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Who Are NKW’s BFFs? – Dedra Whitt

Posted by tinselkitty on December 14, 2010

Dedra Whitt is her name, doing makeup for free is her game. So says she. Or not. Depends on where you look and you know I love me some looky-looing.

She swears she’s not on Not Kelsey’s Wife’s payroll, but she’s a makeup artist by trade. So Not Kelsey’s Wife is availing herself of free professional makeup artistry? That seems a little unfair to Miss DD, don’tcha think?

Let’s all join hands and go see what the clicky trail says. All of these screen caps were grabbed today, December 14, 2010.

From Dedra’s website – sure do look like pro photos to me.

From Dedra’s Twitter


Tres Jolie Caribb is a magazine. Here’s the photo that was attached.

From Dedra’s Twitter – why would you LOL at someone saying that about your friend?

From Dedra’s Twitter – nothing about working for NKW, I just wonder what she thought NKW was turning around. The car?

Oops! Tweets from Dedra that she deleted. I love the internet. It’s a series of tubes!

From (no date, don’t know when this went up)

From the TVOP forums (posted Nov 20)


From Dedra’s biography on her site – I wonder where she met Not Kelsey’s Wife? She says here she moved to LA in ’95 but earlier she said she’s known Not Kelsey’s Wife for 20 years.

Dedra Whitt has been contributing to the world of fashion, advertising and television through her work as a makeup artist for over 15 years. Dedra has always been known for her beautiful, natural and clean makeup.
After moving to Los Angeles in 1995, Dedra had the wonderful opportunity to apprentice some of the industries top artists when she assisted through the Cloutier agency. She had the great pleasure of working with Matthew Rolston and the legendary Herb Ritts. In 1997, she went out on her own and did campaigns for such companies as Guess and Rampage. Dedra has also had the great pleasure of working with celebrities such as Julia Ormond and Jessica Biehl.
Dedra feels fortunate every day in having the opportunity to bring more beauty into the world.


From Dedra’s biography on her Simple Beaute blog

From MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty, Print – I see no master class listed here. Hmmm.

And my personal favorite, from Dedra’s blog


I don’t know about you but that seems like a LOT of free makeup work DD’s doing for Not Kelsey’s Wife. I mean, talk about being taken advantage of. Kandi’s got nothing on this one.

Then again, we’ve got several instances of her claiming the work as hers.

I suppose DD could be technically telling the truth. She most likely gets paid by the vendor, who uses DD as their makeup artist at the request of Not Kelsey’s Wife. So technically, not on Not Kelsey’s Wife’s payroll but getting paid because of their relationship. Here in Not Kelsey’s Wife-land we call that semantitactical bullshit. It’s a big word for a big concept. You’ve probably never heard it before.

But that still doesn’t account for all of the work she does for Not Kelsey’s Wife’s appearances at openings and awards shows.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot about Not Kelsey’s Wife letting DD and her husband live in one of Kelsey’s houses and giving them one of Kelsey’s cars. I think this falls under the previous heading of semantitactical bullshit with a subcategory of “not getting paid in cash“. You know I loves me some accuracy so let me just pop over to Bravo’s website and see what exactly it was that Not Kelsey’s Wife said while she was in the hot tub of doom. I’m back, and it’s just as I thought.

Talking head Not Kelsey’s Wife: “Kelsey and I are very generous people. My girlfriend DD’s husband was out of work for awhile so we had moved her and her family into one of our homes here in LA and gave her one of our cars.”

Hot tub Not Kelsey’s Wife: “I have this Jesus complex I think.”

Hot tub DD: “Yeah.”  Nods sadly.

Hot tub Not Kelsey’s Wife: I have this thingy that I want to help people.

Talking Head Not Kelsey’s Wife: For me to give back, that’s what feeds my soul, that’s what makes me feel good as a person. I mean, I live for that. That completes me.

Hot tub Carl: “It’s amazing how you and Kelsey have been just great. Great buddies.”

Hot tub DD: “Yeah, you guys are generous. Total generous. Generosity.”

Hot tub Not Kelsey’s Wife: “I love that. That’s what makes me feel happy. I mean, God’s blessed me so much.”

Even if she is giving all this work away for free (in which case she’s just dumb) at the very least she’s still using Not Kelsey’s Wife as a resume padder. Which means she is profiting from this relationship. And I rest my case. Until the next friend appears…

Tinselkitty – batting 1000 since November, 2010


15 Responses to “Who Are NKW’s BFFs? – Dedra Whitt”

  1. Humbruh said

    Bravo! I couldn’t have said this better myself!

  2. Bryan said

    What!?!?!? is she your new obsession?????

  3. Pretty much, yeah, Bryan. It’ll pass. I just really get a stick in my craw for those types of girls.

  4. olive the other reindeer said

    It was pathetic how DD’s chubby hubby was all googling and giving Camille all the attention and DD was sitting in the tub lie “what am I chopped liver?”,,,NKW lives to be an attention whore,

  5. G said

    That big, fat, hairy grandpa was DD’s husband? I take it at some point in time he must have had a lot of money. Just a guess. And what is it with NKW’s friends allowing their husbands to drool all over her. Gross.
    Let’s face it, Camille’s whole storyline is staged all the way down to her friends. The only things that seems to be real are her kids and their nannies.

  6. olive the other reindeer said

    I agree,,,hubby’a can be friendly but there seems to be no boundaries with Cacamille and her “friends” husbands,,

    OH what books her nannies could

  7. Mikki12 said

    That skinny, no-tits woman is a make-up artist? No comment…

  8. Tara said

    Tinselkitty! I am a dedicated reader. I rarely write because I’m boring lol. But anyway wanted to know if you were going to do her boy toy ? Nick.

  9. Welcome, Tara! I hope you’ll consider commenting more – I’m sure you’re not boring. Nick was actually the first one I got curious about. That post is here:

  10. Tara said

    Thank you! Geee I must have ate too much turkey that week because I missed that lol

  11. Rosie said

    Hi Tara. Welcome!

  12. Tara said

    Thank you Rosie!

  13. Rosie said

    We are just a happy little group that loves to snark on our reality shows. Especially the Housewives. Just join in anytime! 🙂

  14. BobLHead said

    Hi Tara! Welcome to the Glitter Cult!

  15. Tara said

    I am a true lover also but usually don’t write. Can’t find a place to plant my rear end! Thank you all for making me feel so very welcome, gives me a reason to write more!

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