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Morally Bankrupt? Decide for Yourself – Faye Resnick Playboy Edition

Posted by tinselkitty on December 17, 2010

Oh, the horrors. Ow, ow, ow. My delicate Tinselkitty sensibilities have been offended. I am shocked, just so shocked by this.

WARNING – This link contains photos that are NSFW. This is not suitable for work. I’m not kidding and I’m not going to listen to anyone bitch if you click this from somewhere that may get you in trouble.

How do you like this spread? NKW thinks it was a beautiful spread. But sooooo morally bankrupt. Th e one on the left really highlights the blown up lips, don’t you think? Those two on the right must be the source of NKW’s hair extensions memory trigger.

Faye Resnick - March 1997 Playboy

Are you shocked? Distraught? Surprised that pictures like this could exist right here in the good ole’ US of A?

UPDATE – More photos.

Faye Resnick Playboy Photos


33 Responses to “Morally Bankrupt? Decide for Yourself – Faye Resnick Playboy Edition”

  1. Rosie said

    @TK.. I’m none of the above. Lol.
    Camille’s Naked Detective pictures are probably more explicit. She’s doing soft-porn in those. Unfortunately, Camille would probably love if her younger naked pictures were plastered all over the place.. Again.

  2. KurlyHairedB said

    I realize that I am not a bubbie expert, but hers look wonky to me. She looks like she has 2 apples stuck to her chest and they were spray painted. She is definitely one woman who looks better with her clothes on. I know I’m no prize, but at least my bubbies look natural. (naturally gravity has moved them from high on my chest down to my knees)

  3. Dy said

    Didn’t Faye Resnick sell stories about Nicole Brown Simpson and OJ to the Enquier( sp) or Star or some rag or another? I seem to remember her selling out her “dear friend” I would say that is “Morally Bankrupt”.maybe that is what Crazy was referring to also besides the PB Spread. Who knows? But Faye Resnick is no Prize.

  4. Bryan said

    These look more like Vintage 60’s playboy shots, I see no problem with this, but I know she had other problems like drug abuse, something Nicole was helping her deal with

  5. Dani said

    TK – I’m blushing. Ok not really. I’ve just seen so many body parts with my job that I think I view the human body in more clinical terms. But I’m with KHB on the implants looking particularly implanty.

    Dy – I was trying to remember if there was some drug connection with Faye or was that just OJ’s accusation. It is all a bit foggy now.

  6. Dy said

    Something like that Dani,but I seem to remember her writing a book or interviews or something or another about Nicole and Oj and her dealings and such with them,about their marriage you know all kinds of stuff. People were pretty upset that she did such a thing, ya know selling out her friend, I remember thinking it was a pretty shitty thing for her to do at the time.
    I don’t care about her PB Spread,and I’m sure noone eles does.

  7. Dani said

    Dy – yeah that is all sounding a bit familiar now. Bryan’s comment about her drug use and Nicole helping her also. Seems like OJ was trying to say Faye’s drug connection is what got Nicole killed. Man remember when that case was all that was on TV? Can’t believe it is now a distant memory.

  8. Dy said

    I just remember her name last night and some of the stuff came back to me, not about the PB thing, i could care less about that.I didn’t google it or anything cause it’s not that important to me. I just remember thinking,I thought it was pretty shitty of her to do that. I think OJ was the one that said all that stuff about drug use and that she and Nicole did drugs together.
    Yes that case was all over,I remember thinking how in the world are they gonna get 12 impartcial(sp) people for the jury,you had to be living in a cave not to know about the case and not have an opinion

  9. Dani said

    Dy – I remember thinking the same thing about the jurors and then he got off. In retrospect, his life has been pretty crappy since, as he sits in jail today.

  10. Dy said

    Wasn’t that something? Everyone was preoccupied with that case,I remember thinking this case is being tried before it’s even tried ya know?? There was so much stuff that came out before the case went to trial, the media tried that case,They freakin confused everyone. There should have been a gag order or whatever on that case, that crap never ever should have happened. I swear thats when all the crazy media stuff started happening,and it has gotten worse with the paparazzi and such since.
    I felt terrible for their children and still do.I felt awful for The Goldmans, Ron was like an after thought, like oh he was killed too..Sad Very Sad

  11. The whole OJ thing ended up putting Fox on the map. I remember they had just started out and didn’t have much programming so they ran every single detail of the chase and the trial and everything.

  12. KurlyHairedB said

    Here is what Wikipedia said about Faye R relating to Nicole Brown. and you know if its in Wiki, then it has to be true!

    In cross-examining Detective Lange, Cochran proposed two hypotheses for what happened at the murder scene. First, he suggested that one, or more, drug dealers encountered Nicole Simpson while looking for her friend and house guest, Faye Resnick, an admitted cocaine abuser. In the second hypothesis, Cochran suggested that “an assassin, or assassins,” followed Goldman to the South Bundy house to kill him.

  13. Dy said

    There wasn’t anything about Faye selling out Nicole KHB? Her book or whatever about Nicole her selling her story about Nicole to the rags?

  14. KurlyHairedB said

    Dy, this is from her personal Wiki page, its only a couple of lines long. The other one was from the OJ Simpson Trial page.

    Resnick collaborated on two books connected to the O.J. Simpson murder trial:

    Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted (1994, with gossip columnist for The National Enquirer, Mike Walker),[1] reveals information unflattering to Nicole Brown Simpson (and Resnick) and has been panned by some detractors as a roman à clef,[2]

    Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm (1996, with collaborator Jeanne V. Bell) describes Resnick’s experiences with the O. J. Simpson trial and views of both opposing legal teams

  15. Dy said

    Thanks KHB..I remember her selling her story or something or another. I remember thinking it was not cool.
    There was and still is so much stuff out there about that whole thing.That case was messed up from start to finish, I feel that if it was handled differently that the out come would have been so different. It was waaay messed up!

  16. KurlyHairedB said

    I have nothing against anybody who posed in Playboy, I wish that I had the type of body that would be featured. What I find morally reprehensible is the Holier then thou attitude. Don’t put other people down when you have a TON of skeletons in your own closet. Try being polite and smile once in a while. The old sayings still work- “Kill them with kindness”, or “Smile, it will confuse your enemies”. I wonder what they are teaching their children? No wonder so many children have a sense of entitlement and are out of control, just look at their parents.

  17. Mikki12 said

    I remember the hype regarding Faye’s first book about Nicole Simpson, “Diary of a Life Interrupted.” The big selling point with that book was Faye wrote that she and Nicole had gotten it on sexually. I think it may have only been one time. Never read the book but I recall it being mentioned whenever the book was discussed on TV. I also remember Faye being “in fear of her life” allegedly from pals of OJ Simpson. Why anyone would go to the trouble of trying to do Faye in is unknown to me. I always thought of her a a drama queen and a publicity hound back then. Faye also had a cocaine problem. I was very surprised that she is one of Kyle’s best friends. Perhaps she’s turned her life around after all these years. One thing I will say. Faye must have a really good cosemtic doctor because she looks almost exactly the same as she did 15 years ago during the Simpson trial.

  18. KHB, I’m dittoheading you. Posing for Playboy barely registers until you show up years later on TV, trashmouthing someone else for doing the same thing but saying it was okay when you did cause blah blah blah. Especially when the trashmouthing is coming from someone that did a lot more than just pose nekkid once.

    She had such an opportunity to come out smelling like roses on this one. That Kelsey behaved the way he did and she is still so unlikeable is just stunning to me. He gave her a huge head start and everything.

  19. KurlyHairedB said

    I think that Kelsey and NKW deserved each other and fed off each others constant need for attention. He was the star, she was the trophy wife who fed his ego. She got the money, houses, cars, hired help and assorted hangers on who validated her existence. I think she only surrounded herself with women who were paid help because they were indebted to her and weren’t a threat to her lifestyle. As soon as Kelsey got away from her, he strayed. If you think about it, I wonder if he would have strayed if she would have gone to NY with him immediately, instead of waiting for the “small, 3500 sq foot apartment” to get decorated by designers and was perfect for her visit.

  20. I can see that, KHB, but I don’t think he cheated on her. My gut feeling about it all is that he’d been telling her for awhile that it was coming to an end but she refused to believe it. That whole bit about getting a call from a friend saying he was leaving her and then he wouldn’t talk to her until he finally said it’s over, don’t want to talk about it anymore makes me think he was trying to end it for awhile and then just finally said done. And it’s mostly stuff she’s said that makes me think that. She didn’t know and was blindsided, but then she tells someone else there were clues, she said somewhere that they had been discussing it for awhile.

    Of course, no one seems to know when he hooked up with Kayte so maybe I’m all wrong but I’d bet money that it wasn’t his reason for leaving. She was just the next one that came along after he’d decided for good that he was done with Camille.

  21. KurlyHairedB said

    Agreed TK, with NKW’s slant on everything, we are only seeing what she wants us to see. “”I am a perfect wife, look at what he did to me…blah blah blah”. Meanwhile the rest of us wonder how he put up with her for 13 years.

  22. Bryan said

    I was living in Hollywood back in 94 and I remember the night of the murders I was at my future brother in law’s playing poker. The next morning waking up and turning on the tv and seeing the news live at Nicole’s place. about a week later, we drove over to the west side to where she lived, at night there is no street light shining on the sidewalk near her old condo, its very dark
    I can only imagine what a shock it was for that couple who found her dog and followed him back up the street and up the bloody walk to find poor Nicole laying there.

    Still to this day I feel so bad for the Goldman’s my brother in law was the same age as Ron at the time. The whole thnig was just awful.

  23. Dy – Did you see Camille’s face when she first laid eyes on Faye? She had no clue that was Kyle’s guest and I have a feeling she was not happy having her in her home. It appears Faye has a really bad rep in Hollywood and the peeps who are entrenched in Hollywood have probaly banned her from many events.

    I think Camille’s reaction to Faye was genuine and not a setup but Camille should of held back and tried to recover her disdain but it didnt work.

    IMO Camille never went after Kyle and she begged for the reading and talking out the side of her mouth about Allison and Ithink Allison heard her is why she went batshit on Kyle.

    Those woman are so self indulging they couldnt even listen to the 4 – 5 requests to let Allison just enjoy herself even after Allison said she respects them.. and they would do that in return.

    I have a different take on this episode and think Allison was auditioning via Kim G style and dont buy into the whole crazy batshit routine.

    In my humble opinion.. 😉

  24. Mikki12 said

    @ 23 IJS – Another thing I found to be a bit odd was when Camille called Kyle and she mentioned having plans with a friend and not once did either of them mention the friend’s name. I think that entire scene was staged. Who says “sure have your nameless friend come to my party.” Wouldn’t you want to know the name of the person? Wouldn’t you have expected Kyle to say something like “My friend Faye.” I also agree about Faye’s reputation. I have never heard anything good about this woman unless, as I said in another post, she’s turned her life around. If not, then maybe Kyle isn’t the sweet thing she makes herself out to be. If there is such a thing as high-class trash that has was always been my impression of Faye Resnick.

  25. Dy said

    @23 IJS& @24 Mikki

    Interesting Ijs,very interesting, Faye and Kyle’s hands are not clean in this at all. Although I don’t think it was cool for Camille to bring up the PB thing to emabarass Faye, when in fact Camille had done Pb, also and has nude pics out there from back in the day. But I really think her remarks about Faye in her interview saying “morally bankrupt” had more to do with her nasty rep from her past. Just my opinion.

    Mikki what I find so weird about that phone call is that when Camille called and invited Kyle. Kyle said she had plans with a friend then says Oh let me try and get out of it, if I can’t then can I bring my friend. To me that is strange to ask to bring a friend especially since she and Camille are not friends,( to think it’s ok to ask that)and this was the first time that they talked since NYC,I thought it was rude really. And as you said to never mention a name?? Humm??

  26. LWoo said

    Her boobs look like they hurt. OUCH!!!!

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