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Holy Chickenfarker, There’s A Whole Anti-Allison Dubois Site!

Posted by tinselkitty on December 17, 2010

Jazz hands and kittens and SQUEEEEEEE! There is a whole site dedicated to debunking Allison Dubois, medium Big Gulp to the stars! Now what do I do? Read every bit of this site or expose Not Kelsey’s Wife some more? And I do mean expose. [giggles] What to do, what to do?


20 Responses to “Holy Chickenfarker, There’s A Whole Anti-Allison Dubois Site!”

  1. Sophie said

    Do both. What a transparent narcissistic fool she is. And I am speaking about both of these women. Oh, and her paid friend too.

    And haven’t the rest of these women figured out that you DON’T drink in front of cameras?

  2. Rosie said

    Agree! What’s the scoop TK?

  3. Dani said

    TK we are waiting for the goods. After watching her last night, I just feel she is a con woman. That comment she made about knowing when Kyle was going to die was beyond creepy. Making it even worse was the look on NKW at that point, so smug and taking pure delight in the moment. Yuk.

  4. Rosie said

    Hi Dani. Agree. That freak (the medium) was disgusting! Camille was no better!

  5. jo said

    First of all, Camille is a total bipolar psycho! Her friend Allsion is a nut job! Hey Allison did your psychic ability tell you Kelsey was leaving your psycho ass friend for a younger, hotter woman? LOL! I dont wish bad on anyone, but sometimes a reality check is what people need.
    The only reason that Allison chick is on Camille’s side is because they are makeing her money……that is what MY psychic ability says to me 🙂

    I feel really bad for Kyle….Poor girl!

  6. Dy said

    My Psychic Sense tells me Allison Dubois is a Freakin Nut!

  7. Dani said

    Morning all. Feel like I have a hangover from watching the show last night and I didn’t even drink a drop of liquor.

  8. Dy said

    Hi Dani..Lol

    It was a good episode

  9. Dani said

    Hi Dy. It was a good episode. I actually had to watch that dinner scene twice to catch all the melee.

  10. Bryan said

    I think this broad is done too, that episode did nothing for her, and from what I understand, they cancelled “medium”

  11. Rosie said

    @10. Hi Bryan.. They canceled medium?? Karma again for Camille and Allison.

  12. Bryan said

    Yeah it already got moved from NBC to CBS and was playing either before or after Ghost Whisperer, which I think they kept, or got rid of that too but I know this “I see dead people” show got the boot.

  13. Mikki12 said

    Yes, Bryan you are correct. The show “Medium” was canceled. Good thing because after seeing Allison on RHoBH last night I would have been writing letters to CBS. And they wouldn’t have been to compliment Ms. Dubois. Camille had mentioned during the show that Allison can get nasty when she drinks. Those weren’t her exact words but you knew what was coming. What would you say about those drinks? One glass was equal to about 3 normal-sized ones? And Allison was packing those drinks away. So, Allison how do you feel about your good friend Camille now? Did you really want the public to see what a psycho you really are? One last thing aout Camille. Very few people can get me to the point where I want to take my fist and smash them in the face. That is just how I felt watching Camille last night, especially when she was putting on those wide-eyed “I’m so innocent” looks.

  14. Mikki, I would equate those glasses with at least 3x a normal martini. And both Lisa and Adrienne said the drinks were mixed to kick your butt. I counted at least 5 for Allison. It looked like none of the other ladies drank more than one. Allison was the only one that had that glass at the table. It looked like everyone else switched to wine or water.

  15. Bryan said

    You guys are going to love this, some of those twits on reality poop are NOW complaining that people are repeating things, other’s have said and it’s bothering them.. Stupid fucks!!!!

    Happy Weekend, is everyone ready for Xmas, one gift left to go, ( a gift card, love them!!!!) for me.

  16. LWoo said

    Hey peeps!

    If Camille was any kind of hostess, she wouldn’t have started on Faye Resnick in the first place. That’s when things went apeshit! Everyone just glared at her in disgust.

    If she wanted to say something, she could’ve said “Oh, you posed for Playboy! So did I!” But it’s too much for her to admit that she stripped her clothes off.

    I think Camille was immediately jealous of Faye and had to make herself feel better by bringing up Playboy. Playboy is a classy gentleman’s magazine. I don’t mind Playboy. The pictures are tasteful and nice. Yes, I get tired of the same blond women with fake boobs, but whatever. Camille’s just pissed because she couldn’t land an actual Playboy spread and just did the lingerie thing. (I wonder if Nick likes her in lingerie)

  17. LWoo said

    Oh yeah, another thing: if Camille was a good hostess, she would’ve stopped Allison. But that was her purpose of inviting the Demon Bitch, so that’s out of the window.

    She could’ve pulled Kyle aside and spoke with her privately. But, then again, Camille hears what she wants to hear when her & Kyle speak privately– so I guess that wouldn’t have worked either.

  18. Dy said

    Totally agree LWoo. Crazy Camille should have shut that shit down!! As I posted on another thread, there was no excuse for that stupid back and forth to continue.

  19. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Agree with LWoo and everyone. K’meal and that psycho psychic and (fake/paid) friend need to be kicked to the curb. They are a joke, like that dinner party.

    Bryan, hey sweetie, you crack me up!!!! 🙂 xo

  20. Holy Chickenfarker, There's A Whole Anti-Allison Dubois Site! « Tv ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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