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Someone at Radar Online Thinks Luann Should Coach Kate Middleton

Posted by tinselkitty on December 4, 2010

Whoops, Forgot to Say EXCLUSIVE!

Someone over at Radar Online’s got a crushy crush on deLulu. Don’t believe me? Let us count the clues.

  1. “If anyone knows best what it’s like to be thrust into a world of wealth and aristocracy, it’s reality royal herself Countess Luann de Lesseps…”
  2. Thinks Kate Middleton could use Luann’s words of wisdom
  3. Calls Class With the Countess a bestseller
  4. Calls Money Can’t Buy You Class a hit song

Here’s the thing, Radar Online. Kate Middleton already has a fleet of royal handlers and has been “in training” for quite a while now. I’m going to trust that these people know better how to advise Ms. Middleton as to the proper comportment of the Princess of Wales than an American who married into and then divorced out of French aristocracy.


I'm not picky. I'll settle for an ordinary hot dude with a boat.

‘Twas a good story for Luann, though, as she gets to name drop some royals and tell us all that the monarchy and aristocracy enjoy a good joke. Royalty – they’re just like us. Who knew?


“I think it’s an inspiring story for other women to aspire to if we ever get to marry a prince!” boasted the Countess. “It gives hope to us all.”

Luann, maybe you should check into working for Disney. You’re obviously committed to advancing the fairy tale so you might as well get paid for it.




8 Responses to “Someone at Radar Online Thinks Luann Should Coach Kate Middleton”

  1. Dy said

    D’LuLu advising Kate Middleton..Ohh this is too good

  2. Pixie said

    Ya gotta be chittin’ me! They are echelons apart.. One of Lulu’s minions must’ve scored an internship at radar online.

  3. Daniela said

    Hahahahaha….is this a joke?
    Kate Middleton is going to be the future Queen of England, not one of a Count’s many wives. Seriously…sheesh!

  4. olive the other reindeer said

    still rolling on the floor laughing,,,LuAnn needs Ten lords a leapin’

  5. Dy said

    @ Olive

    “And a Partridge in a Freakin Pear Tree”

  6. BobLHead said

    Well Countess….if Kate ever wants to look like a drag queen, I’m sure she’ll call you!

  7. olive the other reindeer said

    Everyone altogether

    Five Golden RIngsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    I got the feeling…

  8. Dy said

    4 humming birds, 3french hens 2 turtle doves, and freakin partridge in a pear tree!!

    that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be a good good night..wooo hoo

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