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Living In This Economy – Ur Doin’ It Wrong

Posted by tinselkitty on November 27, 2010

If It Makes You Feel Better, I’m Doin’ It Wrong, Too

I’m just so naive.  I never understood why people held so much hate for women that hook up with celebrities and athletes and then get pregnant.  You give up so much when you have a baby; surely these women aren’t doing it on purpose.

Thank goodness stepped in and showed me just how ignorant I’ve been.  Little Miss Kim here gets $30,000 per month in child support from ex Daniel Toce.  He’s the father of Arianna, Kim’s youngest.  A month, peeps.  $30,000 a frikken’ month.  On top of that, she also gets $250,000 per year in alimony.  She makes $610,000 a year just for being married and having a kid.  Do you have to pay taxes on child support and alimony?  Even if she does that’s still a crapload of money.

What's it gonna take for you to quit, Kim?

In other news, Kimmy’s still lighting up.  TMZ has this picture, taken November 7 outside the Georgia Dome.  Please, Kim, quit the smoking.  It’s not attractive, it hurts your voice, and it hurts your baby.

Nene, maybe you should go over and convince Kim to put down the ciggies.  If anyone can do it, I know you can.


20 Responses to “Living In This Economy – Ur Doin’ It Wrong”

  1. Rosie said

    Hi TK.. To answer your question, NO taxes on child support.. But yes, there are taxes on alimony!

  2. Bryan said

    These two are a living argument on why its so much better to be a homosexual!

  3. Pixie said

    $610k a year? Something tells me Kim isn’t anywhere nearly as stupid as she acts half the time. She is one shrewd and manipulative biyotch.

    BTW, Rosie, I didn’t realize one had to pay taxes on alimony but not child support. Good to know.

  4. Not just $610k a year, either, once you factor in all the stuff Big Poppa pays for. She probably lives off his credit card and banks the child support and alimony. Then there is the $100k from Bravo and whatever she makes off her music. I suppose if you’re gonna be a gold digger you might as well do it right, eh? You go, Kim, with your bad self.

  5. wildheart said

    Bryan, as usual, you made me laugh my a$$ off!

  6. Pixie said

    TK, I’m getting depressed. I mean most of us get up everyday, take care of our families, go to work, try to live a decent & honest life to be a good example to our kids; and we don’t have a quarter of what Kim has. And it’s not just about the stuff either. She looks like she’s happy and having fun. Not fair! Not fair! I’m not jealous of NKW (Cacamille). I’m jealous of Kim!

  7. At least Kim seems a little grateful for what she has, Pixie. Just think if it was NKW getting all that. Not that she won’t soon, I’m sure, but you know she’s just gonna bitch about it not being enough. If I have to listen to that I might just have to develop my own alcohol addiction.

  8. Pixie said

    TK, you’re right. The only times Cacamille says how grateful she is are when she’s playing Jesus and lording her abundance over the heads of the people she is “helping.”. Excuse me while I wretch.

    Is it me or does Kim look more and more like a tranny with every picture she takes? Just caught those pictures of her smoking and I was taken aback by how masculine she looks. In a couple of years, we won’t be able to tell the difference between Kim and her dad.

  9. She has one of those faces that really changes with weight gain/loss. When I googled for pictures of her the other day I was surprised at how much difference there is in photos. Huh, now that I think about it, does that mean she hasn’t had any work done? Would Taylor’s face stay the same if she gained 50 pounds? What would that look like?

  10. Pixie said

    If Taylor gained 50 lb, it would definitely help balance out those carp lips.

  11. But would she gain any weight in her face? Or if she did, would her face get bigger but her pulled and tucked features stay in the same place? Remember those old lady dolls that were made out of pantyhose and stuffing and they had the really deep dimples? Maybe that’s what she’d look like.

  12. Rosie said

    @11 TK..
    Huh? Lol. What old lady dolls were those?

    @10 Pixie..
    Agree. Taylor needs a face to go around those lips!

  13. Rosie, found a pic of one that actually kind of looks like Taylor already.

  14. Rosie said

    @13 TK..
    Lol. I’ve never seen those. It does look like Taylor.

  15. Dani said

    Pixie I agree. It doesn’t seem fair that people are rewarded for being manipulative and amoral. Never thought of my kids as income but clearly it is working for Kim. On the other spectrum, the wealthy and athletes must know they are sitting ducks for this type of behavior. Birth control can work both ways. Still think it is better to set the right example for your kids and take heart you are doing the right thing. It will pay in dividends when you see your kids come into maturity and they are well adjusted people. Money can’t buy that.

  16. BobLHead said

    OK Kim….we get it, you smoke, but shit girl….did you forget you were preggers? And hey TK….no need to worry about smoking affecting her voice, her voice is SHIT!

  17. LWoo said

    I’m seriously thinking of putting up my middle finger to ‘love’ and getting knocked up by a rich guy— who IS NOT married!

    I can do so much money with a 10th of what this broad makes…and I wouldn’t spend thou$and$ on wigs!!!!

    She really needs to stop smoking. WTF?!?

  18. Dani said

    LWoo – the thing that cracks me up about Kim is seriously “what do guys see in her?” What is the alluring magic spell that she weaves over these men? We need a guys’ perspective on this. I am stumped.

  19. BobLHead said

    Psstt….Dani….it’s because she’s easy!

  20. Dani said

    Yeah but BobL – come on she is ridiculous. Doesn’t anyone have standards anymore? See this is why I will never get guys. I understand the easy part for a quickie but relationship wise it has me scratching my head. It certainly hasn’t been easy on the guys’ pocketbooks.

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