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Bawby! Come Look It…

Posted by tinselkitty on November 28, 2010

Jill Wants To Be In Your Bedroom

I’m not sure which is the bigger story – Jill Zarin’s bedding line or the fact that thinks Jill Zarin talks to anyone exclusively. Since there are pictures of the bedding, we’ll go with that first. Let’s take a look at Jill’s EXCLUSIVE (Radar Online’s very proud of this exclusivity, caps theirs, not mine) conversation with Radar Online.

“I am really excited it,” Jill exclusively.

“It’s a natural extension of Zarin Fabrics and I have always wanted to do custom bedding.”

Jill’s line has four styles of comforter patterns that were given names, one of which she named after her daughter Allyson.  But Jill would like to add four more options and name them after her fellow housewives.

“I thought it would be cute to have one named after LuAnn de Lesseps “The Countess” and another after Alex so on…It would be great to make one for each.”

The wealthy New York socialite wanted to make her bedding affordable so that customers could get a look similar to hers that didn’t leave them broke.

“I created a luxurious decorator look that won’t cost you. For under $200.00 plus pillows, it looks like $3000.00 worth of bedding because I make it overseas and you get value for your money.”

Jill didn’t only make this clothing line for herself – profits from the bedding go to a good cause.

“Just as I did with my book Secrets of a Jewish Mother, profits that I make from the bedding line go to charity.”

Despite her full schedule, Jill takes time to make it all work while shooting her hit Bravo reality TV Show.

“I love doing the Real Housewives, always did, always will,” said Jill.

Oh, Jill. Our poor readers will suffer today because I have so much to say about you and your bedding that I will be totally spent once I post this and they will only have this one, sad little bit on which to comment.

I don’t know who Jill’s decorator is but he/she is obviously trying desperately to bring back the ’80s. The puffy comforter, the acres of throw pillows, the bed skirts. Yes, my bias is towards the mid-century modern aesthetic, but come on. This can’t come back. We’ve already got a huge oil spill, North Korea’s going bazooka bonkers, the TSA is bound and determined to either give you cancer or touch all your naughty bits, and my own beloved internet is under fire and may be seized at any moment. I cannot deal with this kind of decor right now, Jill Zarin.

Protip – luxurious bedding is not made out of polyester. Nice try with adding a dry clean only label, Jillsy, but we’re not fooled. Even the dry clean only label is dubious. These types of bedding sets can be tossed in the washing machine. If you are trying to give people something that won’t break their budget, why on earth would you want it to be dry clean only? You don’t want it to cost me up front but you don’t care how much I have to spend to maintain it? If I believed that dry clean only label I’d end up cussing your name every time I took it to the cleaners. Have your branding people thought about that?

Jill Zarin Allyson Bedding

If this is a natural extension of Zarin fabrics then I can’t see why anyone would shop there.

Nice move having this stuff manufactured overseas. It’s not like there is a movement anywhere to buy local or at least American made. Heavens, there are so many American made bedding lines that you’d never be able to compete, is that it? For as much as I don’t like you, I would have at least considered this line more generously had you used American labor and created some jobs. I know, you live in New York. How would you ever find anyone to make this line in such an out of the way burg as New York? I’m sure you just had to ship it offshore. Oh, wait. Did you have to ship it offshore because no one likes you anymore and you couldn’t find anyone to work with you? That would just be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?

I bet you sure did want to name these after the other housewives. That way when a woman is standing in front of the display at Bed Bath and Beyond she can pick out the set named after the housewife she most identifies with. Who wouldn’t rather have a Sonja bed than a Jill Zarin bed? I can only hope you didn’t get to do this because the other housewives wouldn’t let you use their names so you could make more money. Surely they are that smart. Besides, what would you come up with for the Alex line, given your spitting hatred of her?

Now about that price point you mentioned – “For under $200 plus pillows, it looks like $3000 worth of bedding…” First, no. No it doesn’t. Second, that $200 doesn’t cover the king set. If you have a king it’ll cost you $230. By the way, if you’re rocking a queen bed, you’ll get in at $199.99. Yes, technically it’s under $200 but really?  And do you really want to put it out there that what you get for your ~ $200 is a decorator look? I believe this is a matter for the people to decide.

So, over there on the right is the picture you get if you go to BB&B and type in Jill Zarin in the search box. That’s Jill’s decorator look.  I see bed-in-a-bag, but whatever. But then you start clicking to see what is included and it looks much different. I’ll even give Jill the benefit of the doubt and work with the queen set so we can stay under her $200 mark.

Reality sets in

4 piece comforter set – $199.99

European sham – $29.99 each

16 x 16 square toss pillow – $29.99 each

12 x 18 breakfast pillow – $29.99 each

14 x 20 breakfast pillow – $29.99 each

Drapery panels – $59.99 pair

Valance – $29.99 each

Just to recreate the bed in the photo above you’re going to have to spend $349.94. If you really want the decorator look with matching window treatments, get ready to shell out $439.92, assuming you only have one window. If you want to keep to that original $200, you have to accept the fact that your bed is going to look like the bed on the left, not the one on the right.

Now that you see the whole line together, what do you notice? That’s right. No sheets. This is where I’ll really show my New York ignorance because out here in the rest of America, we like our sheets.  One might even say sheets are more important than the rest of the bed.  Sure, having something nice on top is great, but when I have a certain budget for bedding you can damn sure believe I’m going to splurge on the sheets.  I could easily spend $100 on sheets.  Well, not easily, more like begrudgingly, but I’d know those sheets are going to feel nice and last a long time.  Do New York decorators not include sheets in their decorator looks?  Well give me a corn cob pipe and a harmonica and call me Billy Bob ’cause I need sheets.

Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, Radar Online, meet me at camera two.

Here’s the thing, RO. Jill Zarin doesn’t know what exclusive means. Her assistants were already on hold with other media peeps before she even hung up the phone on you. I appreciate your need to have exclusives and I understand the blogging world is all “me first”, “no, me”, “hey, over here” but I just don’t want you to set yourself up for disappointment later when you find out Jill has no loyalty to you or anyone else. You’re too good to let her treat you like that, k?

PS. You know she’s had this bedding out for awhile, now, right?  She didn’t tell you it was just released, did she? Aw, poor Radar Online.

As for this – “I love doing the Real Housewives, always did, always will,” said Jill – I suppose this means we will never be able to get rid of her unless they stop doing New York. Damn the bad luck.


33 Responses to “Bawby! Come Look It…”

  1. Rosie said

    Omg! This is some ugly bedding TK! By the way, NY loves some good sheets too! I’ve been looking for bedding for my daughter’s apartment, last month, and that’s the kind of stuff BB&B was trying to give away! I don’t think Zarin got the minimalist bed memo, but if she did, she wouldn’t understand it! We’ve all seen that apartment of hers.

  2. Rosie said

    Ok.. Where is everyone?

  3. I know, Rosie! They’re laying down on the job, man. And it’s a super size episode tonight. I guess they’re not going to be properly prepared.

  4. Rosie said

    I know. I’m moving later this week, just went through a big family weekend, and haven’t started my Christmas Shopping! But.. Can’t miss the super sized Atlanta tonight. Especially with Fakedra as a new mother!

  5. Dani said

    There is no way I would give this woman a penny of my money. I loathe her that much and usually I will give people the benefit of the doubt. I’m w/you Tinselkitty on the style and quality issues also. Give me clean lines and a good set of sheets.

  6. Rosie said

    @5 Dani..
    Agree! Even if they weren’t tacky, no money to Jill!

  7. Dani said

    Hi Rosie.
    Is everybody watching Atlanta tonight?

  8. Rosie said

    I am! And Tinselkitty is here. I hope the others are just fashionably late!

  9. Pixie said

    I actually love purple so I can’t comment on her bedding which is painful. Can’t wait for tonite’s episode!

  10. That’s okay, Pixie, let me help you get your bitchy pants on. There are four sets. The others are here.


  11. Heya ya turds. I actually went away this weekend cause I wanted it to be all about ME!!!! YES ME!!! Had peeps cook dinner for ME!!! YES ME!!!!

    Atlanta preview is up and running 😛

  12. wildheart said

    I need shets,for one thing, and for another thing,can wesay fuuuugly!! Also, I am making a concerted effort to buy merican. If Jill thinks that bedding iz attractive,her head is farther up her a$$ then I thouvht. Cannot waitfor ATL tonight! Excuse all the typos! Hate this new phone!

  13. Dani said

    IJS – LOL and good for you. Hope they fed you well. It’s nice to be on the other end once in awhile.

  14. Rosie said

    Hi! Wildheart! What kind of phone did you get?

  15. Pixie said

    TK, thanks for posting the links for the rest of Jill’s “collection”. Totally agree with Wildheart. That is some fugly stuff. The Simone, in particular, looks like someone studied a puddle of vomit and made it their inspiration for a color scheme. Yuck.

    IJS, you got 3 or 4 adult kids, right? About time you were catered to, dammit!

    Hi, Dani and Rosie! I got a good feeling about tonite’s episode. Think it will be the gift that keeps giving.

  16. Rosie said

    Hi Pixie!!
    Yes I bet it will be a good one! 🙂

  17. wildheart said

    Hi, Rosie! I got a Droid. Hubs surprised me with it. I was hinting for an iphone but hubs said no flash, yadda, yadda, yadda. So far, damn thing is kicking my a$$! Have to sit down and really learn all the features but haven’t had either a spare or healthy moment.

    Pixie, what am I, chopped liver?? It’s me, pacprincess!

  18. Rosie said

    @18.. Wildheart..
    I haven’t seen one! Do you like it? That was so sweet of Hubs! The phones are so complex now, it does take a little time to figure out. You will though, then you won’t remember how you got along without it! 🙂

  19. wildheart said

    @Rosie- it is complicated to me,but I am technologically challenged. It has a super sensitive touch pad instead of a keyboard like my blackberry. Hopefully this week I can download the manual and figure out wth is going on!

  20. Pixie said

    @18 pacprincess, how I’ve missed you! My hubby got a Droid and it is kinda hard to figure out. When he hands it to me, I just say no thank you. I’m really terrified by the new, esp when it comes to technology. But he loves his Droid. Apparently, so does Leo Laport, the tech guy. Anyway, I digress. So good to recognize you!

    I’m watching the new episode now. I really could’ve done without that sex talk at Tags. I had to find a crrative excuse to get hubby out of the room. Don’t want him wondering what a freak of 12 would do.

  21. Bryan said

    Back to Boca!!!!!!

  22. Rosie said

    Yes! The iPhone has a smooth sensitive keyboard too. The 1st couple of weeks it drove me crazy, but I found the right touch finally. After a few weeks, I didn’t give it another thought. I didn’t have a blackberry first, so I didn’t have to break that habit. Blackberry users are said to have more trouble adjusting because you guys are used to a keyboard (push button).

  23. wildheart said

    @ Pixie- I am so glad you are here! I missed you too! Yeah, this Droid is complicated and far above my techie skills. I don’t blame you for handing it back to your husband! I didn’t have this many problems getting used to my blackberry and I didn’t look at the manual- just pretended I was a man! LOL

    @Rosie- this keyboard is so$ &&-#&%#*@ sensitive, it makes me nuts! I sent a friend two blank texts without even realizing it! Oy!

  24. Pixie said

    Rosie, you’re like me. I love my Apples! Except I’m having a terrible time with the keyboard tonite.

    Wildheart, have you figured out how to Skype on the Droid? I couldn’t figure it out.

  25. wildheart said

    No,I haven’t figured out how to skype yet …first I have to figure out how to consistently move the cursor! LOL seriously, though, I haven’t figured out the skype yet but haven’t looked that closely at it.

  26. reality is not real said

    HI Pixie,,TK,,Rosie…Dani,,Wildheart and of course Bryan,,,last night’s show was a trip!…When Sheree had lunch with fake doctor and he got up and walked away,,I wondered,,did he just stick her for the bill?

    I gotta’ tell u,,this is from past episodes…but u gotta’ forgive me,,I’m trying to catch up since the hospital…As soon as I saw Cynthia’s baby’s daddy,,I knew it was the great Leon,,he played David Ruffin,,in the Temptations,and also played a soul singer in Robert Townsend’s The Five Heartbeats…why didn’t she marry him,,,The way Peter proposed,,I was like,,what is so special about him?First he has a surprise party,,who does that? Then puts the ring on the wrong hand,,,OK ,sorry,,but once I knew she was with Leon,,I was like O-M-G!

    Andy’s show was a real trip…Kandi’s Mom is cool..really cool..but again,,I agree,,,u don’t talk about your freak meter ,,especially on the net,,,I wanted to know if Kim paid her and of course,,no,,cannot believe Tardy for the Party made that much money,,I guess a lot of tone deaf people…Google me sucks,,,my opinion

    Phaedra,,I worry about that baby,,,,but he is beautiful,,,and I like the name Ayden,,,

    ever since someone posted that if you put a wig on Kim’s dad,,it looks like her and I swear I picture him with a wig when he is on camera,,,I really never realized what a big gitl Kim is,,I mean,,,really all those housewives are healthy,,,not bony like Taylor,,lol…OMG,,her face stills scares the bejesus out of me,,,
    OK,,my opinion,,,

    Now to fight with the hospital financial cordinator,, I know I said I wouldn’t stress about it,,but couldn’t sleep and a lot of anxiety,,, Please pray for me that everything gets taken care of,,,hugs,,,,,,to all of you

  27. BobLHead said

    Oh Jill, Jill, Jill…you had your tacky shit made OVERSEAS??? Hey, I may run a sweatshop, manned only by child labor, and yes, they are “undocumented” minors….but at least my shit is MADE IN AMERICA!

  28. reality is not real said

    Of which Boblhead has promised me a job and has not happened,,pfffft


  29. BobLHead said

    Hey RinR…times be tough and stuff….I only use “free” labor these days.

  30. […] Bawby! Come Look It… […]

  31. olive the other reindeer said

    Hi Bobl,,,well I’m not doing anything but hanging around the house,,I can sew some glitttery stuff…U can just make me some buttah,,,or um tea

    OFF TOPIC…..Leave Willie Nelson alone,,,he ain’t never giving up the pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. BobLHead said

    OK Olive (RinR) – your job, if you choose to accept it….make 12 glittery, sparkly bongs…and we’ll send them over to good ole Willie!

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