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Not Camille’s New Apartment

Posted by tinselkitty on November 24, 2010

Not Camille’s Husband Bought a New Pad with Not Camille’s Money

I feel so sorry for Kelsey’s new girlfriend.  She’s only going to have 3,100 square feet to live in.  ‘Tis okay, her head isn’t nearly as big as Not Kelsey’s wife anymore’s is.  Check out these new digs.  The views look awesome.

This time Not Camille’s Husband is settling down in Chelsea.  Let’s all hope he doesn’t start drinking again.  There are only4 bedrooms and 3 baths.  I hope this doesn’t send him into a spiral of doom, especially since Not Kelsey’s Wife was the only thing that could keep him sober.

This is truly the end of an era. Jean Nouvel’s 100 Eleventh Avenue is a masterpiece! This beautiful home has three spectacular exposures with views of the Hudson River and skyline of Manhattan. This 3100 square foot home features floor to ceiling windows, terrazzo floors, 11 ft ceilings, and a fireplace. This grand entertaining space is truly stunning. The amenities in the building include a 70 foot indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, sauna and steam rooms, lounge, screening room, doorman and on site luxury attache concierge lifestyle manager.

  • Concierge
  • Courtyard
  • Exercise Room
  • Full Time Doorman
  • Pool

Not Camille's apartment

Not Camille's apartment map

Not Camille's floorplan

Not Camille's street views


24 Responses to “Not Camille’s New Apartment”

  1. Daniela said

    Beautiful apartment! I am so jealous…I adore the city! Seeing how Cacamille is, I wish him good luck!

  2. LWoo said

    That’s beautiful! I would say that it has too many windows, but that’s what curtains are for. And I LOVE letting light into my home.

    Camille is probably on fire right now.

  3. reality is not real said

    Karma sucks,,huh guys? Hi Daniela..Hi Lwoo…I found you guys,,I was in hospital for almost a month and I get home and can’t find you guys…luckily I did some digging and BobL sent me here,,,,

    LWOO,,how do u get your pic in the corner?

    ANyway,,Im glad to be home,,,I missed all of you,,RT sucks without you people

    But the huge question,is who did the rental for Kelsey,,I hope Kyles Hubby did,,Oh GOd,,that would send Cacamille into a craziness,,oh wait,,she already is crazy.

  4. reality is not real said

    I like Kelsey,,but I temember the story coming out about his mistress before the RHOBH and I thought..not cool..but now after seeing that Cacamille,,,,what a nightmare!,,She had her kids by surrogate,,,why? I dont think there was any illness mentioned except irritable bowel and with 4 nannies you know there is no Motherly bonding….they are just meal tickets for her,,an insurance to keep Kelsey,,,

    I like Kelsey,,,and I wish he finds a true partner and doesn’t go into his old ways,,,,,

  5. Linda said

    I like Kelsey too…I hope he and this new girlfriend are happy. He just keeps picking some bad ones….that apartment is so nice, awesome view!!!! I would not be complaining about the space that is for sure.

  6. reality is not real said

    Now are they officially divorced? What did Caca get out of the deal?

  7. reality is not real said

    Off topic,,,Im watching the RHODC and find it so irrisistably nauseating,,,lol…what can I say? I’m off work and do not have much to do….Oh whoa to me

  8. LWoo said

    @ 3: Well, hello! Bob found me, too! 😛 I don’t know how that happened; I’m on the WordPress blog and had to sign in through there, but it remembers my picture…I guess? LOL! That’s really me, though. Muahahaha!

    *** Are you okay now? ***

    I think Kyle’s husband only works in California. That man can sell me a turnip house and I’d buy it! Yum!

  9. Daniela said

    Hi LWoo and RINR:
    I don’t think they are officially divorced yet, but I may be wrong. She is going after half of his moola from Frazier, which was incidently before she was even in the picture. Some figures out there place her getting anywhere from $30 to $70 mil! Huge chunck of change.
    I was all ready to side with her, but seeing her every week, I can totally understand why he flew the coop. She is a psycho bitch from hell. What is ironic is the fact that his new girlfriend is so plain. Not at all like Cacamille. Hmmm, interesting.

  10. Rosie said

    Omg! That is a great condo! Love the area in NY too, on the Hudson, west side. Nice research Tinselkitty! I hope Kelsey was renting the apt on the show, Camille should not get custody of it!!

    RinR! Hi. Heard you were sick. I hope you’re on the mend and feeling better soon. I’m glad BobL lead you to find us!

  11. Rosie said

    Rinr.. PS..
    Rosie = Lck

  12. Pixie said

    Wow, I would love to drink my morning coffee and recover from my hangovers looking out at that view.

    Love the “not Camille’s” theme. How about a pic of Nick with a caption “not Camille’s.” Hell, how ’bout a pic of Kelsey with the kids and an arrow pointing to all 3 stating “not Camille’s”. There should be a rule that that you can’t have 2 nannies per child.

  13. Daniela said

    I found this on Giggy the Poms webpage! I thought it was very funny and wanted to share:

    It’s too cold here,mistress is shivering…remember I have no fur…nor does mistress,well a little on her legs,our little secret,goodnight. 1 day ago

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. reality is not real said

    Hi LWOO,,Pixie,,Rosie,,,
    Im waiting for my insurance to ok the surgery,,,,If they dont,,then I just get a little better and in 6 months ,,Im in the hospital again.. so plese pray for me that I get the surgery…

    Im so glad I found all of you,,,missed u guys,,ty Lwoo,,I like the pic! RT Sucks,,,,um,,Im a lady so I’ll leaveit at that..

    Hope you all had a nice holiday,,,hugsssssssss

  15. reality is not real said

    Hi Daniela,,,I love Giggy,,,if you get a chance google Mr Winkles,,he is a famous dog a photographer rescued after some idiot threwhim out of a car window,,Mr winkles has gone on to make many calendars and many tv show appearances,,was even on Sex in the City,,anyway Giggy looks like him,,,how are u hun? Hope u had a great holiday

    Sorry Im all over the place,,but Lwoo that makes sense that Kelsey could not use Kyle’s husband for the apartment,,,u must be liscensed in each state I think….

  16. Pixie said

    Hi, RINR! You’re in my prayers for sure.

    Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was excellent. My evil SIL never showed, but my bro’ came with his kids so that made my me & my mom happy.

    Decided to avoid the Black Friday crowds today but can’t shake this uneasy feeling that I’m missing out on the purchase that is the key to lifetime happiness.
    So watching reruns of RHBH. Caught something I hadn’t before. Camille was playing tennis with Nick and keeps calling him hot. Then she says that she enjoys playing sports with her guy friends, all kinds of sports then laughs suggestively. Wonder if Kelsey will subpoena Camille’s confessionals for their divorce case. Anyway, I just can’t get over how stupid that is to joke about on national TV. She is more of an idiot than I initially gave her credit for.

  17. Daniela said

    RINR: You poor thing! Why wouldn’t insurance cover surgery? Isn’t that what they are there for. This whole health debacle drives me insane. Of course I will pray for you. It worries me that Ins. Co’s and now government will have too much to say regarding healthcare.

    I know Mr Wrinkles…adorable dog!
    Not Grandma Wrinkles…so ugly, she’s actually cute.
    Hope your holiday was good.
    Mine sucked…always an argument!! If no ones arguing, it wouldn’t be normal. IF no argument, someone is sick. Usually one of the kids.

    Pixie: Glad you had a nice holiday! Black Friday is a gimmick…don’t buy into it. The stores and reporters try to lure folks into shopping. I never shop on this day.

  18. reality is not real said

    Pixie and Daniela,,thank you for your prayers,,,Daniela,,you are correct insurance companies have become too invasive in people’s health,,but sadly to say this has been going on a very long time,,,many years

    I agree about Black Friday,,the newest tech gadgets are advertised at 75% cheaper,,,but usually each franchise has just a handful,,just to lure you into the store,,,and the black Friday “deals” go online Thanskgiving day and they are gone most of the time even before the store is open…

    So sit,,relax and watch RHOBH as I am,,and we can shred NKW,,,lol..

    So glad you had a nice holiday Pixie,,,and sorry you didn’t Daniela…Just think Danilela,,one holiday down and 2 to go,,,and tada! It’s over….I think I told you I have all the holidays,,because since my mom passed my passion is to keep the family together…since I’m sick,,my brother cooked,,and we all went there,,,we had to learn to cook very young and he did an excellent job,,,his fiance doesn’t cook,,but she is the best,,,we love her to pieces,,,so I am a mellow RINR,,today,,it was so good to be with all the family..

    TinselKitty,,thank you so much for this site,,,being kind of house bound,,you all mean a lot…silly I know,,but..ok getting melancholy…

    Stop it RINR,,you WOOS,,,hahahaha

  19. Pixie said

    Daniela and RINR, thanks for making me feel like I’m not missing out on something by avoiding the Black Friday crowds.

    RINR, something occurred to me about your insurance. Wonder if the cost of doing surgery would be less than you being readmitted in 6 mos and risk acquiring a nosocomial infection which increases with a prolonged hospital stay. Also a hospital bed costs hundreds of dollars a day so if surgery could avoid this it might be more cost-effective for your insurance co. It might be worth using this argument with them (but I realize u may have already tried this). I hate what you’re going through.

  20. Pixie said

    Dangit! My daughter got tired of watching “that annoying lady” who is NKW and made me switch the channel to Spongebob. Even my own kid can’t take her for less than an hour, wonder how Camille’s kids deal with her. Oh, I forgot. They don’t.

  21. reality is not real said

    Pixie,,that is great advice,,thank you,,,I called today and the financial co-ordinator was not in,,,but I will use that argument,,,Ive been going thru this too long,,and the cost of a bed,,vs the surgery…would be so cost effective,,,never mind I will feel better…I’m stressing so badly over this,,,I have to let it go for the weekend..It’s really effecting me,,,and I can’t do a thing about it until Monday. It’s bad enough that a person is dealing with a chronic illness and then having to fight the insurance company,,,,

    Thank you, gave me an articulate argument,,,I would just ramble and cave,,,thank u

  22. Daniela said

    RINR: I feel so bad for you, sweetie! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything will work out. I’m like that too, but things truly work out for the best.

    Pixie: You’ve got some smart kid! NKW is one annoying biotch!

  23. Pixie said

    RINR, good luck, sweetie! Hopefully that coordinator listens to reason. Hope you can find a way to enjoy yourself this weekend.

    Daniela, tell me about it! She’s a great judge of character.

    Wonder if Kelsey is looking to take up residence in NY because he wants to get as far away from Cacamille as he can. Think it’s kinda sad he’ll be so far away from his other kids.

  24. reality is not real said

    Thank you Daniela and Pixie,,,I’ll let you know as soon as I know,,,I’m not going to think about this weekend…I can’t do anything and I stress,,I know Daniela,,I try not to sweat it,,but I just have to let go for a bit or I don’t sleep and I stress..
    Im losing my hair,,OMG I’ll have to buy a Kim wig,,ok shoot me now

    Pixie,,,,your child did an intervention for u,,smart kid…haha

    Did u see in SYFY channel I think first week of December,,,Kim,,Nene..and Sheree are visiting a haunted house?

    That will be hilarious,,not a huge fan of NENE’s but she does make me laugh,,,defo no fan of Kim,,,ans Sheree rubs me the
    wrong way,,,hmmmm But I’ll watch….lol..Im such a blonde

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