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EXCLUSIVE! Radar Online Doesn’t Know How Exclusives Work

Posted by tinselkitty on December 10, 2010


Also, David Hasselhoff’s Show Got Dumped After Just Two Episodes


Sad Hasselhoffs. Their show was cancelled, presumably because viewers were frustrated at the lack of hamburger eating in the bathroom. Bonus – I get to make fun of Radar Online again.

I have long suspected that Radar Online uses some proprietary software that randomly inserts EXCLUSIVE! into their posts and the writers have no control over it. The latest example is loud and proud in their story about the Hoffs getting the axe. I read about this last night over on Vulture, so you can imagine my confuzzlement at seeing Radar Online pimping out this EXCLUSIVE! story today.

After some deep reading, I believe I’ve come up with their justification for claiming EXCLUSIVE! today.

“The show was cancelled because the ratings were low,” a source with the show told exclusively.

Well, duh, Radar Online. Want a few more EXCLUSIVES!? The sky is blue. Not Kelsey’s Wife is mean and nasty. Dogs bark. Too much beer can make you do things you regret.

Y’all go right ahead and use those, k? I won’t even make you link to me if you don’t want to. Remember, I’m not saying these totally obvious things to anyone else so that means they are all yours, EXCLUSIVELY!







3 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE! Radar Online Doesn’t Know How Exclusives Work”

  1. olive the other reindeer said

    TK,,U rule!….when I need a laugh,,u r my “go to kitty”

  2. G said

    TK, “Exclusive” is to Radar Online what “Breaking News” is to Cable TV.

  3. Mikki12 said

    Don’t cry for the Hoff. He is off to England to play Captain Hook in some stage production. They’ve all ready dubbed him “Hoff the Hook.”

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