lot on your plate. I wouldn’t feel guilty about not wanting to go shopping right now. It’s a zoo out there. I just went to a See’s candy store and saw a customer throw lollipops on the counter cuz the cashier wouldn’t check her out since she was waiting in the “wrong” line. A nap sounds like a much better way to go.

    Hi, Rosie!

    I’m loving reading TK’s links about how Allison is a fake! I think her “psychic” career may be over after that episode.

  14. Rosie said

    Hi Pixie.. I have so much shopping left to do too! 😦
    I just read the comments on NKW’s Bravo blog. For a change, every comment is negative and many are taking shots at Allison and the show, Medium.

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Rosie!! 🙂 Yes, I finally got back. I’m so glad, too! It’s so nice to come here, chat, and have fun talking about the HW and WWHL. Well, that and other things. You are all so sweet! Damn funny, too. Frankly, it’s been so crazy around here that I haven’t even really noticed that a lady I thought to be a friend turned out to be an a**. I guess some “friendships” don’t last that long, or some “friends” were really never your friends. I’m surprised it didn’t effect me as much as I thought. C’est la vie. (I think that’s the correct expression.)

    Pixie, I think I may be going insane. I think my sister & I will be going to the psych ward soon. Hopefully, we won’t run into that crazy psychic that K’meal had at her party. I swear I think I’ve seen that nutjob on some tv sitcoms. Her face looks really familiar. I don’t know if it was the booze, but her glazed eyes gave me the creeps. Well, that and everything that came out of her mouth. Oh, and that is just AWFUL about that grown woman throwing lollipops. Hey, I may feel like doing the same thing, however, it’s called self-control. After shopping a ton, etc., I have seen children act more mature than a lot of adults. Adults yelling their end of cell phone conversations that I really don’t give a damn about, & not getting out of your way when you say “pardon me” or “excuse me”. I say this every holiday season, along with my sister, but there are such jerks out there that it gets on my last nerve. So many nice people, but SO many rude people as well. I had one nutjob, in the post office parking lot the last day I mailed pkgs/cards, come within 6 in. of hitting me, and looked at me like I had the problem. HELLO! I was a nervous wreck since I have been hit before. Man hit me hard right in the side, and the cop said I was lucky to be alive. Knocked me 2 lanes over. Try not to be paranoid, but kind of hard. Well, I didn’t give this “lady” the finger but it was tempting. I just slammed on my brakes, raised my hand, waved to stop, and mouthed “WTH are you doing?!”. That nutjob then proceeded to do a U-turn in the middle of the street where not lawful, and tail-gated me for a few miles. I thought she might shoot my head off. Lawdy, was I glad when she finally turned off. Nutjob!

    Just found out son’s girlfriend is coming over in 30 minutes. It’s ok. I love her. She can hang out as long as she wants to.

  16. Rosie said

    Hi MHJ.. I’m so sorry! Real friendships DO last. It’s the ones that are not capable of it that don’t. You’ll be ok. Those kinds of “friends” you don’t need.

  17. Pixie said

    MHJ, Rosie is so right. Consider yourself lucky to have been “unfriended” although I’m sure it’s still stressful. Your story reminded me about this time I got into it with this guy whi then tailed me. I was terrified till I remembered to drive to a police station and finally lost him. Sometimes I feel like becoming a recluse is the solution but then I get bored. Anyway, hang in there. Hooefully, things become calmer after the holidays. You should be so proud of yourself for all that you do.

    Rosie, I hear ya! Today is the last day you can buy stuff on Amazon and get it shipped in time for Christmas.

    Anybody know where Mrs. Colbert is?

  18. LWoo said

    The picture at the top on the right has “This got Kelsey” written all over it!

    Mrs. Jackman! So good to see ya again! 😀

  19. Rosie said

    @17.. Hi Pixie
    I’ve been wondering about our Mrs Colbert for a while now. Her mom had been sick, so I was a little worried. I sent her an email 10 days to two weeks ago to see if all was ok, but still nothing. I hope she is ok. Has anyone else heard from her?

    @18.. Hi LWoo!!

  20. LWoo said

    Hi, Rosie!

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