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Skating With The Stars Premier – Recrap

Posted by ImaJustSaying on November 23, 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Ok folks, I was really wanting this show to be good since I am a fan of Bethenny Frankel, but as soon as the show started, the cheese oozed out of the Cheeze Whiz can faster than water out of the faucet.

IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!

I can’t lie and say I think Bethenny Frankels scores didnt have me a bit perplexed to say the least?  I did think her skating was a bit slow in speed but she did a great job with a few of the lifts.  There is no way that Sean Young’s sleepy performance was better than Bethenny’s.  I do think Rebecca was the best female skater and maybe the best skater so far.  Jonney Mosley was pretty impressive as well as Brandon but Jonney was more entertaining while Brandon seems to be really slick. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.
 Do we even have to talk about the Judges??  They are the most driest, boring and scripted commentators who do not know how to score.  They acted is they gave out good scores out of the gate and realized that they need to be more objective and started to score midway with no real critique’s except for telling Bethenny that she had a sic body over and over.  Doesn’t Rebecca have a sic body as well?  Did that confuse anyone else?   Maybe the judging job is just new to them and trying so hard to imitate Dancing With The Stars, but this show sucks so bad I almost couldnt watch it.  What is up with America and loving show host’s with British accents?  Someone splain that to me! 

Ahh..  I really didnt want to recrap the  premier episode so I am letting someone else do it for me.  Yep.. the fantastic WHAT THE BUCK!!!!   (Curtains open and confetti flies all around!)


5 Responses to “Skating With The Stars Premier – Recrap”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    So what are ya saying, you didn’t like it? LOL. So glad I fell asleep long before it aired as I was exhaused from my 8 hours of driving home yesterday. Thanks for the recap so I don’t have to reget missing it. Hate these dancing skating shows, but love B so wanted to see just for her

  2. This is the first British guy I’ve ever heard whose accent grated on my last nerve.

  3. Oh TWEAT!!!! It was so bismal of the benign kind of way.. Truly I just watched for Bethenny!! i wasnt really wowed by her entire performance but was wowed by the lifts and tricks.. sigh..

  4. Tinsle right!!! WTH is up with that and the British invasion!!!

  5. […] The reviews of Bethenny’s performance was pretty scathing compared to others who fell on their arses and actually were praised by the judges.  I remember the whole hoopla over this and I even blogged bout it here. […]

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