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Sonja Tremont-Morgan To Do Clothing Line?

Posted by tinselkitty on December 7, 2010

Yes, Please!

Sonja Tremont-Morgan (looks like she’s reclaiming her maiden name) is toying with the idea of a clothing line featuring special occasion dresses that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m onboard. I don’t even go anywhere but I’d find some money to buy a dress from you, Sonja. I’d look pretty sad sitting around the house in a poofy party dress but who cares.

Most importantly, I wouldn’t be wearing anything made by Jill Zarin. That’s the key bit right there. So go on with your bad self, Sonja! And, you know, if you wanted some publicity, if you were to, like, send me a dress or two I could probably,you know, get you some space on this blog I know of. Call me, we’ll get something worked out.

Just please please please, don’t have your line made overseas. How great would it be if you could give us some American made stuff right now? Even if it’s a tad more expensive I bet a lot of people would be okay with it. Think of the publicity and good will that would generate. Oh, and no polyester. Let’s at least learn from Jill, mmmk?

PS – Andy Cohen, you have GOT to chill out, dude. You’re starting to look like the stupid frat guy everyone avoids at parties. If I see even one more picture of you hugging a woman and making her look uncomfortable to be there, I’m starting a column dedicated just to your shenanigans. Evil shenanigans. I’ve already got two of these and that was without looking for them.



4 Responses to “Sonja Tremont-Morgan To Do Clothing Line?”

  1. Mikki12 said

    Another clothing line? All I can say is – good luck, Sonja.

  2. BobLHead said

    Andy looks like he’s getting ready to hump her leg.

  3. KurlyHairedB said

    I like Andy’s outfit, but wtf is up with the way he is standing? Is he standing on tiptoe to be taller then Sonja? Whats up with the wide open legs? Just gross. and I hate, hate, hate, hate men in sandals. Skeeves me out.

  4. KHB, check out Andy humping Gail on this one –

    I think those young’uns would say drunk Andy is “trending”.

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