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Top Chef All Stars Premieres Tonight

Posted by tinselkitty on December 1, 2010

History Never Repeats

Top Chef All Stars kicks off tonight, and for the first time I plan on watching the entire season. I’ve tuned in here and there but haven’t been able to commit. Anthony Bourdain is back at the judge’s table (good) but Padma’s still the host (not good). Hit the link to see the contestants and tell me who I should root for.

None of the contestants have won so everyone’s got something to prove. The first challenge should be entertaining as each chef has to craft a dish from the very ingredients that sent them hightailing it out of the kitchen their first time around.

I am already looking forward to one particular challenge involving cookies.  The guest judges that week are Cookie Monster, Elmo and Telly. Of course, Cookie’s the one to impress on this panel, what with his lifelong cookie connoisseur status. If I were to advise the chefs on this one I’d tell them to go for a crunchy cookie, something with a lot of gusto and flair.

Castles and Cooks gives a good rundown of each contestant if you’re in the mood for a refresher.



29 Responses to “Top Chef All Stars Premieres Tonight”

  1. Thedesigndiva said

    I have watched EACH season of Top Chef….Last season was SO SO…..I am however looking forward to the ALL STARS……
    may the BEST CHEF win…..
    But on another note…I am HIGHLY disturbed by their ads….all that wasted food being thrown around with all the HUNGRY PEOPLE in this COuntry….BAD BAD BAD…they should have thought of another way to display their talents….

    PS…PLEASE PRAY THAT OUR ( cough cough ) government finds it in their hearts to EXTEND THE UNEMPLOYMENT till the end of 2011..
    THOUSANDS of people are due to suffer because of this…Diva and family being one….We have downsized to the BARE MINUMUM…thank God I can at least eat at work..yes folks it’s that bad out there…….I have to keep internet in order for Mr ford to look for work… dont blast me on that one..I have bare min cell service…no internet or fancy things like texting…PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS……
    Hugs and Peace

  2. I’m right there with you, Diva. Ready to get back to work myself but hoping for the best with the upcoming decisions.

    Now, though, I must take you to task. I saw you elsewhere on the internet but not here. What’s up with that? Am I going to have to stalk you? ‘Cause I will. Remember, no job so I can do this all day. 🙂 What? Jealous? No, not me!

  3. Thedesigndiva said

    A THOUSAND PARDONS….just until awhile ago tvtime was in spam…wierd…..So naturally lately I have lost my snark….I spent Tuesday sending out a THOUSAND EMAILS to D.C. to the goon squad…… I am sure they will just be like all the others that were sent…..THROWN AWAY…but at least i tried……then I go to work in pain and come home smile at mr ford…just to make him feel better….he goes to bed and i cry……I feel better for at least getting all the negativity out of me thru salty tears…..LOL LOL
    the kids at work ask me what happened to this country and I dont have answers for them…..BUT…We did go on the comp at work…FUCK THE OWNER…and I had them watch the videos you have posted on the side bar… we plugged the sound into the stores system and LAUGHED OUR ASSES off…it was the highlight of the night…They said to tell you….KOOL…good work and get it wet !!!!!!
    Hugs and Peace


  4. Wait, what? What videos on the sidebar? What am I missing?

    I think we’ve got you all unspammed in the system so it should all be good now. Makes you wonder how many of the congresscritters just mark all the constituent email as spam, huh? I get a letter in the mail any time I send something in but it’s never specific, just whatever form letter they have about the subject I had mentioned.

  5. Thedesigndiva said

    baby rockin..insanity at subway….on the right……can you see them ????
    They are so funny…

  6. Okay, I see them now. The ones under imajustsaying. Duh, I was looking for video stills over there. It’s one of those days.

  7. Thedesigndiva said

    They really are so cute…..The subway one has to be from Okeechobee !!! thats what we deal with on a daily basis in this town !!!! Cow dunk philosophy…wish i could move back to the coast …..SIGH…

    On another note…..As you all know I live right behind our local Race Trac gas station…Not only from my big windows do i get see guys whip out mr hankie and pee in the woods…or watch as US Marshalls SUIT up…I had my first SHOOTING Sunday a.m. @ 2:22 a.m…. SCARED THE PISS OUT OF ME….I called 911 and tried ever so gently to PC and it was hard….But I did it and Sunday DAY we got out our guns cleaned and now loaded……I pity the fool whoever would have the BALLS to come into Divas digs…You will be leaving in a NON DESIGNER BAG in BASIC BLACK….Hell maybe Shrill could design some new spanx bags for the ME’S across the country to use so all the perps dont look so large as life…….

    It’s beyond words of how I felt inside after hearing this shooting…. all because some guy looked at some other dudes girl the wrong way…ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME…shot the truck up and THANKFULLY the shots missed the gas filling stations..can you imagine the fire ball !!! I know I would have had collateral damage from that…we live that close…..Scary times folks Scary times…..

    Hugs and Peace just the same

  8. olive the other reindeer said

    I pray for you Diva,,it’s great that they want to extend the tax cuts for the filthy rich and the people on unemployment,,,they don’t have any sympathy for….I pray every day that this country gets back to the people,,,,They kicked people out of Congress for a reason,,but they aren’t getting the message…It’snot even politics,,it’s a vendetta and bigotry,,,I think this will be a short lived majority in the Congress,,,because they are not getting the message…

    I pray for you and TK,,and eveyone who is hurting,,,

    AKA Reality is not Real

  9. olive the other reindeer said

    OH TK,,,root for Carla or Richard,,,lol

  10. Thedesigndiva said

    Olive the other reindeer…. i just LOVE your new name….
    I want to be HOWARD….as in….Our father , who art in Heaven , Howard be his name……

    thanks for all the prayers….. I have NEVER stopped praying but I sometimes wonder if ‘ Howard’ is listening…… I know we are not alone, alot more out there suffering more than we are …but DAMN IT ALL… We are good people, and why cant our government HELP us in return for all the HELP we have given them in all our years of being good citizens and PRODUCTIVE MEMBERS OF SOCIETY……It just frost my nuts that this happening on OUR COUNTRY….Where did it all go wrong ??????

    I’ll keep smiling and working on getting my snark back for sure…cause with tvtime 101 and all of you..



  11. olive the other reindeer said

    Diva,,,Howard is watching over us,,,the rich tax cuts have been in place for 10 years,,and they don’t work,,,people on unemployment or the working poor,,we spend money,,the filthy rich are not jump starting the economy,,,,,this country was duped for 8 years and again now it’s all about bigotry and stopping anything that help the common people,,,,Boehner and Cantor may think they are the BIG DOGS,,but Howard don’t like ugly,,and doesn’t like what they are doing to the people,,,

    You are in my prayers,,,I know it’s hard to come home from work and put a smile on your face and be your hubby’s cheerleader,,but you know women are stronger…no offense Bryan.


    All Things Are Possible

  12. Rosie said

    Omg! So glad you are ok!?! I hope they caught the shooters!
    You are in my thoughts. I was beginning to worry about you. Haven’t seen you in a little while. Let’s pray our country turns itself back around in the New Year!

  13. Rosie said

    I have never seen Top Chef. It must be good since it won an emmy this year.

    @Olive-tor.. It’s you rinr. How are you feeling? I know you’ve been trough it lately. I hope you’re doing ok.

  14. olive the other reindeer said

    HI Rosie (LCK ) * Wink Wink,,

    I’m trying to get my stregnth back,,I called the insurance financial co-ordinator Monday,,,twice,,my argument being,,that once they approve the surgery,,there will be no more hospital stays,,,it’s costing them and myself more by refusing it (Pixie’s my mouthpiece) ,,,so I decided to get strong and get a release from my primary doctor and go back to work,,,,,I can’t stand staying home,,,and I’m depressed,,,,

    Thank you,Hun for asking,,,,,

    Today is my birthday and a few girls from work came over at lunch time,,makes me feel good, since I have only worked there since May…

  15. Rosie said

    @14 Olive/rinr
    Awwwwwwwww. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! XO

    I’m so sorry you are going through all this! Have they turned down your surgery, or just taking forever to decide?? These companies are obscene. It makes perfect sense to fix the problem with surgery.

  16. olive the other reindeer said

    I think they are taking forever to decide,,and as I said,,I have only been at my job since May,,I feel I better get back to work,,,they keep telling me my job is not in jeopardy,,but I still have anxiety,,,I have not worked there long enough to be protected by the FMLA.

  17. Rosie said

    Yes, but they still can’t discriminate. They are supposed to keep a position of equal value open for you. Same with maternity. It sounds like your employer gets it. Besides the law, it’s a moral issue. They are not required to pay you, but must bring you back.
    I’m sure you are having anxiety about all of it, but concentrate on getting yourself well! 🙂

  18. Is anyone else watching this right now?

  19. Pixie said

    TK, I used to love this show but had to stop watching it because it gave me all kinds of cravings which I could never satisfy cuz I’m a terrible cook. So I had to switch to Clean House. Does wonders for the appetite.

    RINR/Olive, do you think it worked? Did they seem more receptive? If there are long-term complications thay could arise from your condition which surgery could prevent, this might be a good time to mention that. I’ll be praying that it works out. And Happy Birthday!

    Diva, spit out my drink at the Howard thing. I, too, believe all things are possible. Amen.

  20. Pixie, I watched Jerseylicious yesterday but I think my brain is still processing it all. Was this episode kind of bland? I feel like I should be able to discuss something about it but I can’t really nail anything in particular.

  21. Oy Vey said

    How about the fact that Anthony Bourdain is an ass? I really don’t like him, he’s just mean to be mean and not contsrutive at all.

  22. Pixie said

    @20 TK: you may be right. I’m having trouble remembering what it was about. Oh, yeah! Maybe it was a little slower than usual but it had its moments like Alexis being a jerk to Olivia. And Anthony’s greediness and butt-kissing. Maybe just another episode or two for it to grow on you?

  23. olive the other reindeer said

    Thank you Pixie for the birthday wishes,,,

    The hospital financial coordinator has taken it over and is talking directly to the insurance company,,,with the referrals of 4 doctors,,3specialists and of course my primary….The doctors are beside themselves that they are dragging their feet,,,you know,,,I have probably met my out of pocket for the year since I was in hospital,,almost a month,,the insurance company will probably wait til 2011 to approve and I start my out of pocket from zero,,and have to pay more …it’s such crap

  24. Thedesigndiva said

    Olive…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YEW…….Sorry we missed it…we need a bee day list generated…!!!

    Howard came way of me trying to teach my grand daughter the Our Father prayer…she said Howard be thy name and I rolled out of bed laughing my ass off. she looks over and says DD are you right ?? and I just knew then that all things were possible thru the sayings of a child…..

    TOP CHEF…YEA….I watched at 12:30…was late getting home from work and dont do mid way viewing….
    I am rooting for Jennifer…I think she was robbed in her season..
    Fabio…what can one say …. I HATE marcel…he’s alittle prick…. i still like richard…..I think he got robbed on time last night…..I will be watching thru out the season..

    I HATE BOURDAIN…EGOTESTICLE ASS…. Bring back the english dude….I liked him better…..tony ??? or something…..Padma looks very wore out…guess having that baby took its toll onher.. and whats with the POOCH….She needs a pooch intervention from our resident SPANX MANX SHRILL……

    PS…OFF TOPIC…..but too funny not to mention
    The other nite at work I go to clean the mens room….. Its a large one…So inside the seperate h/c stall I find TWO Kim Krapdashian style BOOTY LICIOUS MAGS and get this …are ya ready…A frigging bottle of lotion…..I about busted a gut laughing..
    The Burger Barn new motto…
    Come eat your meat and then beat it too !! Just beat it ..beat it …..thanks Michael J…..

  25. olive the other reindeer said

    oh diva,,,,,,,I just spit my soda out on your burger barn motto,,,keep laughing hun!

  26. Thedesigndiva said

    @ 25 Olive…..Thanks…even the kids at work last night said I seem to feeling better…Told them i am getting my “snark” back….it’s less messy for them to have me jazzing them than shooting myself in front of them I said…..ALL THAT BLOOD AND GUTS…..they laughed…..they are helping me thru this trying time w/ unemployment thing……I am SOOOO confused by all this wrangling back and forth in the house and the senate and the congress…
    LOOK YOU >>UCKERS….get your heads out of your ass…there are people who are going to be HOMELESS COLD AND HUNGRY…they are CHILDREN CHILDREN CHILDREN that NEED PROTECTION…….EFF the rich….

  27. olive the other reindeer said

    Oh Diva,,I so agree with you,,,I can’t even watch the talking heads on tv without calling them a bunch of obscene names,,,there is no middle class,,it’s the rich and poor,,,the tax cuts for the rich isn’t working!!!!!

    I love that you keep your sense of humor,,,u r a strong woman,,,

    I pray for you,,,recession,,hell,,this is a depression

    Hugs to u,,,,

  28. Thedesigndiva said

    Well lets see if we can get a grasp on this….. The unemployment rate is high…So let’s see if this makes any sense to anyone…and if so ..let me know…
    When all these people who NO LONGER can collect their checks…they drop off the rolls of the unemployed…no longer filing claims…..I am taking MILIIONS OF PEOPLE…so in the coming weeks the rate of unemployment WILL DROP…well duh…thats because people are NO LONGER BEING COUNTED….
    What in the name of Howard is going on !!!????%%%%%
    Are we all just pawns in a game ? and if so what is the REWARD for playing the game…????

    ya know they may take away our dignity but they will NEVER EVER GET MY SNARK….or my guns…wink wink

  29. olive the other reindeer said

    the unemployment rate is way above what they report now,,because there are people who have depleted their unemployment,,and since a corporation pays the state unemployment taxes,,it makes the companies experience rates go up..,,,it’s the tail wagging the dog…

    I know people want jobs,,,not sit home
    and worry if that next unemployment check is coming,,,been there done that,,didn’t like it,,,

    This lame duck Congress,,,I hope karma comes back and bites them in the arse..

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