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Inner Reality – Paint Colors for Your Home

Posted by tinselkitty on December 7, 2010

Help Me Name the Shade


In keeping with the time honored tradition of reality star side projects, I am proud to announce a side project of my very own. Inner Reality is a new line of interior paint colors and I need your help naming the hues.

First up is a lovely brown tint, modeled by 16 and Pregnant star Amber Portwood. Although I am not a fan of neutral tones myself, I understand that many folks are scared of color (looking at you, Fox News) and tend to gravitate towards these non-offensive pigments.

So what should we name this color? To get the creative juices flowing, I’m including a few Benjamin Moore paints as a starter pack. Bonus points for naming the coordinating lip color.

I’m thinking Beater Brown.



12 Responses to “Inner Reality – Paint Colors for Your Home”

  1. BobLHead said

    Burnout? Toasted?

  2. G said

    Oompa Loompa Orange? Crusty Rusty? The Kate Gosselin Special?

  3. Rosie said

    Beater Brown was good TK, but maybe “beaten brown”

  4. I really don’t get the super pale lip action that’s been making the rounds lately. I’ve never seen it look good on anyone.

  5. Dy said

    Me, I’m thinking Amber is Broke Down Brown

    I like Beaten Brown, Rosie that was good.

  6. Rosie said

    TK.. I have never liked the ultra pale lips either. I don’t wear dark colors, but making your lips disappear isn’t a good look on anyone.

    Hi Dy.. 🙂

  7. Dani said

    Her color reminds me of the old western movies when a white person would play an Indian and they would artificially color them brown.

  8. olive the other reindeer said

    excuse me TK,,for going on a rant,,,OFF
    TOPIC..well it goes with your Fox NEws

    I was at Walmart to pick up a few things and I see a Wal Mart worker putting pictures up of Glenn Beck,,I was doing a slow burn,,and my check out girl asks the lady who was putting up the pictures who he was,,so I answered and it wasn’t pretty,,,,The person putting up the pictures said,,he’s an author.oh this Hungarain temper of mine,,well by the time I was checked out,,both workers and thepeople is several aisles knew who GLenn Beck was,,my version,,,,I even went as far as saying I’d never shop there again,,hell Wal-Mart is sluming for the self appointed prophet…

    OK off my rant.

  9. olive the other reindeer said

    hope u don’t ban me,,but I needed to get that of my chest

  10. LWoo said

    LMAO @ “I understand that many folks are scared of color (looking at you, Fox News)…”

    I’m sure Amber is HC-74…but she does look like an HC-75. That’s a tough one!

    (After putting hand up to my computer screen) I’m none of these colors. Go figure. I’m more of a golden brown with a tint of yellow. 😀

  11. LWoo said

    Oh, and the lips are 2109-50, Elephant Gray. LOL!

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