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RIP Leslie Nielsen

Posted by tinselkitty on November 28, 2010

You Were a Hella Funny Man, Sir

It is with great regret that we tell you that Leslie Nielsen, 84, has passed away at a hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. Nielsen had been hospitalized as a result of pneumonia.  I watched his movies over and over when I was little but of course missed half the jokes until I was older.  Hit the jump for a greatest hits video and send this man out with a laugh.


7 Responses to “RIP Leslie Nielsen”

  1. Thanks for the tribute Tinslehead!!! He will be sorely missed.

  2. Dani said

    Oh I loved Leslie Neilsen. He could deliver the best droll lines in his movies. One of a kind. Sad for his family, especially around the holidays.

  3. ILoveMyBadTV said

    That was sweet of you to post this. He was hella funny indeed and will be missed.

  4. Rosie said

    Omg! So funny! He will be missed.

  5. reality is not real said

    Best line ever,,” and don’t call me Shirley”…he had that dry wit,,the great one liners and you don’t appreciate it til u are an adult as TK says,,,RIP,,,You gave us so many laughs

  6. LWoo said

    I’m going to miss him. I first saw this on Perez’s website; too sad. 😦

  7. Mikki12 said

    If anyone watched WWHL Andy actually mentioned it on the show. He said something like “Just learned that Leslie Nielson passed….” His remarks were very gracious and showed another side to Andy that often gets lost in his live shows. Andy acted like a real mensch and it was a pleasant change from his usual shtick.

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