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Whoa, Where Did That Come From?

Posted by tinselkitty on December 9, 2010

Nene stopped by Access Hollywood on Wednesday to do a little PR and drop a little boom boom pow.

Of course there was the requisite Gregg discussion but then, when asked about Kim Zolciak:

“I’m done with Kim. I never have to see her again. It really doesn’t matter, I’m totally done with Kim, like done.”

What the hell did I miss? Hit the link to see the whole interview.



28 Responses to “Whoa, Where Did That Come From?”

  1. Dy said

    NeNe says ths this every year,”I’m done with Kim,blah,blah,blah..” We shall see.
    She looks good in this interview.

  2. olive the other reindeer said

    Good morning Lady Dy xo

    Maybe at the end of season,,there will be an answer,,,Kim is hard to be friends with,,she manipulates,,uses people,,and always as NENE says ,,when she tries sto talk to her about her problems,,Kim always interjects her and BIg Poppa’s….Kim doesn’t know how to be a friend.

  3. Dy said

    Hi Olive,
    They probably got into it,somehow or another..NeNe is really no better than Kim,in my opinion,everything is all about her also one way or another, and NeNe can be really mean,and a back stabber,so to me she is no better,in my opinion. NeNe and Kim have been friends for a very long time,this 2 shall pass, they will get over whatever has gotten their panties in a bunch.

  4. olive the other reindeer said

    u r right DY,,,NENE is about her,,,promoting herself,,so she’s like Kim…They don’t treasure friendships,,,sad

  5. olive the other reindeer said

    if NENe thins Billy Bush looks good,,she better (how do I put this delicately? )..sexual gratification,,hahaha

  6. Dy said

    I don’t care that they are promoting themselves,I don’t care that any of the Housewives do. Afterall it seems that they are striking when the iron is hot,and to me that isn’t a bad thing. What bothers me is when they put each other down for doing exactly what they are doing. Why is it ok, for someone like Bethenny or NeNe or whoever to do it and it’s not ok, for Jill or Kim or whoever eles? They all have a right to make money for themseleves.

  7. olive the other reindeer said

    Absolutely..some are better at it though..I mean who wpould everthink “Tardy for the Party” wouldmake that much money,,,uh oh,,,got that song in my head,,now my ears will bleed…

    That Acapella sing off show is great,,,it was on again last night,,now they can sing!

  8. Dy said

    Yes,some are better,and good for them. They are all trying to make a buck,and using their bravolebrity to do it, they all have fans,some more than others but they all do.

    I haven’t seen that show,maybe I will check it out. I watched Top Chief.

  9. LWoo said

    @ 2: Wow, you hit the nail on the head. Girlfriends are supposed to be your backbone, but Kim only thinks about Kim. Nene is going through a hard time and the best thing would be for Kim to have her back & make sure she stays mentally stable and not someone on ‘Snapped!’

    Kim doesn’t know how to be a friend. She’s a user.

  10. olive the other reindeer said

    Hi Lwoo,,I know my friends mean the world to me,,,I have one special friend and no matter what,,,she is there for me and I am for her,,,people throw that word around a lot,,but F-R-W-E-N-D has a special meaning,,,you have acquaitances and you have friends,,huge difference

    Lwoo,,Sweetie,,how did u ss Bryan? LOL u have me so curious now…lol

  11. olive the other reindeer said

    OMG Olive spell check F-R-I-E-N-D,,,what a blonde I am

  12. Dy said

    @10 Olive go to his twitter, there is a picture of him..He is freakin HOT,HOT, HOT!!

  13. olive the other reindeer said

    Dy,,I can’t find his sounds bad…

  14. Pixie said

    Olive, if you go to RPee (excuse me while I puke) and click on his pink name, you’ll see his picture.

  15. olive the other reindeer said

    Ty Pixie,,I went to RPee and did not see his name,,,sorry..while working 2 jobs,,I’m not a tweeter,,or twatter,,,lol..I’m not savvy with this medium,,sorry,,,and thanks anyway for your help,,I am just curious of who all u are and if u are like I picture u,,,I will hang my head in shame and walk away..facebook got me into a lot of trouble,,so I don’t really do the social networking except emailng and my new found friends on this post,,,


    I set up a tweet account,,steelergal121…my pic is on there if u r curious of who I am….

  16. LWoo said

    @ 13: It’s okay. I’ve been wanting Bryan’s ‘Twitter’ ever since I’ve been ON his Twitter and he won’t let me! LOL!

  17. LWoo said

    BTW, I’m on his Twitter. 😀

  18. Pixie said

    Olive, I suck at twitter. Took me over 30 min to remember what my name is. But finally remembered. But I think if you search BryanSousChef he will show up. But I just went there to check the picture and his head was cut off the the picture. All I see is a brawny, headless guy with his hands folded over his…twitter. Bryan, are your ears burning? Good, maybe now we’ll hear from you.

    How do you attach a picture to your twitter account? I am truly the worst with this social networking. I’ve never even tried facebook cuz it looks too hard.

  19. Pixie said

    LWoo, r u getting the same picture that I’m getting on Bryan’s twitter account? It’s no fun if you can’t see his face with the biceps.

    BTW, I agree with you about Kim. She is far too much into herself to be able to be a friend to anyone else. And Nene is such a backstabber; she’d make a lousy friend, too. I get the feeling Nene would sell out her best friend if it meant she could get a laugh by putting them down.

  20. Dy said

    Kim and NeNe have the kinda of bust your chomps,go out drinkin, laugh and giggle kinda of friendship. Kim knows how NeNe is, and NeNe knows how Kim is plain and simple. They are not that kind of forever, I’ll tell you all my secrets friends.

  21. Pixie said

    Dy, you’re right. They have “good time” chemistry. Nothing deeper. Hope they realize that.

  22. Dy said

    Hi Pixie..It’s always something with those 2. They freakin go back and forth like a freakin tennis match. NeNe will get over whatever got her panties in a bunch,just like Kim gets over whatever NeNe has done to her. It will be all good again, their friendship is what it is, fight, make up. fight, make up…

  23. LWoo – would you do us a solid and tweet Bryan to get his arse over here and discuss this Matchmaker proposition? I tried hitting up his twitter last night but he has yet to follow me.

    All y’all that are on twitter, feel free to follow me if you’d like. Still getting used to it but I think I’d be more prolific if I had some buddies out there I already know. I be tvTinsel ’round those parts.

  24. Oy Vey said

    I was hoping to see Bryan around here somewhere today, was wondering if he was close to where they blew up a house. Hopefully not, but just wanted to make sure he wasn’t part of that whole drama.

  25. olive the other reindeer said

    OK,Bryan,,,I know this isn’t ur scene,,but we want your Twitter,,, u know how many drinks I’d get at the club if I told guys I wanted their twitter,,,all for naught,,,,*sigh all the best ones are gay…..mwaaahhhhhhhhh Bryan

  26. olive the other reindeer said

    I sent a requst to bryansouschef,,yeah he’s only showing his bod,,,but mmm mmmm mmmm….lol
    Lwoo,,u r on his Twitter? U lucky gal..lmao

    I am so bad

  27. Bryan said

    If I give you twitter access and you open the profile picture you get face with it also

  28. Bryan said

    If you want tweet access let me know who you are, so I can give you access, If I don’t know who you are I just usually deny it so i’m not loaded down with a bunch of twat heads

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