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Judge NeNe!!!! Give me a Cluck And A Circle Round Snap!! UPDATED WITH YOUTUBE VIDEO

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 13, 2010

I have seen my judges in my day and lord knows I love me some Judge Mathis.  Mathis is on my DVR and I have warm cuddly feelings about this man that is too XXrated for a blog.  Whoo!!  fan me off right now.. where was I.. YES!!! Judge Mathis!!.. No It was Nene!!  Someone help me calm the vapors since the Judge is giving me hell no to the YES!!!!

Sheesh.. okies.. here it is.. Judge Nene and I want more of it..

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Judge Nene, posted with vodpod

UPDATE – Same video in YouTube flavor.


35 Responses to “Judge NeNe!!!! Give me a Cluck And A Circle Round Snap!! UPDATED WITH YOUTUBE VIDEO”

  1. Ha ha! I agree! WE WANT MORE JUDGE NENE!! That woman is breaking out!

  2. G said

    OMG, love it. Good find IMJ.

  3. THis is awesome of the judge degree!!! HAIL JUDGE NENE!!

  4. susanmifflin said

    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! *Klonk!

  5. Rosie said

    It sounds good, but I can’t see it. iPad. 😦

  6. olive the other reindeer said

    IMJ,,U have out done urself,,great laugh for a blizzardy morning
    but I gotta’ tell u,,I love me some James Franco,,mmm mmm mmm
    X rated thoughts here

  7. Mikki12 said

    @ Olive: Did you get to see James Franco on “Inside the Actor’s Studio?” If you missed it the first time I’m sure Bravo will repeat it. As for Judge NeNe – what a trip! Hysterical!

  8. olive the other reindeer said

    Mikki,,I dvr’d it and watched it several times,,,He’s so humble,,and gosh is best word for him…He does look a lot like James Dean it’s spooky,,I need to see Eat Love and Pray? is that the name of it? He looks so sexy in that movie..loved him in Milk..hell I loved him in everything he did,,even the cameo scene in Holiday where he is in a movie trailer

    Psst..don’t tell Hugh Dancy

  9. Mikki12 said

    Olive: You’ve got the movie title correct but there is no “and” in it. It’s just Eat, Pray, Love. Didn’t you just love James Franco in Milk? What a great movie. Great performances from all the actors in it. Now as to Hugh Dancy…My, my aren’t you the fickle one. Since it is the holiday season I will keep my lips sealed. However, all bets are off in January. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

  10. olive the other reindeer said

    But Mikki ,,doth thou forget that I talked to Bennie for you and you will be able to rub it in your in laws nose that u are a bonafide saint? I think that buys me time until ..let’s see..FOREVER!

  11. olive the other reindeer said

    G…R u in MN? I am a huge football fan and saw the dome collapse…Never understood why they didn’t put a structure on that dome. The game will be played in Detroit and the people who had tickets are out of luck,,,sucks

  12. Pixie said

    Rosie, I can’t see either. Bummer. 😦

    Mikkie and Olive, I saw James Franco, too. He was so cute and has such a winsome personality. He seemed very grateful to those who helped him along the way.

    Ok. Just saw Eat, Pray, Love. It got on my nerves that here she is in NYC and she’s bitching, “I want to marvel at something.” I felt like saying, “Marvel this!” **holds up middle finger***. I’m 100% sure I missed the point of the movie.

  13. Pixie said

    Olive, bTW, James Franco was very sexy in Eat, Pray, Love. That’s another reason she got on my nerves. If you can’t appreciate James Franco in NYC, then I got nothing to say to an ingrate like that.

  14. olive the other reindeer said

    LOL..Pixie,,I didn’t see it yet,,but if she left NYC and Left him,,,the bitch! lol

  15. Pixie said

    Olive, yeah, it was hard to hear her whining with James Franco at her side. She CHOSE to sleep on the floor instead of in the bed with him. Totally not credible. By the end of the movie, I was convinced that this woman’s primary problem was a raging Vitamin D deficiency which slowly resolved as she moved towards more southerly latitudes.

    IJS, any chance u can post this video using YouTube?

  16. Pixie, I stole IJS’s thunder and popped the YouTube version up there.

  17. Tinsel.. whats up with the same posting for youtube? Do people who have ipads have issues with viewing videos that are not youtube? Are their restrictions for ipad video’s? Splain Lucy!!

  18. Well, sees, IJS, all those iPadders are real proud of their iPadder status and one way they can recognize others online is to make reference to all the stuff The Man is keeping from them by not providing it in iPad friendly form. So yes, Pixie is an iPadder. I find it’s easier to just give them what they want so they take their iPads and stop shoving them under our noses.

    Personally, just between you and me, I don’t think there’s anything they can’t see now. I think it’s all made up to remind us that they are up here and we are down there. I’m very suspicious…

  19. TInsle. isnt there an app for that? not kiddin.. fer reals.. who would want an ipad if its so restricted? WTF?? U POOR PEEPS!! I dont know the ins and out. Mr Man has one.. not me.. I would lost me mind!! What say you peeps!! Can you resolve the issue or is it forever an issue until an app i readily available!!

  20. It’s a Flash thing. Steve Jobsie hates him some Flash so he put a giant kibosh on it with the new iPads and iPhones.

  21. Rosie said

    Hi. IJS! Yes @17. The iPad is based on the mobile format. Doesn’t see anything with adobe. It was a blank screen up there till TK put up YouTube.
    Thanks TK!!

  22. Rosie said

    @20. TK.. You’re right it’s Steve Jobs! Since I have both iPhone & iPad, I’m screwed on adobe Flash.

  23. Rosie said

    @IJS.. An app will never be available because Jobs won’t allow it. 😦

  24. Rosie said

    Ok TK.. I’ve just watched the lovely YouTube video. Lmao! NeNe is truly hilarious. She’s a natural.
    If she could just get that “friend” thing down, she’d be golden.
    Thanks again TK!

  25. Pixie said

    Thank you, TK, for taking pity upon Rosie and me. Now we’re in the loop. That clip is hilarious!!! Love the part about Taylor Swift and Jake Gylenhall!

    I would love to see Judge Nene’s take on Kelly and Bethenny’s feud, then Jill and Bethenny’s feud, then her ruling on whether Jugs 4 Jesus (alexis) and Jim get to keep their house.

  26. Thanks for the feedback about Steve Butthead and flash media? I will try to post video’s if they are available on Youtube first. How would I know that other video’s online are flash media?

  27. Well, if it’s NOT Flash, there will be the faint glowing aura of an Apple surrounding the video and the iChoir will break into a hallelujah chorus when you link to it. They had to implement the choir to cover the sounds of Stevieboy’s maniacal taking-over-the-world laugh.

    Okay, being serious now. Right click over a video and if it’s running on Flash then you’ll see the Adobe menu come up.

    So I just did that on both of the videos on this one to see the difference, and the YouTube video has a bigger menu but it still says it’s Adobe Flash at the bottom. I have no idea why those work on the Apple stuff. I suppose if we get the little menu that’s on the first video it won’t work? Maybe there is a YouTube work around already on their stuff?

  28. Quick digging tells me iPad ships with a YouTube app already installed.

  29. Thank you Tinsel!! Mystery solved.. cause I went to right click as well and the menus are diff but both have an item for flash.. thanks!

  30. Rosie said

    Hi TK & IJS.. Yes iPad does come with YouTube already installed. Thanks for the concern! We had written to RT about it (when we were posting there), but she never made an effort.

  31. No problem Rosie. We like to be servicey like that. Now, all of you start tweeting and facebooking these posts, dangit! We don’t just do things for you for free. Neither I nor IJS is Kandi and we won’t stand for it! Page views, people! Chop chop!

    And no tweeting and facebooking them and saying they suck. That doesn’t fulfill your requirement. I want glowing reports, full of sparkly enthusiasm.

  32. Given YouTube’s inclusion on the iPad and being on the WordPress white list, I’m going to have to say someone at YouTube’s got a good business head on their shoulders. If I had money to invest in an internet company it’d be YouTube, I think.

  33. That is frigging hilarious! I’ve never heard about or saw this video before. Love some Judge NeNe serving out justice NeNe style.

  34. Yes Tinsel.. we live to serve and you peeps must serve us religiously!! Serve us breakfast in bed, serve us cocktails in the evening and serve us hangover pills in the morning.. 😉

    Real Old Housewife!!! Helllllurrr!!! Peeps must click on ROH name to go read her blog. She has a post about toe socks Holiday Parade that is tff. She has another one ‘I see old people’

    Dang ROH I think ur link is broken! here are the links..

  35. […] HAVE MERCY!!!  WE NEED JUDGE NENE TO MANAGE THIS SITUATION!!  I do not mean the abs […]

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