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BobL Outed as Miley Cyrus Friend

Posted by tinselkitty on December 10, 2010

Stop the presses, lock down your children, barricade your doors and arm yourselves. A teenager was filmed with a bong. Holy mother of Flying Spaghetti Monster, the end times are upon us!

What do we do, what do we do? The horror! I can’t believe this! Wikileaks is to blame, aren’t they?

Now we know why BobL hasn’t been around so much these days. Off with the celebrity friends, ignore the peons back at the ranch. You know, BobL, we could have forgiven the neglect but we can’t forgive your failure to pass along the gossip. For FSM’s sake. Remember your roots.

At least her bong didn’t have any sparklies on it.

TMZ notes that salvia, the drug that “allegedly” was being smoked, is currently being battled over by the scientific community and that, as of today, it is legal in most US states. So, yeah, Miley, thanks for putting a laser focus on it. Bet it gets outlawed right quick. Celebrities ruin it for everyone.



8 Responses to “BobL Outed as Miley Cyrus Friend”

  1. Oy Vey said

    I knew it! “My family has the flu.” Yeah, right. She’s been out cheating on us. I guess we have to be gratefull that only our bongs have sparkles on them. If the ankle biters start singing Hannah Montanna songs we’re going to have to have an intervention!

  2. olive the other reindeer said

    Whew,,as long as my sparkly bong is safe,,,all is good,,,

    I kinda’ thought she was cheating on us Oy,,but I was in denial…
    oh the heartbreak,,,

    where’s my water pipe? I need to smoke these blues away

  3. BobLHead said

    OK, OK….relax bitches! I was not supplying Miley with her bongs….or it would have been sparkly, you should know better!

    OH, and I do play Miley in the sweatshop, but only as a punishment!

  4. BobLHead said

    I may have to file a defamation of character suit against you TinselKitty…..

    I hang with Snoop, not Miley Virus!

  5. Oy Vey said

    As long as the songs are only punishment, I mean really what else can they be? Glad you’re not leaving us in the dust over here, but we’re still going to be watching for the sparkly bongs. 🙂

  6. BobLHead said

    Nope, I’m still around. The flu has passed, and luckily, I didn’t get it. This last weekend I had my family Christmas party, next Thursday, Kathy Griffin, next Saturday another party, then Christmas…

    I’m so lazy…all this activity is wearing me down!

  7. Oy Vey said

    Well, after this story we were wondering about the flu “story”. Glad the family is well. Whatever is going around sucks and after 2 months I am wishing it would go away and leave me alone. Thank heavens I’m the only one in the house sick this long, although my son is getting pissy about having to do laundry, everyone else just had a quick cold and got over it.

  8. BobLHead said

    FYI Ladies, I would never give a bong to an amateur like her…what a loser!

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