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Skating With The Stars – Drama On Set To Air Tonight

Posted by ImaJustSaying on December 6, 2010


After reporting yesterday’s new SWTS drama that Johnny Weir has given an interview to Pop-Eaters Robert Shuter which has not yet aired, but Robert alludes to Johnny being a Jill Zarin fan and not happy she didn’t make the cast.  (Read that post here  ) We have new drama being reported right before the show is set to air tonight on ABC 8:00 pm EST.

Now it is being reported today that 1 illness and 1 injury occured today during practices for tonights live show.

 Contestant Brandon Smith is reported to falling violently ill and rushed to the hospital for which he may have food poisoning.

UPDATE***  Brandon did not perform on Monday night and the judges did not have any sympathy.  They judged his latest practice performance and penalized him for not bucking up for skating while puking on the ice.. 

   Johnny Mosley’s pro-skater partner, Brooke Catile has been reported as being injured today when falling and Johnny’s skate has sliced a finger to the bone and the lovely ice is now stained bloody red.


Is this show just doomed from the getgo?   Who is watching and who is cringing?  Who will show and who will be wrapped in bandgages or receiving fluids Via IV?  Will the judges overcompensate for the injured?  Will there be visual tension between Johnny Weir and Bethenny Frankel?  Will the ice get a complete makeover and the rest of the ice will be stained red??

 UPDATE****  Brandon did not perform due to illness and the judges did not have any sympathy.  I guess there is an Ice Skating mantra that you must perform regardless if you have food poisening and totally dehydrated from empting your stomache and bowels all day and night. 

Johnny Mosley’s pro partner did perform with a bandaged and stitched up finger.  I guess no pokey times for that finger.  I KID I KID!!!!

Johnny Weir did address Bethenny performance as not judging her by her ‘character’ but by her performance.. yikes..


5 Responses to “Skating With The Stars – Drama On Set To Air Tonight”

  1. G said

    Okay, watching tonight to see what the judges would say to Bethenny. Talk about ass-kissing. Johnny Weir was still a prick, tried to say his judging of her wasn’t personal. But funny thing is that she skated really bad tonight and they gave her higher scores. Wonder why?

  2. IJS, I think you should rename this post to Blood Runs Red on the Iceway. Like that video they show in driver’s ed class.


  3. Ok.. I truly believe that Johnny Mosley, Brandon Smyth and Rebecca Budig are the top three. No doubt!! based on week to week improvement. So sad to see Brandon didnt compete and sorry for his lack of scores due to his weakness of having an illness not to show up and have a stiff uppa lip.. WTF??

  4. olive the other reindeer said

    OFF TOPIC,,,,,Sing Off was great,,thee are a coule groups Ilike but a gospel group that did Maroon5,,I love acapella

  5. Olive.. I didnt watch the sing off. I just cant take on any more tv programs!!!! lol

    TK – I had visions of bloody ice skating.. wondering how do they get the stains out??

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