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Real Housewives of Atlanta – Tonight

Posted by tinselkitty on December 5, 2010

Auto Tuned Up

It’s Sunday fun day again! Bravo’s teasing us with Tracy and hyping a Peter/Nene fight. For a minute there I completely forgot about Phaedra. It wasn’t a bad minute.

Tonight’s drinking game will be one drink for every time Kim puts her hands in her wig. I put this post up early so everyone would have time to run out and stock up on the liquor. If you’ve already got enough alcohol in your house that you’ll make it through this show then you need to quit the sauce and find a sponsor.

Take a little time today to visit Pretty on the Outside to see more great housewives artwork like this.

UPDATE – TV Guide finally has up a synopsis for tonight’s show.

Kim faces the music by meeting with the vocal coach who previously criticized her singing skills. Meanwhile, Sheree auditions for a talent agency, and Phaedra rejoices in new found parenthood. Later, dramas are fast and furious at the FastLife drag race.

Huh. Wonder where Phaedra found a parenthood. Maybe it was the next ‘hood over. Or Apollo bought one for her.


39 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta – Tonight”

  1. Dy said

    Uncle Ben(Peter) kinda works my last nerve, something about him,maybe arrogance?? Whatever..just not feelin him.
    I like Cynthia and I like that they are showing her( or should I say her creepy planner) planning her wedding. I love weddings and I like watching that kinda of stuff.
    I’m tired of Kandi bitching about TFTP..Geeze, enough already,it’s her own damn fault that she didn’t take care of business,period.

    Phaedra makes me laugh..She is just freakin ignorant, it’s not an act,it’s her in my opinion.

  2. Pixie said

    Dy, i know, right? And to me, there’s also something creepy about that guy. I made points with when he didn’t lash out at Phaedra about not being clean but he’s since used up all his points. He seems to want Cynthia as his trophy wife but I don’t see him acting very sweet and giving towards her.

    I, too, am tired of Kandi’s bitching. Let the balloon go, already!

    TK, I’m moving to a new office next year (which I will have to share) but I plan to put Gilman’s Housewife artwork all over the walls, esp the ones of Ramona and Vicki with their eyes bulging. The ones of Alexis are hilarious but I can’t stand her.

  3. Pixie said

    Should’ve said “he made points with me”

  4. Dy said

    I agree Pixie,when he kept his cool with Phaedra,I thought the same thing. But when he opened his mouth to NeNe at that Mothers Day thing that Cynthia had,I thought he lost all his cool points with me. To me, I just think the man has a pretty high opinion of himself,and to me that is not attractive, Confidence is Attractive, Arrogance is Ugly.

  5. olive the other reindeer said

    Pixie,,the movie “the Five Heartbeats ” was on last night and I kept shaking my head,,Cynthia, you should have married Leon,,,He is a talented,,good looking and the way he is with her and their child,,a good man,,,but who knows,,,anyone but Peter,,ugh!

  6. Dy said

    I saw that too Olive..Leon was the best in the Temptations David Ruffin, he freakin killed it!! I LOVED THAT MOVIE, I wonder if you can get it on DVD.

  7. Pixie said

    Dy and Olive, Leon gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

  8. olive the other reindeer said

    Dy,,He rocked David Ruffin and I just went to Amazon,,yes u can get it on dvd,,,,Cynthia,,u fool…

  9. Dy said

    Thanks Olive..That movie is so freakin good, really they all did a good job, but I remember when I saw it the first time, that the guy that played David and the guy that played Paul,were so freakin good! I love that VH1 shows it alot.

  10. Dy said

    I am enjoying the hell out of Atl. this season.
    Kim cracks me up,she says and does what she freakin’wants and doesn’t care who thinks or says what.
    NeNe and her one liners are great, I’m sorry that she is going through what she is going through. Gregg really pissed me off last week with his attitude.
    Sheree is cracking me up this season too.
    I like Cynthia,I have no reason not to like her yet.;)
    Phaedra, I can’t say I dislike her because she makes me laugh. I really do think she is ignorant though, she should really know better than to say some of the shit that comes out of her mouth.

  11. Pixie said

    2 more hours! Whoo hoo!! Dyana, will u be tending bar?

    I just hope this thing with Kim doesn’t turn out to be a huge boring distraction. I just don’t really care much abour her taking a dip in the lady pond. Hopefully, they spend time on Gregg and Nene, who may be a grandma soon.

  12. Dy said

    Hey Pixie

    I like that Kim addressed the Tracy thing the first episode” So I slept with Tracey, so what move on” lmao.. Now with this episode..whatever..I think she just doesn’t want Tracey running her mouth. As i said whatever, I don’t care who she sleeps with.
    I heard/ read that about Bryson maybe be becoming a Daddy too, NeNe might be becoming a Grandma, well guess what it happens, maybe she should not have made the comment about the jury being out about Kim’s raising her daughters yet,and how she should basically lead by example. See what happens..You point the finger and how many are pointing back at ya, NeNe?

  13. Rosie said

    I’m up and running! It took all day but I’m back.
    Dy.. Are you tending bar?
    Hi Pixie!

  14. Rosie said

    It’s much better for Kim to be in the Lady Pond, than the married man pond. I’m just fine with that.
    @Pixie & Dy.. I heard NeNe may be a grandmom too. Yep, Dy, she opened her mouth a little too soon. I am really liking NeNe again this season. She is hilarious in a good way. Fakedra is hilarious in an obnoxious way!

  15. Dy said

    I’m liking NeNe so far too Rosie. It seems she is not as mean as she was last season,she seems like she might have reeled it in aliitle,maybe she is more concerned with what is going on in her own house, instead of being up in everyone eles’s business and making nasty remarks and starting fights. We shall see.

  16. Rosie said

    @Dy.. Yes. I liked her in season one, but last year it had gone to her head. She’s much more the old NeNe again. Real life problems will put things in perspective.. Quickly. I hope she gets it.

  17. Dy said

    Yes,I agree Rose. I liked NeNe as well the first season.Just like I liked Jill and Bethenny and D’luLu, but all of them got Bravo Balls in my opinion after the first season and became not very nice,and big headed. I felt bad of course for Bethenny( in season 3) because of the stuff with Jill, that was just terrible.

  18. Rosie said

    @17 Dy.. Jill was one I had always assumed would cut you, if you turned your back. I wasn’t sure why, just had a feeling. And sure enough..
    Bravo Balls is right. With Bethenny, & Lulu, I just keep going back and forth, I did like them both in season one though.

  19. Dy said

    @18.Yes you sure were right about Jill, Rose. She is the type that she is your friend, but minga do her wrong and it is hell to pay!

    The one I have always liked is crazy Ramonacoaster, she has always been the same, she has no filter, she is a freakin nut, but she owns it. She knows she messes up and she is the first to apologize.I beleive she has the most heart out of all of them.

    Bethenny just works my last nerve, she thinks she is funny,usually at other peoples expense. Her one liners are not her own, they are all from In living Color. She has turned into someone I do not like, I liked her so much the first season.
    D’LuLu I really liked the first season. But in the second season she really got Bravo Balls,and was so freakin’ condecending and passive agressive, and her Countess Crap rally worked my last nerve. Now last season,she really didn’t bother me as much.

  20. Rosie said

    That’s so funny Dy. Most people don’t like the Ramonacoaster, but I’ve always liked her too. She does own it, you’re right. No one else does! She knows when she’s screwed up, and she appreciates when people do kind things. She doesn’t just expect it, like the others do.

    B & Lulu.. I can’t stand them for a few weeks, then they’ll come back for three. Lol. B had a load on her plate last season though and I liked her more than I didn’t.

  21. Rosie said

    Peter has been rubbing me the wrong way. That was not the way to get a positive reaction from Cynthia. You can’t demand it. I think his club has closed since then.

  22. KurlyHairedB said

    I’m with you Dy, at first I kinda liked Bethenny, then I really started listening to her comments about other people, and she is just nasty and mean. Her comments are very cutting about other people, she seems to find a weakness or vulnerability about somebody and just zooms in. I would check in on her show, BGM, and when that woman fell at the casino and she just kept on walking by, was just awful. I don’t care how drunk that woman was, have some friggin decency and make sure she was ok before you start making nasty comments.

  23. Pixie said

    @12 and 13 Dy and Rosie, good point about Nene running her mouth. Karma is a scary, scary thing!

    Happy you got your cable and iPad back, Rosie!

    Holy cow! Kim needs a voice transplant.

  24. Pixie said

    I really can’t believe what Peter said to Cynthia. I think many of our husbands feel the same way, but they would be too scared to put it out there so aggressively. I think my hubby might give me a look and I would know that it’s time to wrap up my phone convo. I guess that’s the marriage dance. Scares me Peter would be so demanding so early on.

  25. Pixie said

    @20 Rosie, I agree with you. Ramona owns it like nobody else. But still, if she ever turned those bulging eyes on me, I think I’d pee in my pants, much less be able to argue.

  26. Pixie said

    I am so loving the baby pooping on Phaedra! It sure is gonna be hard for her to clean her multi-faceted rings and bracelet!

  27. Rosie said

    Hi Pixie! So glad to be operational again! I’ve been posting from my iPhone since yesterday! I love the iPad more all the time. Don’t you?
    I can’t believe that Peter is the guy Cynthia decided to marry. He’s like walking on eggshells. That’s no life for someone that’s used to being independent. I can’t see it lasting forever. Everything is about him, and if it’s that way now when they aren’t married yet, it’s only going to get worse. It’s also not a good sign that he would be so rude to NeNe, her friend, or any woman for that matter. That kind of possessiveness, is usually the sign of deep insecurity.

    Kim’s voice really sucks, doesn’t it? I don’t know why Kandi bothers with her! She doesn’t even appreciate it.

    Sheree looks great tonight on WWH.

  28. G said

    @pixie, I know! Loved the baby pooping on Phaedra. Have to admit, I felt the urge to lunge and grab the baby because I thought for sure she would drop him once the poop went flying. Looks like poor Apollo is on diaper patrol forever. What did she call it? Daddy diaper time?

    Peter and Cynthia fit it to the typical HW couple. Complaining about their business being bad while planning an over-the-top expensive wedding. Guess we won’t have to wait long for that bankruptcy bomb to drop.

  29. Rosie said

    Hi G..
    Talk about karma.. The baby pooping on Phaedra was priceless! I’m glad she kept her cool and didn’t try to spank him.
    You’re right about the wedding. Why spend so much when the guy’s business is failing? He obviously can’t handle the pressure.

  30. Alright, I officially don’t like Tabitha. Talking smack about Adrienne’s glittery hair. For shame.

  31. Dani said

    Ok Peter is officially too controlling for my taste now. Now it is time for Cynthia to see red flags over marriage but we know that didn’t happen. However, I do feel she was bothered by his behavior over the NeNe incident. NeNe is super fragile right now and does appear to be struggling with ending her marriage.

    Kim’s emotions were all over the place tonight and inconsistent in regards to Traci. Kandi is clearly so over Kim’s singing and recording and she is making no effort to hide her feelings at this point.

    Sheree and the acting thing, I’m not feeling it. Though gotta give Sheree credit for forging ahead. This woman just sees no road blocks in any situation when she wants something with the exception of getting a 9 to 5 job.

  32. Rosie said

    Dy.. Programming note for you.
    The movie “once Around” with Richard Dreyfuss & Holly Hunter is on this afternoon @12:30 on HBO-SE. I remember you saying that you liked it. 🙂

  33. Dy said

    @22 Yes KHB, I agree, St.Bethenny can and has been a not very nice person,she is not all sweetness and light, she can be pretty rough.

    @32Thanks Rosie. It is a really good movie,and Danny Aiello sings in it,he has a really nice voice

  34. Dy said

    Peter worked my last freakin nerve last night. Ok,Ok, Cynthia spends too much time talking to NeNe on the phone and he wants her to cool it when he is home.How many freakin times did he have to say it? Geeze!! I’m pretty sure she got the point,especially when she was like “alright already!!”

    I’m tired of Kandi and her remarks and whacked out looks she makes regarding Kim. I like Kandi, but I’m tired of her( in my opinion)beating this whole freakin thing to death. She got “stiffed with TFTP”, “Kim can’t sing” Kim “didn’t like the first cut of TRDMAT”, Move on, she talks about it in every freakin episode!

  35. olive the other reindeer said

    Good Morning my loves!..(In small voice) I watched my Steelers beat the Ravens last nite,,so I just watched ATL…I thought Phadra would drop the baby too,,when he poo’d on her,,I mean if U have an undiapered baby,,what do u think is gonna’ happen,,That baby is so beautiful.

    Sheree,,,Sheree,Sheree,,,the actors who make it,,have had to sacrifice for their art,,she just doesn’t get it.

    What is up with Tracy? Maybe it was me,,but her speech sounds slurred or something? I don’t know much about her,,first time I saw her.

    I say to Cynthia,,run,,girl run!!!! Peter is controlling.

    I agree Lady Dy,,so tired of the Kim and Kandi thing,,,apparently Kim isn’t opening for Kandi..we read where Kandi is touring with Fantasia ( American Idol)

    Off topic,,,tonight at 8..there is going to be a show called sing off,,,it’s acapallo,,,can’t wait,,I love anyone who can sing live and without instruments,,or studio tricks,,Got that Kim, Luann and Danielle?????

  36. Rosie said

    Dy & Olive..
    I agree about Peter. I don’t get why he’s the one Cynthia picked to marry. Those controlling types creep me out. I didn’t like the “all for show” proposal either. This marriage will be a love triangle.. Cynthia, Peter & his ego.

    I’m tired of Kandi complaining about the money too. We got the point the first time.

    Olive, I noticed something was “off” with Tracy’s speech too. I read that she was pretty hurt when Kim dumped her. I don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with a person that is just experimenting.

    I like Sheree better this year than I have in the past, but she is no actress. Her audition was painful to watch. I think she should take the unpaid gig, just for the experience. She needs to pay her dues, if acting is something she really cares about.
    The hospital should have sent Phaedra’s baby home with a set of instructions.

  37. Dy said

    @36 lol rosie..”marriage triange..cynthia, peter and his ego”..well said!

    kandi is just working my nerves, complaining about the money, the song, kim’s voice..holy cannoli, she sounds ridicules already!

    didn’t notice tracey’s voice, i’ll have to watch again. i think she is pretty. beautiful eyes!

    it’s begining to look alot like christmas, everywhere you goooo! it’s snowing here and it is pretty!

  38. olive the other reindeer said

    Deck those halls and falalalala

    Rosie are u settled in? Best way to house clean as someone else pointed out,,,hahaha

    Dy,,Tracy is pretty and I hate the way Kim treats her and Kim’s assistant,,She is a controlling beyotch,,,

    Sorry,,I would never ever,,I mean ever race any cars like Kandi and Sheree have,,,someone should have told them they could have blown the engines,,

    Rosie, I agree,,You know a lot of great actors starved,,worked odd jobs and did a lot of free acting gigs ( summer stock) to get the experience,,,And Sheree,,u are also kinda’ old to be just breaking in,,but that’s my opinion,,what do I know,,look at Justin Bieber ( not an actor ) but came off youtube to be a teen idol,,ugh,,,,,no wonder I love the old music…lol

  39. olive the other reindeer said

    Rosie,,that proposal of Peter and Cynthia was a train wreck,,first,,( as I’ve said many times),,a surprise party? then puts the ring on the wrong hand and barely can slur the words out drunkenly,,so u can see I am still rooting for Leon,,,
    Also Rosie on the Tracy subject,,once again Kim strikes again as far as using someone,,,She was afraid of the voice coach so she wanted Tracey to be there…Kim is so plastic,,she should have “Made in Taiwan” stamped on her arse,,,

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