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Real Housewives of Atlanta – Preview

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 28, 2010

Tonight is a new installment peeps of Real Housewives of Atlanta!  I don’t know if last weeks episode can ever be topped since I found it the best episode ever.  We left off last week with learning that Phaedra did not die in childbirth and produced an Asian baby (per Phaedra) and NeNe is well on her way to getting a new job as a Radio talk show host interviewer by interviewing for the job with name dropping celebs such as Tyler Perry and Monique!  I hope NeNe can deliver but somehow I think what NeNe wants, NeNe gets and nothing will get in the way of knocking down the doors of any celebrity who lives in the Atlanta area.   Below is a preview of NeNe at her first day of work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.  

In other news, Phaedra Parks has posted a Bravo blog for last weeks episode and she does not mention the fact that she was full term but does speak a little about her delivery.  This is what she had to say below..

During this week’s episode, my son was born. Although television made the birth seem short and sweet, I was actually in intense labor for three days prior to my Caesarean Section; I experienced some very frightening moments. There were times when uncertainty got the best of me, and I feared the worst. So I sit here now grateful that my son and I survived.  Moreover, I appreciate my wonderful husband and supportive mother who never left my side.”


Now I am not a nurse, but I am pretty sure Phaedra was not in “Intense” labor for 3 days prior to the babies delivery.  When a doctor is trying to induce you to get you to dilate, that is not intense labor.  Until you dilate to at least 5 centimeters, that is what I believe is hard labor and at that point you can receive an epidural which I what I think she did receive since they didn’t show her going through breathing exercises through contractions with full on makeup and a team of staff members to keep applying her lip gloss as she dozed off and smeared it on her pillow. 

Also, I don’t think any doctor will let you remain in HARD LABOR for 3 days since that would be too stressful for the 3 month premature baby..  Hey.. I’m Just Saying..

Here is an interview with Phaedra still sticking to her new story of the hard labor she was faced with and coming to near death OH and trying to tell us that she had a high risk pregnancy which any woman I know these days who are high risk do not take dance classes and focus on filming a reality show since mostly you are bed ridden and weekly high-tech ultrasounds are performed to monitor the babies progress which at any one of the ultra sounds would have identified how far along she was.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



61 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta – Preview”

  1. Pixie said

    Oops, forgot you Wildheart in us thinking Sheree paid the bill. Looked like that conversation didn’t last long, so hopefully, the bill wasn’t much. Lord knows Sheman doesn’t need any more bills.

  2. Pixie said

    TK, which episode did you see the flip-out TV for Adrienne and Paul? Can’t believe I missed that.

  3. Just saw it in the BH that’s playing now. The scene where Paul can’t figure out how to work the clasp on Adrienne’s necklace before they go to the funeral. I totally missed it the first time around. You don’t see the tv itself, just the back. Once I noticed that I started looking at the bed itself and decided I don’t like it. Looks like something Teresa would have. Well, if Teresa could have it. Broke ass bitch.

  4. Pixie said

    I gotta recheck out that episode, TK. That’s what I love about these shows, all the layers. I can’t decide whether it’s more like onion layers or cake layers, though.

  5. Pixie said

    TK or IJS, is one of you up for doing a recrap of Jerseylicious? It was a great episode tonite. Please, please, please!

  6. I was going to try it out this week Pixie, but I haven’t watched it yet. This will only be the third episode I’ve seen so any writing I do may very well suck big time. You’ve been warned.

  7. Pixie said

    TK, I have complete and utter faith in you.

  8. G said

    Did anyone else catch the Big Whopper in Phaedra’s interview full of lies? She actually said there were fertility issues with her getting pregnant!!!
    I had to go back to IJS’ great post about Phaedra’s timeline of lies to verify. But can someone please explain to me how you can have had fertility problems when your hubby is released from prison in May and you get pregnant by September? Even using Phaedra’s dubious timeline, she would have been pregnant in November. This woman is unbelievable!
    The footage of her talking about being the hospital the day before her shower while showing her dancing with Dwight is priceless. Now I know why this woman is a so-called top defense lawyer.
    I also noticed that she has the same malady as Camille. They both have trouble looking the camera or person in the eye when they are spreading the manure. There eyes dart around the room like they are waiting for birds to attack.

    BTW I have had both a regular delivery and a C-section. I will take the C-section any day. Within a few days I was up and at ’em. Not so much with the regular delivery.

  9. G!!! You So Smart!!!! I forgot to include that tidbit about fertility issues!! This woman is the liar who just keeps giving!!!! She is a gift from baby Jesus.

  10. Pixie I didnt watch Jerseylicious yet. I keeled over last night and was hoping the daughter would do it and she said she would do it last week, but she is slackin due to rediculous stuff like kids, job and the holidays. Hopefully I will get to it today.

  11. Rosie said

    @8 G..
    Good point! I missed her talking about fertility issues. Who would hire her as their lawyer after all this?

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