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For Those Still On The Fence About Taylor…

Posted by tinselkitty on December 8, 2010

She says she has a very nice relationship with Not Kelsey’s Wife. And she took the most appropriate time ever to report this factoid EXCLUSIVELY to Radar Online – during this cookie decorating party at Sweet E’s Bake Shop.

We are then left with the question of whether Taylor bopped away from the decorating (’cause you know she wasn’t eating these things) to call Radar Online or if someone from Radar Online was hanging out at Sweet E’s, hoping to get a scoopola.

At first I was all herp, and then I was all "what do you mean penicillin won't cure it? WTF?"

But then, OMG, get this. Taylor also said pretty much the same thing to Hollywood Life at the same cookie party! So is Taylor just going through her contact list and dialing up all the reporter-type people or are several reporter-type people hanging out at Sweet E’s on the regular? And what will Radar Online do when they hear that Taylor’s been chat cheating on them?

That’s right, peeps, I’m EXCLUSIVELY breaking the story that Radar Online probably has gossip herpes and doesn’t even know it. Hollywood Life isn’t hollering the word “exclusive” from the rafters so it’s likely they used a condom. As I always say, safety first.

Anyway, Hollywood Life says they chatted with Taylor at the bake shop, which just makes me wonder how all these scoopmeisters knew to hightail it over to cupcake land in the first place. Wait, I know! Jill Zarin probably called ahead for them.

Oh, yeah, back to the gossip portion of the story. Taylor says Not Kelsey’s Wife is doing really well and she’s told NKW that if NKW ever needs an ear, Taylor is, like, totally there for her and won’t even try to go Oklahoma on her ass.


13 Responses to “For Those Still On The Fence About Taylor…”

  1. Pixie said

    OMG, TK! Maybe that’s not juvederm in Taylor’s lips. Maybe she’s got a perpetual case of cold sores. The herp is forever!

  2. olive the other reindeer said

    Im not on the fence with Taylor,,I said it before,,her face scares me and her beady eyed husband too,,,Is Taylor on NKW’s payroll too? seems all her friends are on payroll
    LMAO Pixie,,,herpes.ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Dy said

    Taylor.. I really don’t think too much about her, ya know?

    Her husband doesn’t care about her, she maybe a shit stirrer. So she maybe she is friends with Crazy, she probably feels bad for her, because of pond scum Kelsey, I do too.

  4. Sophie said

    Personally, I like Taylor’s husband more and more. Her, not so much.

  5. olive the other reindeer said

    Taylor is like wallpaper,,,I think she knows she better be s shit stirrer or something or she will be a Lisa WU

  6. Dy said


    Lol, yes she is, just kinda there. I can’t say I dislike her though,she doesn’t really bother me. Russell, I don’t know about him, I mean it seems( to me) like he really doesn’t care about her,or what she has to say, just the way he comes across to me. I could be wrong who knows.

  7. olive the other reindeer said

    I agree,,it does look like a loveless marriage,,,,Russell is odd,,all the other hubby’s..I like,,but Russell,,ewww,,,sad to see the hurt

  8. Dy said

    He seems like he is out of place. Like he doesn’t really know how to connect with the others,he seems kinda of akward to me.

  9. olive the other reindeer said

    in the back of my mind,,when the couples went to Vegas and he told Taylor he had to go to a golf outing,,I thought uh oh,,a mistress..

  10. Dy said

    I hope he isn’t another Pond Scum Kelsey Grammer

  11. LWoo said

    You know why her face scares us? I seriously just thought of this. It’s because she looks like that puppet in the SAW movies.

    Just sayin’

  12. Dy said

    I don’t know, sometimes I think she is kinda pretty.I know i know I’ll get bashed for saying that. She has gotten too much lip injections and botox and whatever stuff, but there is something about her. I think Camille is attractive too.
    Kyle and Lisa are by far to me that most attractive. I think.
    I do not think Adrienne or Kim is though, but I really like Adrienne.Kim just annoys the hell out of me, but sometimes I feel sorry for her.And of course Camille annoys me also.

  13. Mikki12 said

    I don’t think Russell has a mistress. Russell never struck me as a particularly sexy guy. I feel that he married Taylor because she was so crazy about him and it was a boost to his ego. Also, it was probably time for him to get married and Taylor made an acceptable wife. I’m sure he may also have wanted to be a father. But as far as Russell being “hot to trot” – no way. He seems too uncomfortable in his own skin. And – as I’ve said before when a man is a crappy dancer…he won’t be that great between the sheets. Just my personal observation.

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