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Who Are NKW’s BFFs? – Allison Dubois

Posted by tinselkitty on December 13, 2010

If you haven’t yet done so, please head over to Bravo straightaway and check out this video and this video. Then come right back and Tinselkitty will tell you all about this lovely, lovely lady.

For any newbies in the audience, let me fill you in on what you’ve missed so far. Not Kelsey’s Wife has spent the whole season boasting about all of her best friends and how they are her only true friends and that they like her for herself, not for her money or for access to Kelsey or anything like that. Because Not Kelsey’s Wife has a name of her own and she doesn’t just exist as Kelsey’s Wife. Oh, yeah, she also supports several of her friends when they hit hard times because she’s so generosicous. Not because then she can go on tv and tell everyone how she’s saving people, like these two people right here in the hot tub with her. She’s not manipuliflourus. Just really generosicous.

We’ve already seen that Not Kelsey’s Wife’s superduper BFF, Nick, perhaps has some financial motivation for sucking up to Not Kelsey’s Wife. Nick’s actual wife Tricia, the one he’s not flirting with all the time, also has some reason to stick to the script.


Blowing smoke up Not Kelsey's Wife's ass since 2005

Now let’s take a sneaky peek at Allison Dubois, soon to be featured in a supremely bitchtastic role as Not Kelsey’s Wife’s medium/smoking friend. Sources say she’s pretty proud of this performance so I have no shame on putting this all out there.


First off, we have to go back a bit and recall the episode where Not Kelsey’s Wife is meeting with the production guy. Remember how she made a big deal about being so involved with Medium? Because she does her own things, she doesn’t just ride off Kelsey’s coattails.

Well, this is how they know each other. This is the medium that the show is supposedly based on and that Patricia Arquette plays. With most people, I would have chalked it up to “ah, so that’s how they met” and then move on to something else. It would be easy to see how a friendship could be borne out of that kind of introduction. But not with dear, old, I’m better than everyone else, Not Kelsey’s Wife. She just rattles that cage too much for me not to go looking deeper inside.

Scratching the surface we find that IMDB lists Allison as a consultant on Medium, which means she’s getting a regular paycheck out of it. A closer reading of the crew list gives us the tidbit that Not Kelsey’s Wife is found nowhere amongst the many names. Kelsey is identified as the executive producer. Hmm. Seems a shame that Not Kelsey’s Wife would do all that work for all those years and not get any credit.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how you can get your own private reading with Allison. Let me tell you! First, you MUST attend one of her events in person and ask to be put on her private reading request list. No adding other people’s names while you’re there, either. Each person has to pay to go to an event in order to get the privilege of paying later for a private reading. If you put someone else’s name down then they won’t be on the same page energetically. You can check out the event schedule over at Allison’s page.

Real life Allison says she is much more comfortable with the dead rather than the living. She also says the living are much more scary than the dead. Might I suggest you go home and watch these clips over and over again? Maybe something will “come” to you as to why the living aren’t so nice to you.

So, Not Kelsey’s Wife, maybe you’re not handing Allison cash money in an envelope over the dinner table, but she for sure is making money off you. And she at least gets a credit. That’s three for three so far. I’m batting 100% so far and there is more to come.




46 Responses to “Who Are NKW’s BFFs? – Allison Dubois”

  1. Thedesigndiva said

    Well thank God that Patricia Arquette has more grace and manners than this WITCH……Ceeyanexxttuesday is well …..Camille….UGH what an ugly person she is and now she is holding SEX TAPES over Kelseys head for $$$$….WHAT A VILE and I will say it again EVIL WOMAN……Her kids must so adore her…..oh wait they cant ..they dont KNOW HER….

  2. You know, DesignDiva, if it wasn’t for the kids the sex tape wouldn’t even be that big a deal. They’re so commonplace anymore it’s kind of surprising if someone doesn’t have one to use to get back at an ex. But when there are kids? That’s so uncool. It’s proof enough for me that she cares more about hurting him than she does protecting their kids.

    By the way, for all our readers – I do have issues with the way Kelsey’s handled this whole thing. He should have waited until this relationship was officially kaput before he got busy schtupping elsewhere. Just wanted to say that for the record.

  3. olive the other reindeer said

    LOL diva,,,good one,,,

    She has sex tapes???? They are of Kelsey and her I assume? Maybe Kelsey should have had a nanny cam and sex tapes of her and Nick?

    U r so correct.she is vile,,,cracks me up how she call s Faye Resnick,,morally bankrut,,because NKW is morally superior,,and she didn’t recognize Faye wit her blown up lips and hair extensions..this chick needs an effing rality check….

    I feel sorry for the children,,,
    Hope u are staying safe and warm Diva,,,

    Great investigative reportingTK

  4. Oy Vey said

    TK – I don’t condone what Kelsey did either, but I trully believe that when he left the marriage was over and they both knew it. I think they waited with the story until the show was done taping, and he just went along with a few things so it wasn’t so obvious that he left for good. You could tell things were not all happy when he left by lookin at her face when he pulled out of the driveway. It was like Thank You he’s gone!

  5. BobLHead said

    I find it funny that CamilleToe called Faye morally corrupt…hello? Camille, look in a mirror lately?

  6. Oy Vey said

    BobL she has magic mirrors, they tell her she is wonderful. She pays them to say it.

  7. BobLHead said

    I’m sure she does Oy….and also, if you’re going to have the ladies over for dinner, try not to be such a bitch.

    Could not believe the shit she said about Faye…I mean, hello kettle…did you meet the pot? Yep, you’re both whores.

  8. Those aren’t magic mirrors, Oy. She has mirror managers.

  9. I sure wish Mrs. Colbert would get her butt back here.

  10. G said

    TK I agree, where is Mrs. Colbert?
    I also agree that Kelsey should have waited until he was officially divorced. I never get why people feel like they have to run off and get married right away.
    That Allison woman is creepy. No way would I pay to be anywhere near her. I remember NKW talking about being a contributor to the show. But from what I remember is that all she said was that Patricia Arquette was a good actress. Of course, in her idiotic mind, she probably thought that made her the executive producer.
    I see I am going to have to endure more of Camille’s eyes darting around again like she is waiting for lightning to strike during her interviews on Thursday night. God help me. I think her eyes are like a lie detector. If she isn’t looking at the camera during the whole sentence, she is feeding you some prime-time BS.

  11. Thedesigndiva said

    Evening gals..well damn it all..just got a weather alert !!! Gonna be 22 degrees tomorrow a.m here in okeechobee fl…OMG….now thats the wind is blowing like 20-25 miles an hr……Good thing I kept my FAT ASS PANTS…gonna put on the leggins and more leggins then the fat ass pants to wear to work..
    have 54 SOCCER players comong in for dinner at 8 p.m. They are all good kids and are all excited that the cool red head from last year is still there…HAHAHAHAHAHA…I pormised to wear my purple and gold eye shadow for their school colors….Plus my son went there when we lived in St Lucie COunty…WHOOHA….Go CENTRAL !!!!! BBBBRRRR…off to cuddle and watch tabatha….wwhl SUCKS TONITE !!!!
    Hugs and Peace

  12. Design Diva, if you want to make those boys really happy just wear your Snuggie to work!

  13. Rosie said

    Good Work TK! I enjoyed this expose’.

    Hi Diva!

  14. BobLHead said

    Diva….I’m gonna go ahead and do it….our high yesterday was 78! It was a lovely day.


  15. Thedesigndiva said

    Well blahblah….that’s just peachy keen !!! 78….WOW….I wish that was our HIGH….It usually doesnt get this cold in florida…someone got their directions wrong and sent MR COLD ASS here….
    My dogs water bowls were and are still FROZEN outside..DAMN…and all my pretty REALL TALL sunflowers are now DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD…there goes the side yard privacy…shit…no more running naked in the kitchen unless the blinds are closed…but seeing how this IS the season I will give them the Reason for the Season show….LOL LOL……
    Back to reading and get ready to brave the outside…AT LEAST THE SUN IS OUT…

  16. BobLHead said

    I’ll send you some of my minions to build you a nice toasty fire Diva!

  17. Oy Vey said

    Yeah Bobl it was 83 yesterday and today it might be 70 if the fog ever burns off. I was braging on FB and you were braging here, we jinxed ourselves lol. And the rain starts tomorrow!

  18. G, I believe we can now count Design Diva amongst our frigid ranks. I do think we need to discuss BobL’s blatant disregard for our frozen feelings. You decided to spare Pixie because others would suffer, but now one of those potential sufferers is taunting us. I feel that this kind of disrespect cannot stand. Please advise on how you would like us to proceed.

  19. BobLHead said

    Yo TinselKitty…not my fault I live in sunny California! You can all come live in the sweatshop….it’s pleny warm in there!

  20. How sad is it, BobL, that I would actually consider it? I’m sure you don’t offer health insurance to the minions but do you think we could work out a special arrangement for me? In return, I’d promise to not expose the deplorable conditions to the media.

  21. Daniela said

    That is so interesting, Tinselkitty! However, I am sitting here wondering why NKW did not get a heads up about her cheating hubby? Wouldn’t the dead talk to her buddy Alison and let her know, Kelsey was about to impregnate his new girlfriend? Just wondering.

  22. G said

    Uhmmm really BobL? Do you want to go there? For the record, we got almost 2 feet of snow with drifts up to 5 feet and it’s averaging about −5 degrees. When I drive, sometimes my lane will just end in a snowbank and the snow plow buried my driveway exactly 3 times. And above all else, our crappy dome collapsed much to the delight of the rest of the country.
    Now I will give you a chance to reflect on your decision to mock our pain with your weather update on the joys of living in SoCal. Hopefully you will make the right decision;) Tick… Tock….

  23. G said

    Oh and BTW, BobL, bet you can’t do this in Cali.

  24. BobLHead said

    Um….G…’s 70 today, I need to find my sweater.

    OH, and what is this snow you speak of?

  25. Oy Vey said

    Bobl stop it! You’re going to jinx us bad!
    Um G, actually we can do that in Cali, we just have to drive for about 1 1/2 hours to get to the snow to do it. But then, we drive back for 1 1/2 hours to get to the beach to warm up and water ski. Sorry, not bragging but it’s kind of cool to be able to do that. = )

  26. BobLHead said

    Actually Oy….we are expecting rain later this week, so we need to rub in in while we can!

  27. G said

    @BobL and now sorry to say Oh Vey, just to let you know, someone in Tallahassee pissed me off the other day and look what happened to them;)

  28. Oy Vey said

    True, true. And it’s supposed to rain for like a week. Guess I need to buy umberellas for the kids for the walk to school, hhmmmmm.

  29. Oy Vey said


  30. Oy Vey said

    But, I also remember the year I moved to So. Fla. from Chicago, it snowed that year. On the first day back to school from the Christmas Holiday it was snowing. Everyone else was running around in parkas and I was wearing a sweater wondering what the big deal was, especially seeing the snow melted before it hit the ground. We had moved 2 weeks prior in a blizzard. Kind of funny.

  31. BobLHead said

    G….are you threatening me? Silly G…do you not realize I still have the troll grill on my caddy, and I’m not afraid to use it.

    Actually Oy, I’m glad for the rain…means I don’t have to water the lawn for a while! Bring it on Mother Nature! Momma needs some water!

  32. Oy Vey said

    I don’t mind the rain either except for the 30 mile drive on the freeway back and forth to work. That sucks and makes for a long day.

  33. BobLHead said

    ok, now I’m gonna piss you off….my commute is 8.5 miles per day…and I go home every day for lunch!

  34. Oy Vey said

    ok, you suck! I used to work close to home, a long time ago.
    But I only work 4 days a week 🙂

  35. Mikki12 said

    I’ve got you beat, BobL. I work from home. The only time I have to leave the warmth of my house is for monthly meetings and when we’re orienting a new nurse. And for some reason every time we hire a new person it is always in the winter. Next month I have to go into the office because we’ve got a new nurse as of January 1st. No complaints. I don’t have to go into the office every day and we’ve been working short-staffed for months so I’ll put up with the long, cold commute.

  36. KurlyHairedB said

    its 15 degrees here around DC, with 50 mph wind gusts. The wind actually blew 4 kids over this morning at the bus stop. After we checked everybody to make sure they were ok, we all started laughing. One of the kids was so bundled up, he couldn’t roll over and we had to lift him up.

  37. Mikki12 said

    Question: Does anyone know if Kelsey knew Kayte before he went to NY or did they meet when he went to do the play? I’d also like to add my opinion about Kelsey-Camille-Kayte to the list. Everyone is in agreement that Camille is no prize package but I can think of several reasons why Kelsey and Kayte aren’t much better. No matter what we think of the vile Camille she has been Kelsey’s wife for many years. They also had two children together. As much as we bitch about the surrogate having the kids, the fact is, these were planned pregnancies. Meaning that both Kelsey and Camille wanted children and agreed to this. It would appear that they had a pretty solid marriage for a long time. When things went bad is anybody’s guess. I’m not a big fan of husband’s humiliating their wives publicly. I’m also not a big fan of women (Kayte) doing to other women (Camille) what they wouldn’t want done to them. So – as much as I detest Camille the way Kelsey has handled this doesn’t sit well with me at all.

  38. Mikki, the earliest I could find any mention was when they went public in August. I just looked through quite a few articles but couldn’t find anyone saying when they actually met. I bet he’s trying like hell to keep that detail under wraps until after the divorce is final.

    Camille filed for divorce on July 1. She said she got a phone call from a friend in June telling her that Kelsey was behaving differently and that he was going to leave her. Then she said the last straw was that he didn’t call the kids on Father’s Day. I don’t know how she thinks Father’s Day is supposed to work but we always maintained that it was dad’s day off and he didn’t have to do anything. The kids are supposed to call dad. Whatever.

    But I do agree with you that married guys are off limits. I’m not condoning Kayte or Kelsey’s behavior one little bit. It is my opinion that, even if you have split up physically, you need to get all the details finalized before you go dragging anyone else into the mess. And I would have liked Kayte better if she had said no, she wouldn’t see him until he was officially divorced.

    HOWEVER…Camille dug her own grave with me, completely independent of her relationship with Kelsey. Her attitude is one I cannot abide. The sympathy ploy she tried with her mother’s health irritated me to no end. Her constant bragging and boasting and treating people as if they are less than her sealed my anger. If she hadn’t made such a big deal about how frikken wonderful she is, no one would be digging up anything on her. She’d be just another housewife.

    She could have taken the high road with this show and come out smelling like roses. She knew about the impending split before she did her talking head interviews. Perhaps if she had kept a lid on her snide, bitchy comments she wouldn’t have such a nasty reputation.

  39. G said

    @ 36 KHB Too funny. One of my 4 year olds had a “Ralphie” moment when I sent the kids out for a few minutes to play in the snow. She fell into a snow bank and wasn’t able to get up. Snow suits are not the most flexible outfits.

  40. G said

    @ Mikki and TK. I honestly think that Kelsey and Camille separated before she started filming and he just agreed to go along with it. Doesn’t make it right on his part, but I don’t think either one of them are being truthful.
    He got a lucky break that she has been such a nutjob on the show, else I think there would be more anger towards him.
    I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Camille, but I do feel sorry for their kids. Thank god they have nannies taking care of them.

  41. Bryan said

    As I posted on reality poop, I will posted here in reguards to Camille’s sex tape, Kelsey’s cross dressing sex antics and Camille’s soft core porn past…..The next sounds you hear are Kim and Kyle Richards, laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing!!!!

  42. G – THANKS FOR POSTING THE VIDEO!! I loved it! Just goes to show you how some peeps make applejuice from apples that are thrown at you. oh wait.. I mean when peeps pickup oranges and squeeze them into orangeaid or is that tang? Sorry I got the KellyBeenShmokin brain hat on..

    But you do get my point?? lmaoooo

  43. Thedesigndiva said

    Good day to ALL……another freezing nite here in sunny fla !! By thursday we should be back to normal…78 degrees for the day time high…and they wonder why folks get sick…GEEZ…..

    First before I tell you about dinner….I keep in regular contact with Joan…..she has been “ill” the past few weeks and I would LOVE if all of you would keep her in your thoughts and prayers…I know if she reads this she will SHOOT ME…but heh…she’s a GREAT lady and could use some cheering up..She’s been a GREAT FRIEND to me and I know she has made my life HAPPIER since meeting her !!!!

    okay…soccer time !!!!

    What a great bunch of kids !!!! Only 25 showed plus the coaches, bus driver and a parent chaperone…I had everything planned to the secoond as far as cooking the food and all ate a HOT MEAL…I had a blast with as usual and they were trying to hook me up with the coach..WHAT AN ASS HE HAS…OOHH AAAHHH…better than Kims KROY !!!!!!!
    I just laughed and told them I was already marrried and have been for close to 30 years…They were stunned and of course asked me how I could be married that long if I wasnt that old…hahahahahaha OLD !! OLD !!!! So the age game started…first it was 29==then 30–32–39–40…they stopped..I told them i was old enough to be their grandma….hahahahaha….said I was born 10-14-55 and was 55 yrs young…COMPLETE SILENCE…..was ahoot….they said NO WAY DIVA…you dont look old or even act old…I busted a gut and asked what do old people look like..??? they said ..well like gray hair and all and grumpy..hahahahaha..told them I NEVER want to look old or act old and if I ever do..SHOOT ME…..
    They stayed about 1-1/2 hrs and were the best behaved group…..we had fun making jokes etc…..they all HUGGED Me and wished me well and will ALL be back 01-27-2011 for dinner again…..One lady hugged me and I felt her slip her hand into my back pocket…SHE LEFT ME A 20.00 bill…HOO HA…the coach left a ten on the table..I gave that to the kids in the tip jar…..No mention about the 20…I needed that !!!!!
    So all and all a GREAT NITE…….and they forgot the camera this time…they’ll bring next time..I’ll take pics of these cuties and post one…….
    off to
    Did anyone watch the Fashion Show last nite !!!!!!! hahahahahaha….
    Hugs and Peace

  44. Rosie said

    Hi Diva!
    So glad you had a great night! Sounded fun! Thanks for the info on our friend. I didn’t know. She IS a great lady!

  45. Sophie said

    I fully believe that the marriage was known to both of the Grammers to be over before shooting began. I also feel strongly that Camille is not innocent in this scenario. As this whole thing is manipulated to capture viewers interest, I believe that public news of this was put on hold until after this was in the can.

    We only get to see one side of this thing from Camille’s point of view. We do not have the luxury of seeing her husbands side. We have no idea of what was going on between them all these years.

    My bet is he’d sobered up, wisened up, saw the forest through the trees and had enough of a gold digging, manipulating, cruel wife.

    Because his girlfriend got pregnant, is why I think this came out in the press sooner than later, because he probably wanted to get the divorce/marriage taken care of before the little one was born.

  46. Dani said

    Hi Diva. You are a gem. Joan get well. I have always enjoyed your wisdom. Merry Christmas all.

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