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Don’t You Get It? We’re the Heroes Here.

Posted by tinselkitty on December 15, 2010

Just the other day Tinselkitty shared with y’all a selection from the Housewives bible – The Christmas Story OC Style. Now it seems the Bellinos are upset that their part in the David and Goliath parable was overlooked. Tinselkitty will be looking it up and reporting back, but in the meantime, check out the letter the Bellinos sent out to their bestest buddies and bizness partners.

Of course, one might wonder why one would not just discuss these matters with their bestest buddies in person, as it certainly feels like going the letter route is much more formal and makes things seem more serious. If you’re wanting to downplay everything wouldn’t you be better off with a breezy conversation, mentioned casually while you’re enjoying drinks by the pool?


The letter below was obtained by Radar Online, but they don’t reveal how they received a copy. Did the Bellinos send a copy to Radar Online? Did one of the BFFs send it to Radar Online? We may never know.

One thing that is certain – the Bellinos enjoy the game of semantitactical bullshit. Not Kelsey’s Wife would be proud. Now, without futher ado…


Bellinos Bankrupt – NOT!

The schoolyard bully mentality of today’s banks has destroyed the hopes and dreams of millions of American homeowners who quite understandably feel they have no power to do battle with these financial behemoths.  We certainly understand that we are just one family doing battle with one bank over one home, but we refuse to be scared into submission.

As we shared with you in August of this year, we had reached an agreement with JP Morgan Chase for a loan modification of our home.  After we had agreed, the bank changed the terms, demanding twice as much up front cash, and increasing the interest rate (has this happened to any of you?).  All we expect from the bank is that they live up to the original deal they made with us.

Despite the bank’s conduct in this matter, we remain willing to negotiate in good faith in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.  If forced to do so, however, we will not hesitate to pursue any and all legal recourse available to us under the law, and we will continue to follow the advice of our real estate attorney in this matter. JP Morgan Chase may be the Goliath in this scenario, but we will not sit by quietly and allow this financial institution to subject us to these unfair business practices without a fight.

Not surprisingly, the mass media got the story wrong.  Like most families, we are just trying to live the American dream, but that isn’t sensational enough.  As we all know, the media loves bad news, and will create it when they can’t find it.  For example, “Housewife Hubby Files For Bankruptcy Protection” makes for a great headline, even if it isn’t true.  Imagine if your hometown newspaper (like the Orange County Register) said you were going personally bankrupt when you weren’t.  Our attorney has formally demanded that the Orange County Register publish a retraction and correction.

To set the record straight, we have not filed bankruptcy.  I have been buying and selling residential and commercial properties for more than two decades.  I have been working since I was 13 years old, and have made sure that our investments are diversified – we own multiple companies, properties, securities and other assets.  Thankfully, our financial future is secure.  The bank’s actions, however, forced the entity that holds title to the home to file Chapter 11 re-organization bankruptcy protection for the purpose of protecting this asset while we continue to work towards resolution.  This is commonly done.

Our deepest thanks go out to so many of you who have expressed your concern for us.  We cannot tell you how touched we have been by the outpouring of love and support during this challenging and frustrating experience.  Please know that we are all healthy, happy and very well.  At this time of year, we are reminded of how very, very blessed we truly are.  We wish you and your families abundant love and joy during this holiday season.

Jim and Alexis

FYI – all emphasis (bold, underline, italic, all caps) is included as originally sent out. No emphasis was added by Tinselkitty.




40 Responses to “Don’t You Get It? We’re the Heroes Here.”

  1. G said

    Huh? If your financial future is secure and you own multiple companies and have all these assets then pay your damn mortgage. Wait, I know, how about your wife actually raises your kids and you use the money you pay your nannies to pay the mortgage you fools.

  2. BobLHead said

    Shut up JesusBarbie….you make me sick!

    Oh, and today is the office potluck…the most annoying day of the year!

  3. Olive the other reindeer said

    HI r u?

    I was thinking the same,,if you have companies etc,,then why r u not paying your mortgage? A loan modification for their house,,is that not re-financing the mortgage and Chase charges higher interest????

    I don’t get the entitlement these people have..if it were me,,I’d be in a cardboard box,,,,freezing in a snow bank..

  4. Olive the other reindeer said

    Hi Bobl,,U got the minions cooking for u too???? I want your life…lol

  5. Dani said

    Ok not buying this for one moment. Just a bunch of side stepping around the issues. It is insulting because there are hard working Americans truly hurting and trying to do the right thing. These people have obviously lived above their means and now it is catching up with them and they are trying to save face. Hard to believe Alexis took a job in a Dr.’s office if they didn’t truly need money. Facts don’t fit their version of the truth.

    TK, I love how you refer to yourself in third person.
    BobL – Not on board w/potluck?
    Hi G and Olive.

  6. Olive the other reindeer said

    Hi Dani,,,,

    Missed u,,where u been?

    And who in the world i s the few people concerned for these “hard working Americans”? That is an insult to true working people.

  7. G said

    Hi Olive, Dani and BobL
    I guess the reason this story makes me so mad is that you know that they will never have any real consequences. And the worst of all is that when these banks have to spend money to fight the lawyers of these fools, they end up making up for it by screwing the little guy who can’t afford to hire someone to defend them.
    I believe it’s called trickle-down screwonomics.

  8. G said

    @ BobL What is on the potluck menu? Us northerners love us some potluck dinners. Hotdish for everyone!

  9. Dani said

    Olive – My oldest son just got married. He lives in Denver but was married in Steamboat Springs up in the mountains. It was beautiful and we all had a blast. I love love love the mountains. But man did I eat too much rich food and drink too much alcohol. My body is trying to revolt. Got to get back on the treadmill pronto. Scary part is now I am officially a MIL. Yikes!

  10. Olive the other reindeer said

    Congratulations, hun,,,you deserve to indulge,,your oldest son got married….MIL…but bet you will be a great one.

    Best wishes to the couple.

  11. Dani said

    Thanks. Another phase of life. They make a great couple and have a great group of friends around them. Fun to watch your child come into their own. It was really an idyllic setting with the mountains and snow. So pretty.

  12. Dani said

    Hey has anyone heard from Mrs. Hugh Jackman lately? Hope she is doing ok. Miss her.

  13. Mikki12 said

    Count me in as not believing one word of the Bellinos letter. But I have to be fair. Much as it pains me to do so. There may be some truth in their complaints about JP Morgan Chase. One of my friends and co-workers has her mortgage with them and they really can be bastards. She wanted to make some changes in her loan/mortgage agreement with them. They turned her down because they claimed her income was too high. Yes, you read that correctly. Too high! Anyone would have too high an income if they worked a million hours a week. Her plan was that she could cut back on working so many hours with a loan modification. Anyway, she has been fighting tooth and nail with them and got so fed up and angry that she mailed letters to everyone: congressmen, senators, and even President Obama. I keep telling her she has got to stop this because the FBI is going to come knocking on her door. I’m only mentioning this because there my be just a kernel of truth in the Bellinos’ letter. I’m sure the bank is giving them a hard time. But that’s about all I believe.

  14. Mikki12 said

    Dani – congratulations on your son’s marriage. It sounds like you all had a great time! And I’m sure someday in the future you won’t just be a MIL. You’ll be a grandma, too. Depending on how you feel about that it will either put a smile on your face or make you want to slash your wrists. My daughter made me a grandmother at the tender age of 37. It was one of the happiest and worst days of my life. A grandmother at 37? Who did she think I was – Loretta Lynn?

  15. Oy Vey said

    Well, “they” might not be financially bankrupt, but they are

  16. Oy Vey said

    Crap, sorry I’m also watching Sing off and it’s at the end of episode 2 and one of the groups was singing my class song from high school and had to go see who it was, can’t wait till episode 3.

    Ok trying again:
    Well, “they may not be financially bankrupt, but they are morally bankrupt. I can understand having trouble with the bank, Chase is weird, but if they would have been making thier payments in the first place the rest of this crap wouldn’t have happened. AND, I agree with Olive, with all these different investments they have there is no reason they shouldn’t have been making thier payments.

  17. BobLHead said

    Hey all….I’m down with all the food, but it gets so crowded and noisy….makes it really hard to screw around on the computer when all the owners are here…we had so much food, turkeys, ham, tamales all sorts of sides and my Aunt Joan’s Pumpkin soup, which I actually cooked myself! (The kids are great at sequins and sparkly stuff…but they suck at cooking….well, because I don’t feed them, and they don’t know what food is.

  18. BobLHead said

    Congrats on your boy’s wedding Dani!

  19. Oy Vey, I think you’re getting your Housewives franchises mixed up. Morally bankrupt is on Beverly Hills tomorrow night via Faye Resnick. This is Alexis Bellino. She’s from the OC Housewives. Don’t feel bad, it’s an honest mistake.

  20. Dani said

    Thanks everyone for all the congrats.
    Mikki – that is young to be a GM but you could be the hippest GM ever at such a young age yourself. LOL at Loretta reference.

    BobL – know what you mean about the cooking. Experienced cooks are a blessing. Yum, pumpkin soup sounds good.

  21. KurlyHairedB said

    I am so mad. We just got back from dinner at our locally owned Pizza Parlor (buy local, eat local) anyways….we (the 2 boys and I) hung our coats on the coat rack and had a wonderful dinner. We went to leave and found that somebody had taken ALL OF OUR COATS. WHO THE HELL DOES THIS?????? I had driven, so the car keys were in my pocket. Hubs was wearing sweats, so he hadn’t brought his keys with him. Had to call a friend of mine to come pick us up, take us home, bring me back to the pizza place. I had just gotten my coat for my birthday and I really liked it, it was mauve with fur trim around the hood and sleeves, and I looked Gorgeous in it…well not really, but it kept me nice and warm. the boys had gotten their coats as early Christmas presents from Pop since it has been so damn cold here, 15 degrees with a wind chill of 5 degrees. I know things are tough money wise, but do people really have to go and steal coats??????? I know that I should be saying that whoever stole the coats needed them more then we do, but I just cannot be that charitable right now. My dad told me not to worry, he’ll be down tomorrow to buy us all new coats, but I am still steaming.

  22. KurlyHairedB said

    And we don’t go out to dinner very often, we go out to dinner once a month, that is our monthly family treat to ourselves. So not only did our coats get stolen, but it ruined our entire night. And did I mention that they also took the hats, gloves and scarves too? Presents from my brother. Just a wonderful friggin evening.

  23. Dani said

    KHB – Sorry that happened to you. That sucks. I would be pissed too and it is hard to swallow crap like that without processing those feelings first. I get where you are coming from.

  24. G said

    OMG KHB, that is awful! Who does that?
    My SIL works at a school and she caught a lady taking all of the clothes out of the lost and found. She told her she couldn’t do that, asked her to leave, and watched her walk away. Not 20 minutes later she walked by the box and it was cleaned out!!
    My only hope is that it is someone who actually needs the clothes or money. But it still doesn’t seem right.

  25. KurlyHairedB said

    Bedtime was interesting, trying to explain to two sweet little boys why something like that happens, without venting my true feelings. They were so happy with their new coats that they just didn’t understand. I told them that with things being as difficult as they are right now that maybe there were 2 little boys who needed those coats to stay warm and that Pop was going to come down tomorrow and buy them a new coat, hat, gloves and scarf. We then said a prayer that the people that took our coats stayed warm and safe this winter and that when things get better for them that they help other people out. I really do have 2 of the sweetest boys.

  26. Rosie said

    Dani.. Congratulations!! Is is so wonderful to see the kids come into their adultness! You must be thrilled!

    KHB.. Omg!!!! How horrible. I’m so sorry. The world has been going insane lately… And of course the coats had to be new with the car keys! You poor thing! 😦

  27. Dani said

    KHB – that is so sweet. Makes me want to cry. Sounds like you took a bad experience and made something positive out of it by the way you dealt with your boys. That speaks volumes about your character and what you are teaching your kids.

    Rosie – thanks. It has been so much fun to celebrate this wedding and now having a new daughter. I am so lucky.

  28. KHB, that does suck. Sounds like you handled it well with the boys. So sorry to hear this happened.

  29. Mikki12 said

    @ 20 Dani – Yikes! I re-read what I posted and I didn’t mean to give the impression that I’m 37 now. I should have said that “she made me a grandmother a number of years ago when I was 37.” I won’t say how many years ago because then I’ll really be depressed. Sorry for being so incoherent. See what the aging process does to you!

  30. Mikki12 said

    @ 21 KHB – How big is this local pizza parlor that all these coats could walk out the door and nobody saw it? Doesn’t the establishment have any responsibility? I think after this awful incident they should post a sign saying “hang coats here at your own risk.” The way you handled the situation with your boys was really beautiful. They are lucky to have you for a mom.

  31. Dani said

    Mikki – Not to worry, it is all good.

  32. Pixie said

    Isn’t Chase the bank that gave Jeana Keogh her loan modification? Maybe they discriminate against fat-assed hypocrite fraudsters.

  33. Pixie said

    BobL, I hate office potlucks, too, unless I’m drunk beyond recognition. Fortunately, I caught a really bad flu on the day of my potluck so I didn’t have to go. Maybe if you hang with your minions in cramped quarters, you might pick up something viral.

  34. Pixie said

    Mikki, just read your comments. My cooment at 32 wasn’t directed at your friend in any way. I should try harder to read everyone’s comments before I post. I’m just so far behind this week.

  35. KurlyHairedB said

    The pizza parlor is in an old house, the front room (living room) has the big coat rack and chairs to sit on while you wait for pickup. there is a long hallway along the right side of the house, the next room (dining room) is the ordering area and behind that is the kitchen. You have to go upstairs to eat in the dining rooms (old bedrooms)and there are 3 of those. It is really a nice place to go, the old master bedroom has a beautiful mantle from the turn of the century, and all the rooms stil have their old-style Victorian moldings. It is a family owned and operated place and they were extremely apologetic and very upset that this happened. They told us that on our next visit, the dinner would be comped. We have been eating there for years and never had anything taken before. The hubs thought is that somebody just walked in, went into the front room and took the coats and left. Until you walk down the hallway, nobody would see you. They have the best homestyle pizzas there and this won’t change my mind about going back, but next time we take out coats with us.

  36. Oy Vey said

    Hey TK, I’m including OC with the morally bankrupt blanket (they’re not that far from BH). Just saw the Christmas card for Sketchen and Slimy! It’s a pic of them with Grayson in front of a Christmas tree. What bugs me about this is the last time they had pics with Grayson was last Christmas, and those were staged with the photographers becasue he was getting slammed about not seeing his son. Now with this stupid bimbo and the bankruptcy and foreclosure. UGH! When we lost our house there was nothing we could do, and not one bit of it was our fault. But, because we played within the system we got royally screwed!

  37. BobLHead said

    KHB…that sucks, but your boys have such a sweet attitude! Out of the mouths of babes!

    Here’s one for you…we actually had someone steal toys from our Toys for Tots barrel last year! Now we have to lock them up everynight!

  38. Mikki12 said

    @ 34 Pixie – no offense taken. With my phenomenal “psychic abilities” I knew you weren’t referring to anything I had posted. All is well…

  39. Rosie said

    Hi everyone!
    KHB.. Awwww. I get the allure of an old building with a family-run business. It sounds lovely. Those are the best kind. Unfortunately, those are the types of businesses that don’t have a huge staff, or the most current security in place… It’s a huge cost. So it makes them more vulnerable. Such a shame.

  40. […] we learned about the foreclosure and ownership of said mansion. In case you don’t remember, it was a business decision! And, it was the bank’s fault! And, it was foretold in ancient holy […]

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