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Basketball Wives Season 2 Premiere Tonight

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 12, 2010

Drama Bitches!!


Season 2 premiere’s tonight and it appears Gloria Govan is not returning for this season or maybe later in the season?  It is unclear but I don’t find it entertaining for a woman to get beat up by the remaining cast members for something her SISTER allegedly did.  Geeze.  We also  have a few new faces but they are not significant enough for VH1 to post a bio.

In the sizzling season two premiere, Evelyn draws the line with Susie over unchecked gossip about a hot weekend in Vegas. Also, Shaunie’s attempt to bring Kenny Anderson’s controversial ex, Tami, into the circle is met with skepticism. And just when you thought it couldn’t get tenser, the episode ends with a shocking surprise.

                                                       Tami Roman from the cast of Basketball Wives 2

There is a new significant wife on Season 2, but she is no stranger to reality TV. It has been years (17) since Tami Roman left the “Real World” (S2) and started living in it. Shortly after the show, Tami met, dated, and married NBA player Kenny Anderson. Initially it was a marriage made in heaven but soon things went awry. Noted for lacking a filter, a determined Tami was not going to stand idly by and she did what she thought was best for herself and her girls. Tami left the marriage with what she brought to it, due to the prenup that she signed but never really discussed publicly. She didn’t get a dime. Without any child support, Tami had to use food stamps to care for her family.  (why no child support?) In one of Season 2’s dramatically compelling storylines, Tami and Kenny try to resolve their issues and he attempts to have a relationship with his daughters, who he hasn’t seen in a decade!!  Currently, Tami has a string of acting credits under her belt and currently pays the bills with her day job as a financial executive. She also works with her favorite charity “Project Girl” to instill self-esteem in the next generation of women. With characteristically strong opinions on each of the other Wives on the show, I expect Tami not to disappoint in the drama department watching how these woman are so superficial and she is well.. down to earth and a normal struggling single mom.

If some of you peeps are too young to know who Tami is, here is a video below of the infamous scene that resulted in a roomate getting kicked out of the RealWorld house.

This YOUTUBE CHANNEL has numerous current interviews with Tami.

Follow Tami here in Twitter

Who is going to watch with me!!!!  premier starts at 8:00 pm est on VH1.  Reruns are also 10:00 pm & 12:oo am est.


3 Responses to “Basketball Wives Season 2 Premiere Tonight”

  1. Dang.. u peeps don’t know a good show when u see one.. Didn’t you all see the finally with the icebucket water throwing and bitch slappin? Dang.. u peeps are killin me..

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  3. Trisha said

    Tami is an exceptional woman. Surviving a storm like that, she is indeed a strong woman. A woman like her should be respected and women should follow her actions. The way she reacted on her problems. And I love her, she is a woman that is beautiful inside and out. You are really a good one for this show.

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